Best Stores To Find Toilet Paper In Canada : The Saturday Weekend Review #314

toilet paper shortage Canada

How To Keep Your Butt Clean And Your Finances Cleaner

Out of all the things in this world toilet paper seems to top the list of importance any time something happens.

I’m not shocked there is a toilet paper shortage happening again because social media has driven marketing in that direction.

How many of you who work at stores that carry toilet paper pray that you’re not put on toilet paper duty?

People are getting up early to line up outside of grocery stores before they open just to get their hands on toilet paper.

I haven’t even had my first coffee of the day and some people lost sleep over getting up early to buy toilet paper.

Toilet Paper. Let that sink in.


I admit I LOVE the perseverance, motivation and problem-solving people have when it comes to toilet paper.

If only we could apply these skills to our financial life and focus on letting unintentional stress float by.

Empty Shelves Of Toilet Paper

Once the word got out about Covid-19 Canadians went wild stocking up on toilet paper leaving shelves empty across the country.

I don’t want that to happen to you so I’ve come up with the best stores in Canada to find toilet paper for the best prices.

In all fairness, if we’re going to be stuck at home for any length of time toilet paper will come in handy but there are alternatives.

I’ll touch on those as well for the shoppers who miss out on the trunkload toilet paper hoard because there just isn’t any available.

What’s even more shocking is that it’s not just toilet paper it’s paper towel which is in even higher demand.

Major Canadian manufacturers are warning us that inventory is “very tight” for paper towels.

I don’t get it and perhaps I’m missing some crucial piece to this puzzle.

Toilet Paper Stash For Life Or To Save A Life

Luckily for us 10 years ago we were extreme couponers and there was this coupon for $1 off any Majesta toilet paper.

Back in the day, the 4 pack of Majesta toilet paper was only $1 so we were trading coupons and stocking up every week.

In total, we had over 100 packages of Majesta toilet paper and countless other brands we stocked up on with coupons, sales, and rewards.

We were the toilet paper extremists and not because there was a pandemic but because it was free and free is good.

For some bizarre reason we hardly used those 4 packs of Majesta as if they were back-up emergency rolls, but for what?

If we ran out of course.

When Toilet Paper Becomes The Centre Of Our Universe

Those packs of Majesta toilet paper have taken on a new role (no pun intended) through the Covid-19 economic crisis.

We just stare at them and wonder why on earth anyone would want to stock up on toilet paper.

For 10 years we have had this stash of toilet paper without any major issues purchasing it from the shops.

All of a sudden the pandemic sets in and of all things toilet paper is flying off the shelves and we had to dip into our stash.

It boggles our minds why something such as toilet paper is at the forefront of all necessities of human life.

Stores Stocked Up On Toilet Paper – Inside Information

TP shortage

Sources: Facebook Costco Canada Group

Not a day goes by that I don’t see people posting on Facebook asking if certain stores have toilet paper available. (mainly Costco)

Stores have even had to put limits on how many packages of toilet paper or paper towels that someone can buy.

That still doesn’t stop people who continue to go in and out of stores to get what they think they need. 

Some people get no toilet paper and are begging for someone to extend a roll or two.

Our lives are in a state of uncertainty where the focus should be on saving money, earning more money, networking, and building skills.

People are losing their jobs because businesses can’t sustain the financial losses due to Covid and shelves of toilet paper are empty.

Not rice, milk, beans, eggs but toilet paper. That’s the emergency we are causing in the midst of this economic crisis ourselves. 

Financial Impact Of The Covid-19 Pandemic and Toilet Paper

kirkland toilet paper shortage

We have one friend who lost 5 jobs in the entertainment and dining industry because of Covid and struggling.

She’s since found a job working for just over $20 in Toronto but the income won’t pay her bills.

We talked about diversifying skills and finding employment in different industries if part-time is only available.

That’s the types of conversations we’ve been having around Covid and the financial impact it has had on her life.

As she’s working on building her work hours by adding additional employment to her day toilet paper shelves are bare.

I had to stop and wonder if our priorities are on our backside or in our heads where it should be because we’re losing a battle.

As toilet paper manufacturers restock the grocery store shelves, people are dying, losing their jobs, and can’t pay the bills.

Stop Following What Everyone Else Is Doing

How can Canadians shift the focus from toilet paper to focusing on important financial priorities?

It seems as soon as we get wind (no pun intended again) that there is a mass shopping craze so many people join in.

I’m still not sure what the excitement about toilet paper is all about because if my neighbour needed a roll, I’d give him one.

My point is we’re so focused on things that are so small right now when BIGGER things are happening right in front of our faces.

Sometimes it feels like stress relief tackling the easy stuff first but I can tell you that toilet paper isn’t going to solve your problems.

Toilet Paper Alternatives

If we have not run out of toilet paper in over 10 years I can promise you that you’ll be safe and besides we have options.

For those of you in doubt, let’s consider what you could do when you run out of toilet paper.

  1. Use towel or washcloth (butt) cloth, rinse and put in the wash (this is washable toilet paper)
  2. Leaves work but may feel a bit crunchy
  3. Baby wipes but don’t flush them
  4. Tissues
  5. Sanitary Napkins
  6. Shop Towels
  7. Table napkins
  8. Socks
  9. Sponges
  10. Old articles of clothing cut up
  11. Jump in the shower
  12. Water Bottle
  13. Newspaper, local flyers, junk mail
  14. Bidet

For those of you wondering what a bidet is.

A bidet is a bowl or receptacle designed to be sat on for the purpose of washing the human genitalia, perineum, inner buttocks, and anus. The modern variety includes a plumbed-in water supply and a drainage opening, and is thus a type of plumbing fixture subject to local hygiene regulations. Wikipedia

Options when you run out of money

  1. Well, you won’t find it on the grocery shelves.

The small stuff is always important but never as important as what holds the walls together.

For those of you who are struggling financially through this pandemic or even before it doesn’t jump ahead with the masses.

Find ways to save money, make money, and finding alternative ways to keep what you’ve worked hard for.

I promise you that toilet paper will not be the grand prize winner of the economic losses of this pandemic now or ever. 

We have to stop following what everyone else is doing and that’s panicking at a time we should stay focused.

Steps To Help You Forget About The Toilet Paper Pandemic

Get to know your neighbours as many will be willing to trade toilet paper for canned goods because you’ll have what they don’t.

I know my neighbour would drool at the sight of a jar of my homemade beets and gladly trade me for a few bog rolls. (that’s what we call toilet paper in the UK.)

  1. What is your current net income?
  2. How much will the bare necessities of life cost us? – What does your bare-bones budget look like?
  3. If one of us lost our job how much money would the budget be short each month?
  4. How much debt do we currently owe? ex: What Is Your Debt To Income Ratio?
  5. What can we get rid of now to save money if we are struggling? Cable? Home Phone? Internet? Hobbies?
  6. Is there anything we can sell that we never use to make money?
  7. Is there anyone that can help us if we are in an emergency financial state?
  8. How much money do we have in our savings account?
  9. Should we touch our investments if we are broke? Talk to your financial advisor ahead of time.
  10. Build that emergency savings because it will come in handier than toilet paper ever will.
  11. In the event, I/we fall ill and die do I/we have a legal will and our finances for those left behind.

Finally, stop the stress about the small stuff whether you are financially sound or struggling to figure out how to balance your budget.

Everyone needs to clean their behinds but for those of you who can’t wipe out debt not even something soft and squishy will save them.

As the saying goes, “Don’t sweat the small stuff” and to me, long lineups to clear shelves of toilet paper makes NO SENSE.

Perhaps I’m just resourceful when it comes to having a clean butt but I’d rather have a bulging bank account than a cushy roll of toilet paper.

But Mr. CBB you can balance both your bank account and buying toilet paper and still be successful.

Listen to yourselves, it’s toilet paper.


We’re all going to be alright with our butts however our finances are another story.

Now, focus on the things that are a priority in your life and you’ll see in the end that toilet paper was always the least of your worries.

No discussion unless you want to chime in. I just wanted to talk about his mad toilet paper craze when so many people

need to put food on the table and pay the bills.

Be Well,


Oh, P.S I almost forgot the icing on the cake for everyone.

Best Places To Buy Toilet Paper in Canada

Stocked Toilet Paper

Some of the top places in Canada to find great deals on toilet paper are not limited to the following list.

You see, toilet paper is everywhere and almost always goes on sale so take deep breathes and refocus.

Sometimes the media can be a terrifying trigger for people to get out and spend when they don’t need to.

If for some reason you feel that having a stockpile for 10 years as we do is comforting start little by little.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d write about toilet paper but I one said give me an object and I’ll make a story.

I guess I wasn’t full of it but even if I was at least I’d have toilet paper to clean up the B.S.

Again, you’ll probably figure out that all you needed was a back-up pack but nothing near as important as back emergency savings.

Yes, I know protecting our health from getting Covid is essential but toilet paper is not.

I’m done now. Bathroom break. Way too many coffees this morning.

I know, TMI.

Ha, have a great Saturday everyone.

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Blog Update

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I’m creating a budget binder so I can show you all how we created ours and how it has helped us become debt-free.

Other than that, blog life is good no major disasters at the moment.

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Saturday Search Term Giggles

kermit the frog

These are keywords that readers typed into their search engine and landed on this blog.

I get thousands of these every single day and pick some of the best to feature right here.

  • Complaints of an Inaddiquit service – ok, I get it.
  • Return something used to the grocery store- just not toilet paper, ok.
  • Rich people don’t care about smartphones – well I’m sure it’s not tops on anyone’s lists of things to ‘care’ about.
  • How to write a lack of communication letter? – Hahaha, this is the best!!!

Thanks for your continued support of CBB and for listening to me ramble about our financial journey.

I’ll see you back here in two weeks for the next edition of The Saturday Weekend Review.

Be well,


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