Halloween Memories From The ’70s: The Saturday Weekend Review #337

Halloween memories from the ’70s bring back lots of family fun, cold weather and spooky treats.

Almost all of our Halloween memories included rain or snow, which didn’t matter to us.

Kids would climb mountains for chocolate and candy as if nothing could beat them down.

Today, I will talk about my Halloween Memories as a child growing up in the ’70s and ’80s.

Halloween memories from the 1970's as told by Mrs. CBB.
Halloween Memories from the 70’s as told by Mrs. CBB

My family was into Halloween, which is why Halloween memories are clear in my mind.

That’s a good memory, though, since many of us can’t remember what we did yesterday. That’s me.

We lived in a new four-bedroom townhouse that my parents bought in 1977 for $27,000, and there were lots of kids in the area.

Going out for Halloween in the ’70s around our neighbourhood meant at least three full pillowcases.

Kodak Instant Camera Captures Halloween Memories

We were allowed to wear our spooky costumes to school for the day so all of our friends could see what we were going out as.

I liked that because not all of our friends lived in the same neighbourhood, and we didn’t have social media, just cameras.

If I am correct, I still have our dad’s Instant Kodak camera, where you’d take a photo instantly.

He would wave it gently under the light so it would help speed up the process.

I’m sure we thought our dad was some magician. Like, wow, would you look at that?

Trust me, we kids of the ’70s thought the Kodak instant camera was incredible.

When the ’80s hit, you would always find me with a camera because photography captured memories.

Often these memories will turn out to be the best thing in the world. Hold them close.

Going To School Dressed Up For Halloween

It was fun to see everyone dressed up, and some parents had even made Halloween costumes for their children.

My mom and dad worked quite a bit, so that wasn’t going to happen, although my mom was fantastic at knitting.

Our parents always bought our costumes at Woolco that later Walmart bought out in 1994.

I grew up in the ’70s, and 80’s in a small city where everyone knows who you are or your parents.

That was both a good thing and a bad thing depending on whether you were a troublemaker,

Now that I live in a big city and have very few close friends but that’s fine with me.

Sometimes I get jealous that many of my friends live back home, where I would love to retire.

Making Halloween Memories With My Sister

One of the most memorable times as a child growing up in the ’70s was going trick or treating.

I was excited to get chocolate bars, pop, candy, caramel corn, candy apples and the best Mcdonald’s Halloween coupons.

I’m not even sure if they do that anymore, but the kids loved the fancy homemade Halloween treats.

Halloween in the ’70s was always a night to remember, and school the next day was a mess of hyped-up kids.

The moment we jumped off the school bus around 4 pm, we’d run home to eat dinner.

Both of our parents were home at the time, so mom already had food ready.

Meet Cowboy Pumpkin

Cowboy Hat For THe Halloween Pumpkin After Carving
Cowboy Hat For the Halloween Pumpkin After Carving

I don’t recall visiting a pumpkin patch as a child. However, dad always had the biggest on the street.

Three years ago, he grew a monster-size pumpkin in his garden, but someone smashed it.

He was pretty upset about however he went to the farm to buy another.

Nothing stops his Halloween carving show.

To this day, I’m not a huge fan of carving a pumpkin, by my husband and son love it.

I take the pumpkin seeds and roast them, then hide where nobody can find me.

Dad was a Halloween nerd and had to carve the most significant pumpkin anyone on our streets had seen.

I wish we had taken a Kodak moment of his pumpkin creations over the years.

He would use tools from his garage to cut out a face, ears and teeth, and it was perfect.

The pumpkin would get hung high to the right of the front door, and he’d wire in a lightbulb.

If you’re wondering why he used a lightbulb, it’s because he used the pumpkin to make pumpkin mash.

It was good even and a pity so many people tossed pumpkins in the bins, especially the baking pumpkins.

Halloween Memories Dressing Up The Pumpkin

Spooky Halloween Pumpkin

Oh, and he’d dress up the pumpkin with different hats each year.

He’s why I have a slight obsession with ball caps and winter hats. However, I’m no cowgirl.

The cowboy hat remains in my mind probably since we’d never seen a cowboy pumpkin before.

Kids who came to our house were in awe of the pumpkin, which made me proud of my dad.

That still doesn’t beat the time Mr.CBB and I was handing out candy from our garage.

After Mr.CBB and our son carved the pumpkin, we had a Glade smelly candy inside.

A young girl walked up and looked at us, then turned to her parents and shouted to her parents.

“Mom and Dad, come here; you can even SMELL the candy.” Hahahahaha.

If I had ever seen my dad smile so much, it was on Halloween night while carving the pumpkin.

Both our mom and dad would buy boxes of chocolate bars, candy and lots of chips.

I think my mom was in charge of that because she loved giving it out.

Mom, in general, loves kids, which is why she makes an amazing grandmother to her grandchildren.

She’s taught us never to let go of the child inside of us because when you’re gone, you’re gone.

There were hardly any extras since there were hundreds of kids who came to the house.

Unless our parents were sneaking away and eating them, but I doubt it.

Dad wasn’t fond of eating treats as our mother is.

Halloween Memories Handing Out Candy

Dad always had a chat and a laugh with the kiddos and any parents that did come around.

Would our mom do the same since they were both chatty parents or maybe nosy?

Probably nosy since Mr. CBB always says I’m nosy looking out the window when something is going on.

Negotiations Between Sisters

My sister and I would keep going even if it started to rain, and when my sister got cold, we’d swap costume pieces.

One year I traded for her Wonder Woman face mask, and she got my plaid jacket.

That year I went out as a farmer dressed warmly from head to toe.

You know who the smart one in the family is, haha!

She was my little sister, and I’m sure we bartered chocolate bars for that jacket.

Now you know where negotiation skills began in our family, on Halloween.

Halloween Memories Takes Us To New Places

When we finished all of the houses, my mom would tell us to jump in the car and go to another neighbourhood.

I think our mom just wanted to get out for a ride and see the kids while we did our thing.

My parents were both Halloween nutters, and dad didn’t mind giving out the candy.

He always had a chat and a laugh with the kiddos and any parents that came around.

Even our dad was snitching a few chocolate bars when we weren’t looking. I caught him.

That was okay since mom and dad always made sure Halloween was a fun experience for us.

Halloween Memories With My Sister

We were two peas in a pod, always looking out for each other, especially since we were close in age.

Everything we did, was as a team when we were young, and Halloween was no different.

We wanted to go out together, and to be fair, we didn’t see many parents out as we do today.

I guess that’s what happens when humans are doing strange things to candy.

There were razors found in chocolate bars as well as nails because someone thought it would be cool.

We never touched any Halloween treats until our parents went through it all.

If a neighbour or someone we knew made homemade Halloween treats, they were okay with that.

Halloween Chocolate Bars Nestle Canada
Halloween Chocolate Bars Nestle Canada

As our pillowcases filled up, we’d head home and dump them out into giant wood baskets.

Our grandfather was fantastic at making wood baskets as part of his retirement hobby.

There’s the good Halloween candy, and the rest you give away to someone else in your family.

I wasn’t a candy fan and still feel the same way about our son as a child.

Believe it or not, he has not eaten any candy before besides a lick of a sucker.

I still remember the photo of my sister, who was four years old naked on the living room chair, sorting her goods in the wood basket.

After a long night out trick or treating, when it was time to come home, we’d take off our costumes and jump in the shower.

After a long night of walking and making Halloween memories with my sister, it didn’t take long for us to fall asleep.

Halloween Baked Treats

Scary Witches Fingers made from shortbread, blanched almonds and red candy gel.
Halloween Shortbread Witches Fingers

Another successful night of trick or treating included delicious Shortbread Halloween cookies and Oreo spiders a neighbour made. Yum.

In the CBB family, we make Halloween Witches Fingers mostly for Mr. CBB and me.

Recipe: Halloween Witches Fingers

I make a keto witch’s finger using almond flour and the original recipe for him.

Often we will plate some up and drop them off at the neighbour’s houses.

Halloween Oreo Spider Cookies
Halloween Oreo Spider Cookies

Pandemic Halloween Memories

In 2021, Halloween has a new spin which includes wearing masks, contactless trick or treating, or homeowners leaving pots of candy on the front porch.

Our son stays out for about an hour as he gets bored, but I imagine that sentiment will change as he gets older.

The pandemic has undoubtedly put a lump in fun for Halloween but making Halloween memories doesn’t mean trick or treating.

Discussion: Share some of your Halloween Memories in the comments below.

Thanks for having me today,

Mrs. CBB

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Mr. CBB’s Thoughts and Quotes

Halloween Fun Creates Forever Memories
Halloween Fun Creates Forever Memories

This came to mind after Mrs. CBB wrote about her Halloween Memories and how they left an imprint.

Although Halloween is a bit different based on where you live in the UK, it’s still something that I can easily recall.

If you have children and want to go out for Halloween, be safe and let them enjoy this once-a-year spooky day.

Saturday Search Term Giggles

kermit the frog
Google Search Terms for Canadian Budget Binder

These are keywords that readers typed into their search engine and landed on this blog.

I get quite a few of these every day and pick some of the best to feature right here.

  • Sniff before buying– It’s true I wrote a blog post about that but if you do this now you might get a bad look.
  • Single man grocery list- This can vary from person to person so it will be tough. I can write about what it costs me as a single man living in the UK but I’m not sure how it would help someone.
  • Does Value Village Buy Clothes – They don’t from the public but they may from third party sellers. Don’t quote me on that.
  • Cheap Kids Books – I buy them from Value Village or The Goodwill since I can go through them myself to find what our son likes to read. I’m not a fan of buying them on Facebook Marketplace and having to spend more money on gas to get one or two books.

Happy Halloween To All My CBB Friends

That’s all for this Saturday, CBB Friends.

Take care and Happy Halloween next week.

Send me your spooky pics, and I’ll share them on my Facebook page.

www.canadianbudgetbinder@yahoo.ca Subject: Spooky Halloween Photos.


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  1. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. We used to buy our costumes at the drug store or sometimes rent a costume from a family friend who had a dancing school – with a huge room full of costumes. My mother was from Scotland and thought Halloween was barbaric – kids going door to door begging for candy. The best house would be the one handing out the homemade caramel apples. Word would get out on the street and all the kids would head there asap to get one in case they ran out. Back then the Halloween chocolate bars were a decent size – the ones we bought for a nickel at the store, about half the size of the regular sized chocolate bar that sold for a dime. The mini chocolate bars of today really suck compared to the haul I got as a kid.

    1. Back in the UK Halloween wasn’t big for me but today it’s far different from when I went out. Mrs. CBB loved the caramel apples too. I remember one year we gave out jumbo freezies that were frozen. We had kids coming to our door asking about the big Freezies lol. Win!

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