6 Popular Christmas Breakfast Ideas

Experience Christmas Breakfast with the family! Mrs. CBB and I wake up early to prepare a Christmas meal in festive attire, surrounded by the lights of the Christmas tree.

Everything else can wait: it’s time to cook!

Christmas breakfast has always been part of our Christmas tradition for our family before opening gifts so I’ve picked out some yummy recipes.

For those of you who must start the morning with fluffy pancakes, I’ve got the fluffiest of the fluff recipe.

If that’s what you were looking for, well then you’re all done here. But, wait I have 6 popular Christmas Breakfast recipes that might spark some interest.

Let’s have a look at what I found on Pinterest and those on this blog.

6 Easy and Popular Christmas Breakfast Recipes Low-Carb
6 Easy and Popular Christmas Breakfast Recipes

Christmas Breakfast With Family

Both Mrs. CBB and I get up early before everyone else to start making our planned Christmas Breakfast.

Christmas morning food and drinks wake the crew up as does a couple of pounds of bacon.

The lights on the Christmas tree is what motivates us to start preparing Christmas Breakfast.

You just get that feeling, well we do but I don’t know about anyone else but it feels good.

It’s a day where everything is closed in town and we are free from the stress of work, so we cook.

Plus it’s also the same day we cook a massive Christmas dinner which we are doing for the first time.

We all wear our jogging pants and ugly Christmas sweaters to give the food bloat some room.

Eating is love and for our family Christmas is a big deal because it brings our family together.

Sharing stories, eating, drinking fancy drinks and catching up on life is such a good feeling.

Christmas Breakfast Memories

When we used to drive to my in-laws over the past 12 years there was always a Christmas breakfast, lots of coffee, chocolate and liqueurs.

Those memories will last a life-time since we no longer can do that any longer so we’re hosting at our house this year.

Our bubble is small with only our immediate family but we still want to create the same memories we are used to.

Typically we are up before anyone else so we can start Christmas breakfast.

The pot of coffee will be put on and we will enjoy a nice Christmas breakfast before we open the gifts under the tree.

As we get older we realize Christmas is for the kids and the food is for the adults.

It’s more fun watching the kids faces light up when they open gifts.

After we are done our Christmas breakfast is when we gather around the tree for the procession of gift unwrapping.

What to do on Christmas morning

Adult Christmas Gifts

xmas basket

As adults we all decided that Christmas gifts were for the kids and we would spend $50 on the adults.

One family member mentioned that the children will ask why mommy and daddy didn’t get any presents.

We thought $50 was fair enough so we went that route this year especially since it will the first time without my wife’s mom and dad.

It gets heartbreaking for Mrs. CBB because she misses the big party every year at her parents house.

Trying to create new memories takes time but eventually she will get to a point where we need to move on.

What do you eat Christmas morning?

Christmas nuts

On Christmas morning we celebrate the birth of Christ, eat, drink, and eat, oh and unwrap gifts

  • We get up early to  make sure everything is ready to go
  • Christmas Breakfast will start cooking
  • When everyone is up we turn on Christmas Movies
  • Eat Christmas Breakfast which is typically pancakes,nsausages, bacon, eggs, toast and a Christmas casserole plus cakes and cookies. Ha
  • Open Christmas gifts after we eat and cleanup the kitchen.
  • Pass around the shots of  Disaronno which is an amaretto tasting liqueur with an almond taste
  • Slice the rum infused Christmas Cake and set the Christmas cookies on our red clothed table.
  • Go for a walk to get some fresh air after we clean up the Christmas frenzy.
  • Come back and start cooking our  Christmas Dinner.
  • Smile, laugh, eat and reminisce the entire day.
  • Later in the evening I will be roasting chestnuts on the barbeque.
  • Then we retire to our bedrooms to get ready for Boxing Day Sales.

I spent a couple of hours going through Pinterest to find some of the best Christmas Breakfast ideas.

If you do try one of these recipe please let me know what you thought about it.

Trying new recipes is always a great way to build your family recipe stash to pass on to the next generation.

Note: To view each recipe simply click the title for the link.

Christmas Chaffle Waffles

The meaning behind the name Chaffle is a spin on three ingredients, eggs with shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese

So, it’s a Cheese and Egg Waffle called a Keto Chaffle.

I’m unsure who created the Chaffle name or recipe as I can’t really find an actual recipe just people sharing what ingredients they’ve tried.

Whether you’re in the mood for a savory or sweet chaffle you can easily create custom chaffles for everyone in your family.


Keto French Toast Casserole

This Gluten Free & Keto French Toast Casserole is a Quick Breakfast Bake Made with Low Carb Fathead Dough, Eggs and Cinnamon.

It’s the Perfect Easy Keto Breakfast or Brunch For the Holidays.

If your Family loves French Toast then they’re gonna love this Delicious Casserole.

It’s really quick to make and tastes just as good as the original.

French Toast Keto

Italian Panettone Bread and Butter Pudding

A classic British Bread and Pudding dessert was taken to a whole other level using traditional Italian Panettone cake.

panettone bread pudding

Keto Gingerbread Pancakes

I especially love breakfast foods and nothing says ‘Christmas’ like gingerbread.

So combine the two and you get gingerbread pancakes. What a perfect holiday breakfast or brunch food!

Devin who runs The Keto Cavemen is going to be one of our Christmas breakfast recipes list for Mrs. CBB and her sister.

Gingerbread pancakes

Christmas Breakfast Board

Over at Little Bits of Food Kelsey came up with this brilliant idea for Christmas breakfast using a board.

I would love to do something like this or finger food so everyone can choose what they want.

Christmas Char

Overnight Croissant French Toast Bake

At the Fox and Briar they shared a recipe for overnight croissant French Toast Bake which I drooled over.

This Overnight Croissant French Toast Bake can be prepared ahead of time, perfect for feeding breakfast to a crowd!

This baked french toast casserole is perfect for Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas or any other brunch!

French Toast Bake Recipe

Sausage Hash brown Breakfast Casserole

Sausage Hash brown Breakfast Casserole is a filling, hearty and delicious way to start off your morning!

Once you taste the combined flavors of this awesome morning bake, you will never want to skip breakfast again!

This easy to make recipe can easily be prepared the night before and is perfect to enjoy on holiday mornings.

sausage bake

Pasta Frittata With Eggs and Sausages

Pasta Frittata
Authentic Italian Pasta Frittata Pie

Are you tired of the same old pasta dinner?

Well, I’ve got something totally different that will change the way you look at pasta.

Try this Italian Pasta Frittata Pie Filled with Sausage and I promise it will become part of your family mealtime favourites. 

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Seasonal Frugal Recipe Box

easy Italian Cookies

I was looking for another simple Christmas cookie and found an Italian Butter Cookie recipe At Italian In My Kitchen.

A buttery simple Italian Cookie.

These Italian Butter Cookies are perfect anytime. Serve them as a holiday cookie or with tea or coffee in the afternoon.

Thoughts Corner By Mr.CBB


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Home And Blog Update

Canadian Budget Binder

Home Update:

Bring on the snow! I’m just kidding but I’m almost ready.

I’m almost on holidays which is when I will be getting the carpet cleaner to give our carpet a fresh look.

The carpet is 25 years old and I have the wood to put down but just haven’t had the time.

Once that is done we will start decorating inside for Christmas and put our Christmas tree up.

In the meantime I’ve been baking with Mrs. CBB for Christmas as we will have her family here.

Other than that I am looking forward to some time off from work to start getting more done around the house.

Blog Update:

Sara has been doing some behind the scenes work that you probably won’t see yourself.

I’m just waiting on a new page to be created so I can downsize my Free Budget Binder printable page.

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I’m sorry if they bother you but if I don’t I won’t be able to keep the blog running any longer as it’s getting pricey.

The bigger it gets the more money you have to fork out the cash.

Anyways, we’re working on making the blog the best experience.

Thanks for supporting me  all these years.


Saturday Search Terms

kermit the frog

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I get thousands of these every single day and pick some of the best to feature right here.

  • Screwing Code Of Practice – Haha, you mean Scanning Code of Practice
  • Bake Rapini– That’s new to me as I’ve never tried it before
  • What to do when you lose your waiter? – I’m dying right now only because I feel this person googled this while waiting for his waiter.
  • Adults and Bolts Recipe – Ha. you mean NUTS and Bolts recipe. Funny though

Thanks for your continued support of CBB and for listening to me ramble about our financial journey.

I’ll see you back in the New Year for the next edition of The Saturday Weekend Review.

Happy Holidays,



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