Quick Tips To Prepare For A Fast House Sale (Free Printable Checklist)

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There are quick sale buyers on the hunt for houses they can buy to flip, rent or even live in themselves.

Most cities can be a hot market if you live in an up and coming neighbourhood or sought-after area in the community.

You may even find that buyers who want into a certain area quickly will be on the hunt to purchase a fast house sale.

There are things you need to be aware of as a seller if you are looking for a fast house sale especially if you want top dollar.

If the idea is to make as much money from your house when you put it on the market there are simple things you can do to achieve this.

I will talk about them below and add a link to a printable checklist for a fast house sale so you aren’t missing anything important.

What Should I Fix Before Selling My House?

Dear Mr CBB,

My wife and I separated recently and I’ve moved out to rent an apartment while she stays in the house with our 4-year-old daughter.

I pay them both an agreed-upon monthly payment that helps pay for our son, the mortgage and other bills.

Both of us work full-time and our daughter attends elementary school during the day for 6 hours.

We are at the point where we struggle to pay for the mortgage and bills and need to prepare for a fast house sale.

In the meantime, we are paying off debt and trying to take care of our divorce civilly as we both agree that it was not meant to be.

Our current debt is around $34, 500 and once we sell the house we will pay that off promptly and move on.

We’ve talked about doing small renovations to our house to make it appear fresh but aren’t sure what to tackle first.

The timeline to sell our house would be 6-8 months maximum although I can borrow money from my parents if need be.

I’m hoping for a fast house sale by selling my home to a cash buyer as it’s in a sought-after area.

Is that being too optimistic?

I was wondering if you or your readers may have any tips for a couple like us who want a fast house sale?

Thanks, everyone

T and C

Welland, Ontario

Moving To Canada And My Fast House Sale

fast house sale

Hey T and C,

Thanks for your great question and I hope I’m able to share some valuable tips for you both from my personal experience.

I’ve bought and sold three houses in my time and the last one I needed a fast house sale as I had to move to Canada.

I was on a time limit to pack up my stuff and move to Canada once I got the green light from the Canadian Immigration.

As soon as I applied for my Permanent Residents Status In Canada I listed my house on the market.

There were many things I did with the help of my dad and my sisters and mum did the home decor and cleaning.

It was nice to have them help as it cut down on the costs of hiring people to do the work.

Overall, I spent around $2000 to update my small house in the UK including a new kitchen and bathroom.

I had the hardwood floors polished and we repaired the awning outside the front door that was falling off.

The back gardens were nicely trimmed and new flowers planted on the side garden of the house.

I also upgraded the boiler and appliances in the kitchen to appeal to new home buyers without the big price-tag.

Anyone buying a house in the UK will tell you it’s bloody expensive and you don’t get much for your money as you do in Canada.

Good luck with the fast house sale and with your new life moving forward.

P.S My House sold in 3 weeks for the full asking price with loads of people coming to two open houses.


Reasons For A Fast House Sale

There are a few reasons homeowners may want a fast house sale;

  1. Divorce is typically number one
  2. No longer can afford the house
  3. New Job and relocating
  4. Bought another home already
  5. Decided to rent instead of own
  6. Tragedy or Death in the family
  7. Health Reasons

No matter what reason you have for wanting a fast house sale there are many things you should consider to get the job done right.

How Long Does It Take To Get A House Ready To Sell?

This depends on a few factors;

  • Your availability or the team you hire or have volunteering to help
  • The size of the home
  • State the home is in
  • Hoarding or Cleaning
  • Major or Minor repairs
  • Availability of Tradespeople and Businesses you hire
  • Financial budget for your updates and renovations
  • The main Focus is Kitchens and Bathrooms and likely you’ll spend the most money in this area.

What Sells A House Quickly?

You’ll find that what sells a house quickly is the amount of comfort potential buyers feel when they come to an open house.

You will want to make your house as appealing to buyers by making sure everything is in top-notch shape or reasonable repair.

There are many buyers who don’t mind fix-er upper homes or buying a home as-is but be prepared for a lower asking price.

Generally, it’s the land the buyer is paying for and the house is the compromise or negotiation.

Can You Sell A House With A Bad Roof?

You can but you may find that potential buyers will negotiate that new roof that is needed into the offer price.

A new roof depending on the size of the house can be done relatively cheap if you have a volunteer crew ready to work.

For example, I and another friend of the family put a new roof on my inlaw’s house last year for around $5500 instead of the $17,000 quotes we received.

Also, if you don’t have the money upfront you can always apply for a loan from a bank or reputable place who have competitive rates.

Once you sell the house you pay off the loan and you get top-dollar for your house.

A new roof does make a big impact on curb appeal as well and is the shield that protects the home.

It’s a big deal for potential buyers who don’t want to do the work or to hire a roofer.

Moving Out Before Selling Your House

There’s no reason why you can’t move out before selling your home as long as you have a master plan.

Ideally, for a fast house sale, you will want to have the home look like it’s lived in.

Emphasis on all your rooms is where home staging is worth its money in gold whether you do it or hire someone.

Keeping the rooms clean, bright, and filled with smaller furniture pulled away from the walls is key.

Add fresh scents to the air and getting rid of clutter and pet dander, odours and unnecessary stuff helps open up space.

Another idea is to add soothing sounds of music to the background.

Baking fresh cookies or fruits to add in your kitchen for potential buyers to snack on is always a nice treat.

Leave a personalized note as well to invite them to try your homebaked Chocolate Chip Cookies otherwise they may not touch them.

Checklist For A Fast House Sale

quick sale house

Below is a checklist you can print and add to your Budget Binder if you are hoping for a fast house sale.

Ideally, you will want to have a budget for these repairs as they will cost you money.

If you are able to tackle this checklist for a fast house sale with the help of friends and family it will significantly cost you less.

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Even if you have time on your side when listing your house on the real estate market all of these tips are valuable.

You want top dollar for your house and you want it sold fast.

This means you need to put some work into making sure that your house becomes someone else’s home when they do a walk-through.

Checklist For A Fast House Sale

By: Canadian Budget Binder



Real Estate Agent  


  Curb Appeal- Back and Front Gardens Repair driveway cracks, seal driveway, repair gutters and downspouts, paint, wash siding, Paint house number, mailbox
    Replace Caulking, Wash windows, Sweep, Pick Weeds, Add Porch Décor and Seating, Clean pool, Shed, Outdoor bar and Kitchen area. Add Flowers, Trim bushes, Cut Grass, No Junk
  Clean House Dust everything, Clean all windows and ledges, Clean All Appliances, Clean inside Refrigerator, Washer, Dryer etc.
    Scrub Tiles, Clean every room top to bottom,
    Steam Clean Carpets, furniture, Curtains or Polish Hardwood
  Decluttering and Depersonalizing Remove all photos, Get Rid of Big Furniture, Maximize Space
    Downsize every room and sell or donate what you don’t need
    Remove toys, pet toys, small appliances
    Empty kitchen counters and organize inside cabinets/pantry
    Remove medications, Limit wall hangings.
    Store any collections, outdated décor, clean out garage
  Paint Walls, Doors and Touch-Ups Go Room to Room with Fresh Paint or Touch Up Walls and Doors, Check Fireplace for repairs.
  Small Fixes Tighten anything loose, repair closets, cabinets, Doors
    Repair or replace knobs, screens, windows, caulking, cracking
  Kitchens and Bathrooms Caulking, Replace Lighting, Taps, Hardware, Faucets, New Shower curtain, New Towels, Limit counter items, Add new room décor, Mop, Clean Mirrors, Polish, Remove stains.
  Door Handles Replace old with new and make sure all screws and bolts tight.
  Lighting Fixtures Add new lighting or update old lights and clean
  Staging House Add fresh look décor to all rooms, fruit bowls, rugs, lamps,
    Blankets, bench, shoe rack, Open Curtains, Coat Rack,
    Inviting Entry Way, Small furniture, Bright Colours
    Pull furniture away from walls
  Valuables Hide all valuables in a fire-proof safe or bank vault
  Fresh Flowers and Smells Add fresh flower pots, aromas  and get rid of pet odours
    Clean kitty litter, remove any pet hair, Bake a Cake, Cookies.

Budget and Plan

No matter how you choose to update or renovate your house for a fast house sale you will need a plan and a budget.

Before jumping into anything talk to your real estate agent to see what he or she has to say about repairs to your house.

They are the experts and that’s why you hire them.

If you plan to sell your house privately then do your research to see what would net you the best profit.

A fast house sale means lots of work and running around town while trying to earn a living and maybe even raising a family.

Good luck and in the end, it will all be worth it.

Don’t forget to PRINT your FREE Checklist to help you to get your house sold fast.

Discussion: What other tips would you offer this couple looking for a fast house sale?

Leave me your comments below and I’ll be sure to reply.

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