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How To Get Christmas Help For Your Family

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There will be many Canadians looking to get Christmas help this season for whatever reasons.

Thankfully, there are good people in communities across Canada that are working together to bring magic into the homes of people in need.

Today, I’m going to share places to get Christmas help and ways to find free toys, food, and other ways to save money.

If you know of a place that should be added below please message me the information.

Christmas Assistance
How To Find Christmas Help


Christmas Assistance Comes In A Variety Of Ways For Canadians

It’s a special time of year for children at Christmas but it’s difficult for parents who are unable to buy toys for their kids.

With the plight of Covid-19, deaths, job loss, and employees being laid off families are going to struggle for Christmas.

Local food banks have put out requests for donations as their food pantry is looking bare.

What’s even worse is having to tell a child that Santa can’t come to visit this year.

Searching For Christmas Help Programs In Canada

I realize that there are probably hundreds of Christmas help programs across Canada but I’ve chosen what stood out.

These programs that help families celebrate Christmas are valuable and can light up a child’s eyes and fill a belly.

Christmas help doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have the money to spend but perhaps limited funds which can be stressful.

I sourced the web looking for ways that Canadians can apply for free Christmas gifts and other items.

Christmas assistance is a way to bring families together so they get to celebrate the holidays like everyone else.

If you have Christmas donations you’d like to offer refer to your community to see where the needs are.

 3 Gift Christmas Rule At Our House

Growing up we for Christmas my sisters and I had the 3 gift rule where we created handwritten Christmas gift lists for Santa.

We had to share with Santa something we wanted to wear, a book to read, and a toy to play with and that’s what we’d get.

Looking For Christmas Help In Your Community

There are many Christmas charities for low-income families however many you must first apply for.

The months of October and November are the best times to get in touch with these organizations in your area.

There’s no reason to make Christmas holidays specifically about the gifts but rather the gift of giving, volunteering, and family.

Although I can’t list every Canadian Christmas help program or charity I’ve listed many below.

If you need Christmas help connect with charities, churches, social services, city hall, and fellow residents on social media.

I’ve seen it done before where parents will ask for help at Christmas and community members online will come together.

Just be cautious of scammers this time of year and to give with the hope you’re helping someone in need or contact a local charity to donate.

 Save Money To Stretch The Cash You Do Have

The best online Christmas deals mean using coupon codes, rewards programs, and referrals from friends.

Online Christmas store offers have already been flooding our email inbox as I imagine it has for you.

With so many people completing their Christmas shopping list online there are many ways to get deals to keep Christmas costs low.

Christmas Shopping Online Armed With Savings

If online shopping this holiday season is for you here are a few websites that offer Christmas help with cashback and rewards.

For example, before we go to any website to shop we start with Rakuten to see what cashback or discount codes we can find.

Earn Extra Cash when you shop online. Sign up with Rakuten Canada and receive your money back when you shop.

If we don’t find the store we are looking for we also check Great Canadian Rebates as both offer a variety of Canadian businesses.

By joining Great Canadian Rebates as we did you get to enjoy all of the best savings rebates in Canada.

Saving money wherever you can at Christmas when you’re on a budget is the key to stretching what you do have.

It also means that you may use all of your Christmas savings but still need more and that’s where community charities come into play.

There are also ways that teens in your family can earn extra money for Christmas, so there are plenty of opportunities.

What programs help with Christmas gifts?

For others who have little to no money for the holidays, there is Christmas help available across Canada and in various communities.

I’m going to touch on some of the major Canadian Christmas help programs but consult your local city-specific programs.

No one should go without over the holidays and I believe we can all do our part in helping families celebrate without Christmas stress.

Salvation Army Christmas Help

The Salvation Army is a Christian organization that offers a Christmas help program for those people in need over the holidays.

From toys to clothing the Salvation Army provides Christmas help that is practical for families across Canada.

Families and individuals may register for holiday assistance by completing an application process, which usually starts during October or November, at their local Salvation Army.

Salvation Army Christmas help is one of the most popular programs in Canada so please donate gently used clothing, toys, and other items.

Consider donating to the Salvation Army Christmas gifts program to help those in need.

For a location near you click here. (

Christmas Help With Toys

How can I get help with Christmas toys?

Toys For Tots is a program run by volunteers who offer toys to children during Christmas and other religious holidays throughout the year.

Toys For Tots (Canada) is a Canadian charity based on local partnerships between Canadian Armed Forces, businesses, and concerned citizenry whose sole focus as an organization is to provide toys for children who are in need.

The Toys for Tots program also provides toys to local emergency programs to deliver and to help with catastrophic events.

We collect toys though donations made at retail partners, media sponsors, and corporate fundraising events.

Children’s names come in from our partner agencies, and we sort toys and pack hampers for both individual home deliveries and large bulk packages for distribution before Christmas and throughout the year as requested.

If you’d like to donate to the Toys for Tots program there are a few things you can do.

  1. Volunteer your time
  2. Donate Cash
  3. Offer new gifts by donation
  4. Become an organizational partner for the program
  5. Make Homeless Care Packages 

Toys For Tots Facebook Page

Toys For Tots (Canada) is a Canadian charity based on local partnerships between the Canadian Armed Forces, businesses, and the concerned citizenry.

Earn Fast Cash For Christmas Help

Christmas tree

If you find that the resources in your community for Christmas help are not enough or non-existent there are ways you earn fast cash.

The idea about earning fast cash for Christmas help means you do this in advance, not the week before Christmas.

Just think about the amount of money you can earn online for little effort but big rewards.

  • Start selling what you don’t use in your house online preferably with Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji Canada.
  • Take on extra hours at work if available
  • Look for odd jobs online that are listed by homeowners in which you qualify
  • Become a Canadian Uber Driver
  • Find a part-time job at shops looking for extra Christmas help
  • Buy products cheap at second-hand stores and sell them for more money.
  • Take advantage of cashback and rewards and referral programs such as Rakuten Canada or  Great Canadian Rebates to enjoy the best savings rebates in Canada.
  • House sit, pet sit, or become a dog walker in your neighbourhood or the surrounding area
  • Rent a room in your house
  • Complete online surveys for cash or scan groceries for gifts and gift cards by joining Nielsen Homescan
  • , Sign up to the LEO panel to earn between $1 and $35 by taking surveys and giving your opinion on real-world topics.
  • Activate the Paymi App FREE and use the code CanadianBudgetBinder and start earning cashback when shopping at participating Canadian Retailers.
  • If you spend lots of time online Sign up for Swagbucks It’s FREE, we LOVE it and hope you will too.
Canadian Christmas Hampers
How Canadian Families Can Get Christmas Help This Holiday Season

How To Find A Family In Need This Christmas

If you want to find a family that you can provide Christmas help your best bet is to contact local organizations.

Your children’s school may offer an adopt a family for Christmas program where you donate money or gift cards.

This year our son’s elementary school is asking parents who can afford to donate $20 to do so to help a family in need.

Related Post: How to adopt a family for Christmas

Christmas Help Programs Across Canada

I previously wrote about resources to get free Christmas gifts which is a great source of information I encourage you to read.

This year I want to focus on charities and businesses that have programs available to families in need of assistance this Christmas.

Besides The Salvation Army and Toys For Tots below are some other programs that help with Christmas gifts that I found online.

If you’d like your organization or know of one in your community and would like it added to the list please message me the information.

Community Churches in your area are worth making a phone call to and asking if they have any Christmas help.

Christmas Cheer Program

Christmas Cheer Program

Provides needy families in the area with a complete turkey dinner, as well as mittens and toys for the children

Lions Club of Canada has a Christmas Basket Program depending on your local club but worth investigating.

The Christmas Sharing Program

Christmas Sharing Program

To qualify for the Christmas Sharing Program all applicants and dependents must satisfy income and residency requirements and provide proof of identity, income, and address with their application.

Children 10 and under qualify for the toy drive and single applicants can opt into attending the annual Christmas dinner.

Community Cares

Community Cares Registration

This is a Christmas registration for residents of St. Catharines and the surrounding area in Ontario.

Hamilton Christmas Help

Christmas Registry of Hamilton

The Christmas Registry provides a listing of supports available in the City of Hamilton to help ensure as many people as possible will be able to enjoy Christmas.

It is coordinated by The City Of Hamilton, Hamilton Food Share, and The Emergency Food Network operating in Hamilton. Agencies can be contacted directly for additional details.

Christmas Help in Waterloo, Ontario

Christmas Bureau Waterloo Region

The Christmas Bureau helps people living on a low income in Waterloo Region with food and gifts

The House of Friendship and the Kitchener Salvation Army help Kitchener and Waterloo.

There are many generous donors like the Rotary Club that support their work. There are also many local groups who work with them to help families and individuals.

There are three organizations that help Cambridge. They are: the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank, the Cambridge Salvation Army, and Cambridge Firefighters.

Wilmot Family Resource Centre and Woolwich Community Services help their communities.

Applications for help with food and gifts will start in November. When and how you apply depends on the area in which you live.

If you need food support, please call the Food Assistance line at 519-743-5576 ext 340.

Moorelands Kids

Christmas Sharing brings Christmas to families that otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to have a traditional Christmas experience.

Innisfil Christmas Help

Christmas For Kids

This is a Christmas help program for residents in Innisfil, Ontario.

What we need: 

  • We need to verify which school your child attends
  • Proof of residence in Innisfil
  • Be willing to tell us a little about your situation.
  • We ask that families only apply to one organization for assistance

The Christmas Marketplace

Good Shepherds Christmas Help Through The Christmas Marketplace 

The Christmas Marketplace will be offered from Monday, November 23 to Thursday, December 24, 2020.

The program will offer food, essential seasonal clothing and toys for children ages 0-12.

We recognized the need to be open regular hours with the exception of statutory holidays to accommodate as many households as possible.

Please book your appointment with reception in person or by phone (905.972.9485) throughout November 2020.

Angel Tree Christmas

Angel Tree Christmas. Those of you who have been involved feel the emotion of that moment.

When a child realizes that a parent who is away from home in prison remembered him/her with a Christmas gift, complete with a gift tag written in the parent’s own handwriting

Community Centre 55 Share A Christmas

Community Centre 55’s Share a Christmas program provides Christmas assistance to over 1000 families. Due to COVID-19, there are several changes to the 2020 program.

Instead of Christmas Hampers, eligible families will receive a grocery gift card.

Families with children will receive age-appropriate toys for children up to 16 years of age.

To apply for Christmas assistance, complete the form below and return it in person to Community Centre 55 by no later than November 30.

  • North of Lake Ontario
  • Southside of Danforth Avenue
  • East of Coxwell Avenue
  • West of Victoria Park Avenue

2022 Share A Christmas Update

2022 Update; Click here for the forms.

All forms Must be submitted, fully completed, by December 1st, 2022.

You are eligible for grocery gift cards for your family, and toys for your children to be delivered to your home on December 20th. 

If you do not have children in the household you can still fill out the form to receive grocery gift cards, to be picked up from Centre 55. Please fill out the following form:

You can call 311 to check if there are any agencies offering Christmas assistance in your area. If not, please fill out the form below to apply for our Emergency Toy Program.

We will be able to provide toys for children under 16 years of age to be picked up from Centre 55. Once your form has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions.

Christmas Reserve Fund

For our family to ensure that we had money set aside for Christmas, we started a Christmas Reserve Fund within our budget.

I know some of you might be saying there is no money to set aside for Christmas reserve fun and that’s expected.

However, find a way to cut back on expenses by using coupons and apps, rewards points or budget trimming you’ll find a few dollars.

For example, throughout the year you can collect rewards points from sites such as Survey Junkie for extra Christmas help.

You earn Points for taking Surveys and earn gift cards for your time.  Sign up for Survey Junkie.

Another fun cashback app is Ampli for Canadians.

Sign up for the newest Canadian Cashback app, Ampli where you don’t get points you get CASH.

Once you reach $15 in your account you can e-transfer the cash to your bank account for free.

Sign up for Ampli first then enter my Promo Code: AMPLI5 and link your account you will get $5 Free Cash added to your balance.

Read my full Amplii App Review Here

Planning Ahead For Christmas

Christmas Budget

Christmas planning is a big deal for those of you who celebrate but can also be the most stressful financial time of the year.

Creating debt at Christmas should be a red flag for you especially if you find it becomes a recurring problem every year.

If you are lucky to have a freezer you can buy food on sale and freeze it for your Christmas festivities.

Using the FlashFood app in Canada is an AWESOME way to find food and other products up to or more than 50% off.

We check the app daily to see what the grocery stores in our area are trying to get rid of fast for cheap and worth signing up for.

Flashfood app CanadaSave 50% off food products close to expiry from participating Loblaws Stores such as RCSS, Zehrs, Dominion, and Loblaws.

Christmas Help and Employee Bonuses

While Christmas gifts and food are important so are finding inexpensive Christmas activities for your family.

If your boss gives you Christmas gifts or a bonus don’t rely on that, especially at employee Children’s Christmas parties.

You never know when things can change for a business owner and the first that gets chopped is their budget.

Give Hope To Those In Need

Christmas Hope

In closing, there are ways we can all give back to help make Christmas a happy one for families across Canada.

Hope is something we should all have but if we can make someone’s hope come to life it will be a life-long memory.

Discussion: How has the community in your area offered you Christmas help? What tips do you have for CBB readers to save money for Christmas?

Leave your comments below as I enjoy reading your feedback on my blog topics.

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Hot Chocolate Cocoa Cookies

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I’ve also been on the hunt for new tires for my truck which I know will cost us some big bucks.

Thankfully we have been saving money all year for the tire expenses.

This weekend is all about Christmas decorations which we will all be putting out.

I’m not sure when I will put the Christmas tree up but I’m sure it will be soon as our son just LOVES Christmas.

Other than that life is ok on our end and Mrs. CBB will be getting some much-needed treatment in December.

Blog Update

I’ve mostly been updating recipes and old posts to jazz them up as well as re-making my recipes for better photography.

Back when I started CBB I was taking photos without any skills and knowledge about the best practices for food bloggers.

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