Benefits Of Looking Average While Being Financially Independent : The Saturday Weekend Review #307

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Choose Your Financial Lifestyle Carefully And Here’s Why

Would you rather look like an average person while being financially independent or rich yet broke all the time?

It’s time to get real especially with uncertainty in the Canadian economy where jobs and livelihoods are at stake.

Looking rich but living paycheque to paycheque is out and for good reason, it’s not sustainable.

To be successful you must be both pressing and patient whereas you strive for a superior financial lifestyle whilst waiting for the results.

By this I mean you work your a$$ off, budget your money, invest, and eventually, you’ll see the results.

Think long-term and short-term goals with a focus on the long-term such as retirement.

This is what we like to call debt freedom in the financial world.

Financially Independent Walk or Fly Lifestyles

Skip the yellow brick road by flying an unaffordable first-class financially independent lifestyle and you’ll never see the rainbow.

Although”live below your means” does not sit well with some people it’s amazing how fast bankruptcy perks them up.

It also does not register until debt becomes a major problem and oftentimes, it’s too late.

We’ve all seen it and perhaps you’re reading this and are currently living this not so pleasant reality or have in the past.

I bet you wish that you could go back and change the way you spent money, but you can’t.

What you can do is learn from those mistakes, budget your money, and move forward to clear your debt.

For some people paying back massive amounts of debt is not possible so they end up bankrupt or at the consolidators.

successfule lifestyle quote

Financial Lifestyle Choices In Adulthood

It’s not going to be a great feeling having to search for financial help when you could have just used a budget.

That’s the way it goes down entering the world of adulthood, apart from student loans and possibly a car loan.

Those two loans alone are massive for a young adult so choosing the right financial lifestyle is critical.

Even so becoming financially independent means following a progression that fits your lifestyle.

Progression Of Lifestyles

After school, the progression of life may take you on vacations, down the aisle followed by homeownership to parents. 

It doesn’t always happen that way but lets, for instance, say it did and you’re living a white-picket-fence lifestyle.

Although the lifestyle sounds wonderful all of it comes with expenses that must be budgeted for.

This is where most people start their debt journey and end up with a mountain of debt in the long-term.

Financially Independent Lifestyle Fails

Debt just doesn’t happen overnight, it builds over time.

  • OSAP loans and No Job To Follow or Part-time in your field of study. Not finishing school.
  • Travelled the world without saving for the holidays first
  • Splashing out on a wedding you couldn’t afford
  • Buying a house that is far too expensive
  • Choosing a lifestyle that is wrong for your debt to income ratio

All of the above are ways that Canadians put themselves into debt without even considering the damage along the way.

The illusion that debt will pay itself over time or that minimum payment will suffice is blinding yourself into a pit.

Often times people are too proud to say they are in debt but continue to live a financial lifestyle that’s a big fat lie.

Living A Rich Lifestyle Like Your Neighbour

We base the opinions of people in many ways but mainly it revolves around what we can see and what we know, or think we know.

Becoming financially independent often becomes a blanket that is pulled over our eyes.

  1. What they wear and the labels attached
  2. The size of their house
  3. Amount of homes they own including cottages, rental homes, out of the country homes
  4. Model of vehicle they drive and how many vehicles they own
  5. Where they holiday around the world and how often
  6. Social media photos and updates
  7. Home decor and toys that cost big bucks
  8. How often they renovate their home
  9. Hiring companies to take care of property maintenance
  10. Where they work and their role

Boy, it must be nice to be rich.

How often have you went for a walk around the neighbourhood and commented on the houses you’ve walked past?

Don’t lie, you know you have.

It’s human nature and even worse if you know the homeowners or have heard about them.

We form opinions based on hearsay and what we see although often times we are SO WRONG.

Choosing The Financially Independent Bankruptcy Lifestyle

What you see is not often what you get in the case of success vs. reality.

Again, there are these people who live financial lifestyles that portray debt-freedom while living happily ever after.

However, behind closed doors their financial lifestyle is less than stellar, it’s a disaster.

Often times marriages will dissolve because of money management issues that lead to expenses in divorce proceedings.

Would you rather look rich but in reality, you’re broke?


Would you rather live an average financially independent lifestyle?

I know how I’d answer that question, in fact, I’m living a financially independent lifestyle right now.

Oops, I mean WE are living that lifestyle because I’m married and both of us agree on the average financial lifestyle.

We are that couple who does not pretend to have more than what they can afford.

It’s just not worth the headache leading a fake financial lifestyle and dealing with debt just to look good for people who probably don’t even care.

In fact, they are probably just as broke as you are and doing the same thing just to make you think they are wealthy.

Can you see the circle of defeat happening here?

No one wins.

Even if you are rich you can fail which is why choosing your financial lifestyle something to consider.

Benefits Of Looking Average While Being Financially Independent

I don’t think I’ve ever aspired to be that person who had to show my friends and family how well I’m doing.

I’d rather them know that the roof is still over my head and that I’m living a healthy lifestyle.

All other frills are just fairy dust which once settles paints an eerie picture for the liars.

What we’ve gained from living an average financial lifestyle is how I share our journey with all of you.

What you get from living an average financial lifestyle! (Sounds like a menu)

  • You fit in with more people who can relate to living an average lifestyle
  • Less stress and a comfort level that is hard to explain
  • Reach financial independence quicker
  • You smile more and mean it
  • Focus is clear and without the constant worry
  • Dessert

I’m sure I could name many more but you get the picture.

There’s no one in this world worthy enough going into debt or bankruptcy for just to pretend you’re richer than you are.


Stop Playing The Fake Financially Independent Lifestyle

Put the brakes on spending on stuff you can’t afford and stop making excuses for your debt.

You are fooling yourself if you believe spending on a credit card to fashion an unstainable financial lifestyle will work out.

Ask yourself two important questions.

  • How important it is for you to let everyone know that you’re successful?
  • Why am I ok with lying about the lifestyle that I can’t afford?

Now, how can you change the way you think about money and what people think of your lifestyle?

Can you reach your goals without creating a life of debt, just to fit in?

I can speak from experience that choosing an average life while living fiercely independent has handed me a feeling that’s hard to explain.

If I had to put my chosen financial lifestyle into two or three words I’d say, best decision ever.

Discussion: How hard are you willing to work to get the same feeling of success?

Leave your comments or experiences below.


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Seasonal Frugal Recipe Box

orzo pasta salad

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When it’s too hot outside to cook and you want something easy to make go for recipes such as this one.

I’m a HUGE fan of fresh basil and freshly squeezed lemons, especially in the summer.

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Italian Basil

If it were me I’d also turn it into a summer salad by keeping it as a cold salad.

The great thing about orzo pasta is that you can add anything you like to it as you would any other pasta.

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If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to plant and grow garlic Sunny Home Garden website has made the process easy.

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My father-in-law taught me how to grow and harvest garlic which we did just after he passed away.

There were hundreds of bulbs of garlic and loads of garlic scapes just before that.

It’s so easy to grow however you just need to know when to grow it and harvesting practices.

garlic growing

CBB Motivational Corner


Don’t just give up on your finances when debt becomes overwhelming and you’re struggling to pay the bills.

If you haven’t given a budget a chance then you haven’t given your money a chance for survival.

There are many financial lessons to learn but if you make changes and stick to a budget progress will be made.

Get my FREE budget downloads or printable for your budget binder and read my 10 step mini budgeting series.

If you get stuck don’t hesitate to send me an email with your questions.

Canadian Budget Binder

Home Update

This past week our not so little boy had his 6-year-old shots at the doctor’s which he didn’t care for. 

Not many kids or even adults like to get needles but since he was so good we went to Tim Hortons after for a muffin.

With the amount of heat, we’ve had most of our days indoors or out on the back deck in the pool.

I’ve been stuck in the basement doing renovations which I need to get completed before August when the city inspector is coming around.

Thankfully, I’m almost done that but I’ve been working straight through running back and forth to the shops.

When I’m shopping I try to get everything I need in one shop but even the lumber situation in Ontario isn’t that great.

I was lucky to get what I needed because I’m sure I read they are sold out until new shipments come in.

This time of year, especially with lots of homeowners at home due to Covid-19 renovations are getting done.

I noticed a massive drive to my blog post, “How To Build A Rock Garden” this summer as well so landscaping is busy.

The garden is doing great as long as I keep the pesky chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, and birds away.

Since we have mulberries, strawberries, crab apples, and serviceberries you can imagine the visitors we get.

The organic strawberries this year are so sweet but if you don’t pick them fast a little critter will beat you to it.


This year I put the strawberries in our hanging baskets on either side of the garage.

It’s funny because visitors that come to the house notice and mention how pretty it looks.

Imagine red strawberries hanging from the baskets, haha!

We decided this year to forget the flowers in pots and only planted herbs and vegetables.

Other than that, I’ve been enjoying time with my family and working on the blog.

Keto Angel Food Cake

Oh, that’s a homemade keto angel food cake with fresh sliced strawberries and sugar-free whipped cream.

So good.

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Blog Update

Over the next few months, I’m hoping to finalize many changes to Canadian Budget Binder.

I’m moving pages around and dividing the Free Resources page as it’s just too long.

The idea is that I contain what people are searching for rather than having it all in one spot.

Think about visiting a one-stop Walmart Super Centre or just going to Food Basics for groceries.

When readers come to the blog I want them to find what they are looking for and fast.

Hopefully, this will minimize time and make the pages look cleaner.

New Subscribers to CBB will also get some freebies sent to their inbox which I will have a graphic for.

If you are already a subscriber and want them I can email them to you once this program is released.

We will also move forward with password protection on the Free Resources page only available to CBB subscribers.

I like that because it’s a page just for all of us and not just anyone who wants to read the blog.

I’m open to any of your suggestions for changes or inclusions to the blog, blog post ideas, or if you want to share your story.

If you are using my Canadian Budget Binder printables and would like me to design something new let me know.

Simply drop me a line canadianbudgetbinder@yahoo.ca and share your ideas with me.

That’s all for now, take care and we’ll catch up again in two weeks.


Reader Mailbag Series

Canadian Budget Binder

I’d love to start a reader mailbag series where you the readers send me a question and I’ll post it right here.

This will allow CBB readers to comment below to help solve your problem or give you some tips.

It can be anything from finance to gardening, relationships to parenting.

Keep your question short but with as much detail as needed to describe your problem.

If you have a photo you want me to share you can send that into my email canadianbudgetbinder@yahoo.ca

Perhaps you have a garden plant that needs help and wants to share a photo of the issue it’s having.

Send it to me.


Question For Mr.CBB

Dear Mr.CBB,

Will, you ever write a blog post about how to start a blog and how much money you can earn from blogging?

I’m considering starting a blog that I can monetize and not sure if it will be worth it for me.



Hi Ornella,

What a great question and thank-you for your email.

I’ve contemplated starting a How to blog series sharing my journey with CBB readers.

At first, I thought it might be boring but since CBB earns an income it may be of great interest.

The great thing is that some bloggers earn enough to quit their day job and just work from home.

That was never my intention nor was monetizing CBB but here I am almost 9 years later, still blogging.

For those of you out there reading this send me your questions.

What do you want to know about it?

  • How to start a blog
  • Monetizing a blog to earn passive income
  • Working from home

I’d love to hear your feedback before I write the blog post so I answer all of your questions.

Email me or use the contact form on the blog.

Saturday Search Term Giggles

kermit the frog

These are keywords that readers typed into their search engine and landed on this blog.

So whatever you type in a search engine and then click on a CBB post or my actual blog URL I can see that.

I get thousands of these every single day and pick some of the best to feature right here.

  • Why are ovulation tests so expensive?– That’s nothing, wait until you have the baby.
  • Fast Simple Letter of Reference– Forgot to prepare or don’t want the job bad enough
  • Formal warning of non-payment of rent– Get the hell out, NOW!
  • How much money do I need to move out of Toronto– Just run!
  • Switching price tags at the Thrift Store– Happens all the time I’m sure

Thanks for your continued support of CBB and for listening to me ramble about our financial journey.

I’ll see you back here in two weeks for the next edition of The Saturday Weekend Review.

Be well,

Mr.CBB x

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