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AutoAbility Program For New Or Qualifying Vehicles

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AutoMobility Program


Our neighbour who purchased a Dodge Ram told me about the Chrysler AutoAbility program that saved us $750.

Searching to buy a new vehicle with a disability can be challenging especially when you are on a budget.

It took Mrs. CBB and I nearly 6 months to find the right vehicle and then this program fell into our laps.

His wife suffers from multiple sclerosis (MS) which makes getting in and out of any vehicles a struggle.

They chose the Dodge Ram because it offered plenty of space and having a truck is great for moving stuff. 

I can agree with them and have used our truck plenty of times to make dump runs or to move furniture.

Personally, I don’t think I’d ever go back to owning a car again.

Running Boards Using The AutoAbility Program

While looking at his new Dodge Ram he told me about how they were able to get running boards with built-in traction installed for free.

The costs involved to have a vehicle modified can be extensive unless you have insurance to help cover these expenses.

Rightfully, I spoke up and said, “Free”?

You know me and how my frugal mind wants more information on anything to do with savings.

We were in the market for a new vehicle so I wanted to learn more about how the program worked.

He explained to me that Chrysler has an AutoAbility Program which was able to help make the truck accessible for his wife. 

The running boards help individuals get in and out of vehicles especially with trucks as they are higher off the ground.

Adding running boards to a truck is only one of many modifications available to vehicle owners.

I had never heard of the AutoAbility Program before but I thought it was a great idea for those who need assistance. 

I’m not even sure how many consumers are aware of this program and how it could help them.

What is the FCA Canada AutoAbility Program?

The Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) Canada AutoAbility program is designed for Chrysler customers in need of vehicle modifications.

The program helps lessen the financial burden for physically challenged consumers so they can do the things they like to do.

The program is designed for consumers and businesses that provide transportation which includes modifications to exit, entry and operation of a new vehicle.

How The AutoAbility Program Works

If you purchase or sign a 12-month lease on an eligible 2017-2019 Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram or Fiat vehicle from a participating dealership or FIAT studio FCA Canada will reimburse you up to $750 cash.

The $750 includes the taxes for the purchase of adaptive driving or passenger equipment installed.

What this means is that if you decide to purchase or lease a new vehicle you may be eligible for cashback for certain adaptive equipment.

You can also combine the incentive with other national or regional incentives or additional funding at the time of purchase.

These days when looking to buy a new vehicle they don’t always come fully loaded and you’ll pay for high-end accessories.

The difference between leather seats and fabric seats can cost thousands of dollars.

Imagine the costs involved to modify a vehicle to allow accessibility for someone in need.

The dealership can help you to find out if they can factory install the modification or if you need to find an adaptive equipment installer.

This means that Chrysler may or may not be able to accommodate the factory modifications.

Getting Reimbursed For Vehicle Modifications

A set of new running boards for a Dodge Ram 2019 Crew Cab on Amazon Canada costs between $300- $500.

Obviously, you can shop around but this is just to give you an idea of the costs of running boards.

Then you have to consider costs involved with installing the running boards if you can’t do it yourself.

In order to qualify for the AutoAbility program you first need a medical note or prescription from your family doctor.

The dealership where you purchase your vehicle can give you the AutoAbility Physicians’ form to be filled out by your doctor.

Your doctor has to share information on the form detailing

  • Why you need the adaptive device 
  • How it will help you
  • Relationship between you and the owner of the vehicle. (This is only if you are not purchasing the vehicle for yourself)

The great thing about the AutoAbility program is that if you are not the driver in the household you may still qualify.

If the owner of the vehicle is your main source of transportation the reimbursement can still be applied.

My neighbour for instance is the main driver so the running board modification was applied and he received cashback.

Toyota Mobility Conversion Allowance

I didn’t source every dealership online to find out if they offered an accessibility allowance but I did find one for Toyota.

The Toyota Mobility Program offers cashback to help cover the costs of installing mobility assistance equipment or adaptive devices.

Toyota offers a $1000 incentive for physically challenged customers who purchase new or eligible Toyota vehicles.

The cashback difference is small but it’s great to see that Toyota does have a program for its customers.

How the Toyota Mobility Allowance Works

†Some older Sienna models may be retrofitted. Check with your Bruno, BraunAbility, or VMI dealer for details.

Qualified customers may obtain a Toyota Mobility Program Allowance Application from their Toyota dealership at the time of vehicle delivery.

The applicant must present a record of their physically challenged condition, in the form of a doctor’s note or Government certificate.

Customers then have up to twelve months to complete the application and return it to Toyota Canada, along with proof of vehicle modification in the form of a payment receipt or work order from the installer.

Adaptive driving or passenger equipment includes, but is not limited to, wheelchair or other lift equipment, hand or other driving controls, and lifts or cart storage.

Upon verification of the request, a cheque will be mailed directly to the customer.

For more information about the Chrystler AutoAbility Program or the Toyota Mobility Allowance contact your local dealer.

Our $750 AutoAbility Cash Back Allowance

Thanks to our neighbour we are thrilled that our Dodge Ram truck has new running boards.

It may not seem like a big deal but for those with accessibility issues, any modifications to a vehicle can make life easier.

Being able to drive, transported or having the ability to get in and out of a vehicle gives those in need hope.

My wife is grateful to Chrysler for offering us the AutoAbility Program and allowing her to get in and out of our truck with ease.

The $750 went back into our savings account ready to be invested for something else we will need in the future.


Retail Incentives Department
FCA Canada Inc.
1 Riverside Drive West, 14th Floor
Windsor, ON N9A 5K3

Hotline Hours
8 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET Mon – Fri

Discussion: Have you ever had any accessibility modifications done to a vehicle? How much were the costs and did you participate in any reimbursement programs? Leave your comments below as I’d love to read your feedback on this topic.

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