How To Get Your Money Back From A Retailer: The Saturday Weekend Review #332

Whenever I see that a company offers me my money back for a product, they have my attention.

Can you recall a time when you made a purchase that didn’t meet your expectations?

I have, and the first thing that comes to mind is that I want my money back.

Although many companies will refund a customer, there are money-back guarantee policies consumers should be aware of.

Many consumers pay no attention to the fine print or read the product information and miss out.

It’s far easier to give something away, trash it or sell it than to take advantage of getting money back.

Today I want to talk about what exactly is a money-back guarantee marketing tool for businesses.

I also want to touch on what you’ll need to get money back and the importance of reading the fine print.

Ways to get your money back from a retailer when you are not satisfied with a product you've purchased in Canada.
How to get your money back from a retailer

Money-Back Guarantee

What is a money-back guarantee?

A money-back guarantee is a motivation for customers to buy an item feeling safe to return it.

I consider a money-back guarantee the gold standard of marketing to consumers.

However, if you don’t follow the guidelines, you will miss out on getting your money back.

For example, a money-back guarantee may read on the back of a ketchup bottle.

An example of a typical money-back guarantee may read like the following two promises below.

“We love our product so much that we know you will too. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, return it to the store within 14 days for a full refund.”

“Money-back guarantee no questions asked if you are 100% not satisfied with our product.”

You may also encounter a money-back guarantee for online shopping, such as on Amazon Canada.

We’ve returned loads of products we’ve purchased from Amazon Canada using their return policy.

Keep in mind that there almost always is a window of opportunity to claim a money-back guarantee.

How To Claim Money Back From A Retailer

There are pros and cons to claiming a money-back guarantee, so it’s essential to consider if it’s worth it.

For example, if you purchase a pack of batteries for $2.99 and on the back, the company offers a money-back guarantee. However, you need to send the batteries back in the post for your refund.

  • Is it worth the hassle to get a money-back guarantee?
  • How much time and gas will go into getting your money back?
  • Do you still have the product receipt?
  • What are the rules listed for a money-back gurantee?
  • Are you still in the window of opportunity to return a product?

Years ago, I wrote a blog post about whether customers would return food to a grocery store.

Amazingly not that many people would take the time to do that, and others didn’t even question it.

The good news is that if you call a grocery store to let them know that a product is not good, they will accept it back.

I’ve asked if I could bring the product for a refund during our next grocery shop the following week.

This was at Zehrs, and customer service told me no to worry about bringing the food back, get the receipt.

That was for bananas, by the way, so it may be different if you are purchasing large items or those you can freeze, come in a can, box, carton or jar.

However, if customer service told me that to get the money-back guarantee, I had to bring the bananas back in 7 days or even 14, I’d decline.

If there’s no other reason for me to go to the grocery store, I won’t, especially for $2 of bananas.

It would cost me more time and gas to bring those bananas back, and I’d be out more than the $2.

By the way, the bananas were yellow but challenging, which is why I wanted to return them.

Customer Satisfaction

I can’t speak for everyone, but when I saved up money to buy something our family needs or want to try a new product, a money-back guarantee makes me feel satisfied with making the purchase.

As a consumer, I feel comfortable making a purchase, knowing I can get my money back if need be.

I believe this is the way it should be. However, some companies offer no guarantee.

In turn, if you have the receipt, you should be able to return it to the store where you purchased the item.

Return Policy vs. Money-Back Guarantee

A return policy and a money-back guarantee are two different types of customer satisfaction marketing.

For example;

Customer satisfaction with a money-back guarantee by the manufacturer and often paid by them directly.

A return policy at a grocery store or any retail store means that they will give you your money back at the store level.

That means that you don’t have to send away the item you don’t want as you may with a money-back guarantee system.

An advantage of the money-back guarantee for the manufacturer is that more people tend to buy their products.

Money Back vs. In-Store Credit

We shop at second-hand stores because we are a thrifty couple and like to save money.

Whether we shop at The Goodwill or Value Village, any returns with the receipt must be completed in 14 days.

However, you won’t get your money back, but you will get an in-store credit that needs to be used that day.

That’s how it has always been for us upon returning items to thrift stores in our area.

We are okay with that type of return policy since we know that we will find something else to purchase.

For example, a customer buys a shirt from Value Village for their child, and when they get home and try it on them, it doesn’t fit.

Return the shirt with the receipt for your in-store credit. No questions asked.

Always know what the return policy is at every store you plan to shop to understand your options.

Warranty vs. Money-Back Guarantee

Amazon return for inflatable pool to get money back as it had holes in it.
Refund for an inflatable pool from Amazon Canada

A warranty is for the product which may need repairs, such as buying a computer, laptop or vacuum.

You might have a computer that won’t turn on, and the warranty may cover a repair.

Whereas a money-back guarantee is free, revolving around customer satisfaction, products and service.

Yesterday we purchased an upright freezer from Rona, and there was an option for an extended warranty.

The downside was that we had to pay for the extended warranty, which is peace of mind for customers.

You can read the full Rona returns and refund policy here but at the very bottom, in small print, read what it says.

Rona Hassle-Free Returns: Save Your Receipt

If you are not 100% satisfied with your product for any reason, return it in the 90 days following your purchase, in its original condition and packaging with your original receipt for a refund, exchange or store credit.

Some exceptions and conditions apply*.

However, the original purchase of the freezer does come with a standard 2-year warranty.

Some credit cards also offer an additional year of warranty to entice customers to make purchases on their credit cards.

Our PC Financial MasterCard offers an extended warranty when you use it to make a purchase.

For purchases made on or after August 1st, 2017, Certificate of Insurance for Purchase Assurance & Extended Warranty.

With a warranty, you have to read all of the paperwork that comes with your purchase.

You know, the cards and instruction manual that come at the bottom of a box.

Yes, read those because you may have to register your product first to be eligible for the standard warranty.

At the store level, they should offer a money-back guarantee for, let’s say, a washing machine if it doesn’t work.

They may also send a repair person to your home to try and troubleshoot the issue and fix it.

If they can’t rectify the problem following the store return policy with a receipt, they will take it away.

You may or may not have to pay for them hauling it back to a store if you don’t have a truck.

As well, they may only offer you another washer or in-store credit.

The importance of reading the fine print booklets and cards that come with a product is critical.

Most often, companies will have a statement on the product box or attached to it so you can read it before you buy it.

Get Your Money Back From Amazon Canada

Another example was when Mrs. CBB purchased a package of two fast chargers from Amazon Canada.

After one month, one of the charging chords stopped working, so she messaged the seller on Amazon.

The company wanted her to describe the problem, and they shipped her a new package.

Often, a product is defective, but you really like the quality, so go straight to the seller first.

Although a buyer wants to take advantage of a money-back guarantee on Amazon, there is a time frame for every purchase.

We had to return two inflatable swimming pools this summer because they leaked.

Amazon paid the postage for the return; however, we had to package the product and go to the post office.

It takes time, but once Canada Post scanned the return, Amazon automatically refunds the money.

Have a look at the photo below for the Ketone Meter, and you’ll notice the buyer has until August 15, 2021, to return it.

The downfall is that you have to pay to ship it back unless the product arrived damaged, defective, wrong product or missing parts.

How to return a product to Amazon Canada to get your money back.
How to return a product to Amazon Canada

Purchase With Confidence

Lastly, when making a purchase, no matter what it is, do it with confidence but understand the risks.

Not every company offers a money-back policy, so you risk paying for something you can’t use.

The plus side is that you can sell the product but likely take a loss.

You might read an ad that states, “My loss is your gain

  • Check stores for their refund policies
  • Read the box or item you want to buy to see if there is a money-back guarantee
  • Know the timeline that you have to return a product and don’t miss it.
  • Always keep the boxes or packaging of items that could possibly need to be returned.

Overall, consumers want a level of satisfaction that must be met or given their money back.

Discussion: Have you ever used a money-back guarantee? What was it for?

Please, I’d love it if you could share your experiences below.


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