Social Distancing Canada Day Celebrations At Home

Canada Day Self-Distancing

Canada Day 2020 Will Be The Year To Remember

This year our Canada Day celebrations will be far different from what we are used to, as we plan to celebrate at home.

I mean, where do we start with how this year has turned our lives upside down and inside out?

Everything is changing around us as we adapt to this new way of living until and if we get back to some form of normality.

It has been challenging for us to find that balance where we don’t feel isolated from our country while living in it.

When we create our yearly budget we add extra funds into our projected expenses for celebrations such as Canada Day.

Whether we go out to celebrate or stay home for Canada Day celebrations there are costs involved.

Consider transportation to a venue, drinks, food, donations, entertainment, Canada Day accessories, just to name a few.

Life In Canada Is Filled With Opportunities

Moving to Canada from the UK over 10 years ago has given me opportunities and there’s so much I love about this country.

I think this is why on July 1st although I’m not a Canadian citizen yet I’m still very proud to be part of this country.

When I first moved to Canada I was super excited to be involved with Canada Day celebrations in our community.

We don’t celebrate the UK as we do in Canada so it was a celebration that was new to me.

Since we’ve had our son we’ve noticed how expensive and busy going out for Canada Day had become.

Canada Day Parade

Although we budgeted the costs for  Canada Day we felt more like we bought into the marketing of the day.

There were vendors everywhere selling anything and everything to do with Canada that ended up collecting dust.

Any parent will tell you that Canada Day parades and other activities that are downtown can be challenging.

Trying to maneuver through crowds of people with a child is not the fun Canada Day celebrations we had in mind.

I also noticed that everyone was there to celebrate Canada but the aftermath of garbage irritated me.

How can you want to celebrate our country yet litter like it’s no big deal especially when there are bins everywhere?

Parking is always a nightmare downtown so if you don’t arrive super early you lose out or spend forever looking.

One year we had to walk one hour to get to the park for Canada Day celebrations and that was the last time we went.

Canada Day In The Village

After one year of attending downtown festivities, we decided on visiting a small neighboring community with friends.

The Canada Day celebrations in this little village which is a short 10-minute drive outside of our city were more personal.

It wasn’t the massive celebrations that we were used to but it certainly took our stress levels down five notches.

The cool part about the smaller Canada Day celebrations was how the village comes together without the frills.

  • Fireworks show that would knock your socks off.
  • Community donations towards the event $5 minimum per person if you could afford it.
  • Food drive – canned goods and dry products
  • Glow in the dark necklaces for sale (donations only)
  • Park for the kids
  • Music from the radio, not a loud band
  • One food truck
  • Bathrooms that were not port-a-potty and monitored
  • Parking was easy and without issue
  • No long walks to the venue
  • Friendly people who would chat
  • Very little littering on the grounds even after the Canada Day celebrations ended.

Our son loved the fireworks and best of all there were no overwhelming crowds or endless circling for parking.

Growing up in a village I prefer the personalization that comes with these small communities.

I often find when attending massive celebrations that I get mixed up and shuffled in the crowd.

This is why when we found this gem of a location for Canada Day celebrations we made it a tradition for our family.

We also had our son’s best friend and his family come along each year so the kids could celebrate together.

We’d pack a couple of blankets, chairs, drinks, and snacks for the family and enjoy a couple of hours of fun.

This year however our Canada Day celebrations have been cancelled in both the big city and the little village community.

I won’t lie and say that it’s sad because we do enjoy getting out with our friends for the night.

Canadians Coming Together For Canada Day

Mrs. CBB and I were talking about what we would do for our Canada Day celebrations for 2020 on our walk last night.

Our Canada Day Celebrations hit home a bit differently this year as we see the community decorating their love for our country.

Almost every other house has a Canadian Flag on the garage or mini flags in the ground surrounding the landscaping.

Our son’s school also encouraged parents to have their children decorate for a Canada Day contest.

I’ll be hanging a large Canadian flag on our garage for our Canada Day celebrations but also to say thanks.

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t remind myself that I’m fortunate to live in this wonderful country.

I’ve been given so many opportunities that I would never have gotten had I still been living in the UK.

We were invited to visit with the family to celebrate however they are two hours away from us in cottage country.

I think that would have been a great idea however to make the trip and pack up for one day just doesn’t seem feasible.

So, what are we doing for our Canada Day celebrations?

Self-Distancing Canada Day Celebrations At Home

Fireworks sparklers

We’ve decided to enjoy our Canada Day celebrations at home for 2020 and we’re going to make a party out of it.

Not the party you’re thinking about however our neighbors will be home celebrating in their backyards with us.

Our 2020 Canada Day events will consist of:

  • Family pool party (Large inflatable pool we bought from Canadian Tire last year)
  • Water Balloon Fight (Balloons from Costco or you can buy online (Bunch of Balloons)
  • Charcoal BBQ menu (see below for recipe links) swapping dishes with our neighbours.
  • Cold beverages (beer, water, apple juice, Bubbly, and Gatorade Zero)
  • Homemade Canada Day Snacks (see below)
  • Red and White Balloons (Dollar Store)
  • Painting Rocks Red and White (we collected 2 each to paint) (Paint Dollar Store)
  • Sparklers for our 10 pm Canada Day family fireworks fun (Dollar Store)
  • Music supplied by Alexa
  • Neighbours to chat to over the fence (awesome)

Bunch Of Balloons

Last year after the village Canada Day celebrations there were still neighborhood folks setting off fireworks.

Our son went bananas watching them light the fireworks in the middle of our street.

I suspect this year there will be beautiful fireworks displays in the neighborhood once again since many of us are home.

We have been self-distancing since Covid-19 began and continue to do so as much as possible.

To be honest we haven’t missed much apart from spending time with our family although we have met up recently.

This year our Canada Day celebrations will be a family affair in our backyard and it’s going to be memorable.

For all Canadians the year 2020 will be one to remember even as our country continues to open up slowly.

As social distancing has been ongoing we decided the best place to celebrate was right here at the CBB house.

Canada Flag

Our Canada Day Celebrations Menu

As mentioned above we will be sharing dishes made with our neighbours next door which is exciting.

The great thing is that they are also somewhat on a gluten-free, keto diet which includes meats and vegetables.

With our son, we created a Canada Day menu that we would all enjoy and it’s all going to start with homemade pizza.

  1. Homemade Pepperoni Pizza for the kids
  2. Grilled homemade burgers and 4 rib-eye steaks (neighbours)
  3. Keto Radish potato salad
  4. Lemon Dill Cucumber and feta salad
  5. Strawberry Double Chocolate Cookies (I don’t have the recipe up for these yet)
  6. Pink acai strawberry keto drinks for the ladies, beer for the men (our ladies don’t like beer)
  7. 3 Corn on the cob (both neighbours)
  8. 2kg of Keto Pepperoni Chips and Queso Dip
  9. 24 Crispy Baked Chicken Wings
  10. 6 Keto Butter Tarts with Walnuts
  11. Strawberries and whipped cream on Keto angel food cake (no recipe on the blog yet)

Above is what we are preparing along with corn, burgers, and steaks that we pitched in for together.

We’ve already made the dessert recipes and have them in the freezer ready to go which is a big help.

We tried to keep the red and pink theme going for the red and white Canada Day colours in our menu.

There will also be other sides for our family such as pickled beets, cheeses, pickles, and a raw vegetable tray for snacking.

Our son requested watermelon with all of the seeds taken out (of course) and fresh strawberries for dessert.

Any leftover food we will eat the rest of the week so no meal plan is in place.

Keto Angel Food Cake with Strawberries and Whipped Cream

keto angel food cake

Crispy Baked Pepperoni Chips and Queso Dip

the ultimate baked pepperoni chips keto 1

Faux Potato Radish Salad

Creamy Country-Style Radish Potato Salad

Copy Cat Starbucks Keto Acai Pink Strawberry Drink

copy cat starbucks strawberry acai pink drink keto style

Keto Lemon Dill Cucumber Feta Salad


Crispy Baked Keto Chicken Wings

Crispy Baked Chicken Wings-4

The Best Canadian Keto Butter Tarts

gluten-free walnut butter tarts

Double Chocolate Strawberry Cookies with Vanilla Icing

Strawberry Cookies

You know, our Canada Day celebrations are gearing up to be something special tonight.

I hope you all enjoy your Canada Day celebrations and remember that budgeting should always include some fun.

From our family to yours, Happy Canada Day everyone!


Discussion: How will your Canada Day celebrations be different for 2020?

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