15 Best Thrift Decor Items To Shop For And Save : The Saturday Weekend Review #312

thrifted home decor

Thrifted Home Decor That You Don’t Need To Buy Brand New

Before shopping retail, we always check for thrift decor items which can cost a fraction of the price used.

Some consumers think it’s bad to shop at thrift stores but we think the opposite and that’s ok.

Not everyone will agree with buying thrift decor but all that matters is your opinion. 

You might not know this but when we moved into our current home we had nothing but a table, air mattress, and clothes.

I was able to move our belongings in two trips by filling removing the seats in our mini-van.

Not so terrible of a moving situation especially when you get to furnish your home with thrift decor.

That’s exactly what we did.

House Of Thrift Decor

Decorating with thrift store finds has always been a passion of ours because that’s how our frugal journey began.

We love thrift store home decor and see the value in repurposing items to keep them from the landfill.

It’s easy to shop with champagne tastes and a beer budget as we did especially at local thrift stores.

There’s no method to the savings when searching for thrift decor apart from keeping your eyes open.

Almost 90% of what we own in our home is all thrift decor, second-hand furniture, freebies, and garage sale finds.

We don’t stop saving money because we are debt-free either.

This is about environmental awareness, saving money, and showing off style on a tight budget.

Best Thrift Stores For Home Decor

For the best thrift shop decorating ideas, a smart idea is to create a plan of what you’d like your home to look like.

The last thing you want is to fill your home with a mix and match of thrift decor items and without an intended space.

There are lots of you who may be reading today with grand ideas but if you don’t plan to shop and decorate don’t buy it.

Over the years we’ve become a husband and wife team who believes less is more.

I’ve said it before when it comes to household clutter which can make a large space look small or a small space even smaller.

As well, consider how much thrift decor you want to dust so balancing what you buy is critical for a fashionable look.

Our favourite thrift stores to shop for thrift decor are fairly common in Canada.

  • Goodwill Industries
  • Bibles For Missions
  • Thrift Store Salvation Army
  • Talize
  • Value Village
  • Random family-run thrift stores
  • Vintage Shops and Flea Markets

In our area we find the best day to shop at thrift stores is every day because there’s new stuff coming in all of the time.

Since most thrift stores don’t accept returns it’s important to stick to your home decor plan to avoid excess purchases. 

Let’s have a look at what thrift decor we would stop and admire before attempting to buy brand new.

Lots of what you will see below is what we’ve purchased for our home.

Lamps and Lamp Shades

Used lamp Shades


Seasonal Home Decor

seasonal home decor

Wicker Baskets

wicker baskets


used furniture

Dishware, Glasses, Cups, and Mugs

Candles and Candle Holders

candle holders

Wood Home Decor

wood home decor

Metal or Wrought- Iron Home Decor

metal home decor

Canning Jars and Vases

jars and vases

Photo Frames

photo frames

Glass Jars and Vases

secondhand vases

Decorative Blankets and Pillows

thrift throw blankets

Wall Art and Mirrors

thrift store mirrors

Dishes and Accent Table Bowls

Used Dishes

Save Money Pay Off Debt

Thrift decor is not only beautiful but also budget-friendly for most new homeowners and those on a tight budget or looking for added value without the extra costs of buying new.

I’m almost certain we wouldn’t have been able to become debt-free as fast as we did without all of the tricks of saving I share on this blog.

I’ve taken everything we’ve done and continue to do to stay debt-free and share with all of you in hopes of helping a reader out.

Discussion: What thrift decor have you purchased used? I’d love to see your photos or hear about your finds in the comments below. You can send me your photos to canadianbudgetbinder@yahoo.ca


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Build your future by the standards you set for yourself and no one else.

Pass it on.

Home And Blog Update

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Home Update

Fall is here and the leaves are turning colour, the plants are dying which means I’ve got my work cut out for me.

Most of my day is spent working from home and I go to my office twice a week to visit with my team.

I enjoy working from home and am not sure how long it will last but it has its pros and cons.

Now that our son is back in school that’s a pro because I don’t get interrupted as I do when he is here.

That means I will get more work done, especially on the blog when I’m finished my day job.

Next on the renovation agenda is either the bathroom or finishing the basement.

I’ve been purchasing materials as they go on sale to save money since I’m doing most of the work myself.

Other than that we’re looking for a stand-up freezer and would love some recommendations if you have any.

Leave me your comments below.

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Saturday Search Term Giggles

kermit the frog

These are keywords that readers typed into their search engine and landed on this blog.

I get thousands of these every single day and pick some of the best to feature right here.

  • Trading stamps for coupons – I’ve been out of the trading coupons game for a while now but interesting they still do this.
  • Turtle Pie Oh My – Ha, I dunno that just made me laugh.
  • I bought a house and lost my job, can I sell it? – This is a common scenario and a sad one too
  • Is No Frills cheaper than Zehrs? – Certainly a question that I would have asked when I moved to Canada.

Thanks for your continued support of CBB and for listening to me ramble about our financial journey.

I’ll see you back here in two weeks for the next edition of The Saturday Weekend Review.

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  1. I love second hand shopping for clothes. But love, love, love Facebook marketplace for second hand home decor items. Not only do I buy but also sell. I have also made a lot of great connections. The people are lovely and the products are amazing at a fraction of the price.

  2. As for the interaction – less than 1% of blog readers leave comments.

    As for the pop up box – super annoying. Yours is easy to close. It’s the blogs that I visit and bam, bam, bam with the pop up boxes – I leave and don’t come back. No matter how much I want to try that recipe.

    As for thrift shops – most have closed down where I live, including the Salvation Army years ago. A couple of consignment clothing stores remain. Value Village in the next town is about 15, 20 minute drive. I used to buy used jeans to wear at the barn, but not to much anymore. I’ve bought a couple of items for the house that could be considered decor. It’s my opinion that anything really good already got claimed by that staff at intake or a faster shopper than me beat me to it!

    1. Thanks for your input Cheryl. My publishing company includes the ads. I put the pop up for subscription as too many people messaged me to find it. Subscription pop-ups are typical though. I also added my top 5 best posts videos. I also get frustrated with popups all over websites. All huge money makers for these bloggers so they don’t care and typically already have a massive online presence. The staff at VV have to wait x amount of hours to buy an item when it comes in. I like to browse around.

  3. The ReuseIt stores are good too. Not so much for decor but the have furniture (couches desks chairs cabinets). They occasionally have decor items. We bought 8 IKEA open stock +365 dinner plates (to match the ones we have) for $6. They have doors (interior and exterior) lighting, vanities, etc.

    And not a thrift store per se but the ikea as-is area is great especially when the new catalog comes out and they redo all the rooms. You don’t have to walk the whole store so it is a quick in and out. We just bought a top grain leather sofa that was a customer return for $420 (regular price $2100).

      1. I only shop the As is at ikea& find really nice things.We found a duvet and cover for a queen sized bed for $30.
        I shop thrift stores mainly for clothes

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