How To Create A Successful Budget Bucket List

how to create a budget bucket list

I know what you’re thinking and rightfully so but a Budget Bucket List is just as important as your monthly budget and even more so as you’ll later read.

The other day I posted a meme on my Facebook page of  Charlie Brown and Snoopy sitting on the end of a dock discussing life.

I was not surprised to see it being shared but overwhelmed when I noticed how fast that happened into the thousands.

Why were so many people taken aback with this photo?

Comments such as those below were shared and made me realize that I wasn’t the only one who lived to die.
Good way to think about our lives!
That’s interesting. I never thought of it that way.
Wow this is a game changer!
Now that’s a different outlook ,but true

We Only Live Once. Wrong, We Only Die Once, We Live Everyday. – Original source -unknown

we only live once snoopy

That’s when it occurred to me that I’ve been approaching life from one angle, straight to the grave.

I’m sure most of you can agree that we believe we are born to die but after reading the meme I was convinced I’ve been living my life off kilter.

The Bucket List Adventure

So many people have a bucket list about living life to the fullest and doing things that they want to do before they die.

That’s essentially what  a bucket list is.

A bucket list may include things like getting married, buying a house, travelling to Italy, Spain and Iceland or perhaps overcoming setbacks with a disability or mental health problem.

Everything someone includes on their bucket list is legitimate because there is no wrong or right and you own a bucket list.

That’s right, it’s YOUR random bucket list and you check each one off as they happen.

Financial Failures and Success

Over the course of seven years blogging at Canadian Budget Binder I’ve had SO many people tell me that they want to budget but fail. This is not unusual at all because budgeting takes time and a commitment for it to be successful.

We’ve compared budgeting to dieting or even paying back a mortgage because you have to do it every month without fail or else you face the consequences.

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The problem with budgeting is there are options and one of them is to forget about it. It’s one of those things that won’t impact your life right away as would not paying your mortgage.

The bank won’t waste any time knocking at your door if you miss a payment but your budget may be forgiving.

You see without a budget you can make your way through life without any issue at all and that’s perfectly fine as long as you pay your bills on time and limit debt.

Not everyone has that desire or determination but not everyone realizes that with a budget you open up a new world of possibility.

A What? Say YES To A Budget Bucket List

Forget about just living on the edge of your finances for a moment and consider what a budget bucket list might do for you.

Consider this scenario.

When I was growing up I wanted to be a doctor and that was all I ever wanted to do with my life so I put it on my bucket list.

That one word, “Doctor” meant years of schooling and huge debts BUT at the end my dream job doing something I love.

At one end of the spectrum a dream was realized and another was created, debt.

How wonderful would it be to have your dream job and to be debt free?

Is debt freedom on most people’s bucket list? Maybe, Maybe not.

I’m sure there are people out there that dream it and would love it.

That’s the key word, DREAM.

Why are we dreaming about becoming debt free instead of doing something about it?

Forget the dream and get living to make debt freedom a reality. If we think like Charlie Brown we have already died before we’ve lived.

It doesn’t matter if Charlie Brown has a bucket list or not he’s not going to realize his full potential because of his mindset.

Now if we put on our Snoopy coloured glasses and live every day and do the things we want to accomplish whether they are short or long-term then we’re all living the dream.

Whether you think like Charlie or thrive like Snoopy both of you will end up going to the same place whether you have money in your pocket or not.

The point is that we as society need to start thinking like Snoopy and teach the Charlie Brown’s of this world that happiness is something we create with-in.

One of the best ways is by doing and finding ways to appreciate what we have in life even if it wasn’t what we set out to be from the start.

Although becoming a doctor might have been a life goal even if you move in a different direction appreciate how far you’ve come even if you’ve tripped along the way.

The same goes with your budget. You might not have as much money as you’d like but appreciate and respect what you do have so you don’t go without.

Creating A Budget Bucket List

You may be reading this right now and are up to your eyeballs in debt and have no idea what you are going to do.

Every month is a game of juggling money from accounts to pay the minimum balance on your bills and you feel weighed down.

You may be reading this right now and have zero debt, no financial worries and not give a damn about a budget bucket list.

Fair enough but nothing lasts forever right? Ask, Charlie Brown.

You may be reading this and coasting through your finances with little to no worry wondering if you can do more.

Perhaps you can, but will you?

No one needs to know what you put on your budget bucket list but taking time to document what you’d like to accomplish moving forward will make you smile. I promise.

When  I created my bucket list years ago I separated it into a few important categories in my life just like I would our budget but without knowing it.

Ha, now that’s a budget nerd in the making.


It made it easier for me to see what I needed to do if I categorized my desires in life rather than random thoughts on a page.

When you create your budget bucket list you can add any category you like because you are the Chief Operating Officer.

This is for you. You’re the BOSS. What will your budget bucket list look like?

I don’t know but now you have something to work on and don’t just tuck it away for a rainy day.

Keep it close and review it often because your short-term and long-term accomplishments and dreams all matter.

Snoopy's Budget Bucket List- How to make a budget bucket list

Life is not fair, we can all agree on that.

While we are here if we just take a moment to consider whether you are choosing to live once or to live every day.

It is only then that you’ll see the beauty in creating a budget bucket list.

Just a little bit of musing for all of you to ponder today as you get ready to live another day.

Remember you choose who you’re going to be, Charlie or Snoopy.

Have a great EVERY day.

P. S Just in case you do want to start budgeting you can download our budget for FREE!


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