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Canada Day 2021 A Day Of Reflection

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Where do I start? All things considered, I wasn’t going to blog because Canada Day 2021 has been cancelled in our community and many others across Canada.

I’m not really good with this kind of stuff, but I thought if I don’t say anything, I’m not expressing myself or acknowledging what is happening as a Canadian blogger.

Canada Day, also known as “Dominion Day,” will be quiet and a time for reflection about how we can do better as a nation.

Covid-19 and 751 unmarked graves found on Cowessess First Nation, Sask, and the remains of 215 children found in Kamloops, B.C., last month has put Canada Day 2021 on hold.

Reflecting on Canada Day 2021
Canada Day 2021 A Time For Canadians To Reflect

Overall, not all Canadians feel Canada Day should be cancelled as it’s Canada’s birthday.

It is your choice to celebrate Canada Day 2021 which might include family traditions such as a party.

However, opinions for Canada Day 2021 celebrations will vary and shouldn’t be judged.

Nanaimo Bars Canadian Budget Binder Keto
Nanaimo Bars Canadian Budget Binder Keto

One year to reflect is the least our family can do. Canada will be here in 2022 and hopefully popping with fireworks and laughter.

Festivities will include cotton candy, poutine, Nanaimo bars, butter tarts, pancakes, maple syrup, and Canadian flags.

Wearing Orange For Canada Day 2021

Canada Day 2021 Flag
Canada Day 2021 Flag

I for one will be wearing orange with my family to support the senseless deaths of so many children.

As a parent, it’s hard for me to grasp what was going on behind closed school doors, as many might agree.

This year many communities across Canada are not celebrating Canada Day.

For Canada Day 2021 it’s a time of reflection, grieving, and mourning.

Under the slogan of #CancelCanadaDay, a number of rallies are being organized in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Manitoba on Wednesday, July 1, in solidarity with the Indigenous community.

Global News Canada

I’ve watched many news videos and listened to people who attended residential schools, and it’s mind-boggling.

It’s hard for me to put into words what I feel for the unmarked graves of children, their parents and survivors.

Bringing Canada together to make it better and working with indigenous people is the right thing to do.

Classroom Education About Indigenous People

Beautiful Ontario Sunset
Beautiful Ontario Sunset

During homeschooling our son, I learned about indigenous people as his teacher spent two days educating her students.

We watched videos, talked about indigenous people so the kids understood who they are and the importance.

The past 15 years in Canada as a permanent resident has left me much to reflect on as I continue to learn.

There is so much I love about Canada, and since we are cancelling Canada Day 2021, I wanted to reflect.

Although we will stand in solidarity with the indigenous people, our family will also talk about what we are grateful for.

In the past, almost two years of social distancing, Covid-19 and stay-at-home orders have taken their toll on everyone.

Now that Canada is slowly opening up the country and Canadians are being vaccinated there’s hope.

Hope is what we all need to believe in so we can continue to care and make Canada a better place.

Canada Day 2021 Reflections

Ontario's Outdoor pets and a Free Library
Ontario’s Outdoor pets and a Free Library

There’s much to be thankful for in Canada, and as we mourn today, July 1, 2021 we stand in solidarity.

Our son left school due to Covid-19 lockdown orders, which changed the way we ran our family.

In truth, it became more structured with less stress in terms of getting ready in the morning.

I worked from home, so most of what we did as a family was walk and explore our corner of Ontario.

It’s amazing how we can be mindful of Canada’s offerings if we look around our neighbourhood.

Throughout this post, you’ll see photos from our family walks, grocery shopping, gardening and the small things we’ve come to appreciate during Covid-19.

Grocery shopping for deals during Covid-19
Grocery Shopping For Deals During Covid-19

Most of all, family time and peace are important to us after a rough 3 years of dealing with death and medical issues.

Above all of our circumstances we’ve managed to stay afloat, smile and support each other as a family.

There has to be that element of happiness, appreciation and joy along with mourning and grieving today.

For example, we have clean water, housing, food on the table and community togetherness.

Just as a community comes together so should our nation of Canadians far and wide.

Toronto, Ontario Canada Day 2021
Toronto, Ontario Canada Day 2021

Family Canada Day 2021 Looking Back

Flowers From our Walks during Covid-19
Flowers From our Walks during Covid-19

Our Canadian flag will be gracing the front of our house this year because Canada is our home.

This morning once the crew wakes up I’ll be making bacon, pancakes and go for a family walk.

We can talk about Canada Day and why there won’t be fireworks because our son loves them.

I’m reflecting on moving to Canada from the UK, the impact on me and the history of Canada.

History is taught at school in the UK as in Canada, although I have much to learn about Canadian culture.

Happy Canada Day 2021 A Time To Reflect
Happy Canada Day 2021

Happy Canada Day 2021 to our beautiful country and healing for those who are struggling.

Remember, balance is the key to happiness.


Many Flowers Found During Our Family Walks 2021
Many Flowers Found During Our Family Walks 2021

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