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Finding Fun Ways to Save Money

For many people, saving money is one of the top challenges. After all, we live in a consumer world and are constantly tempted by offers.

However, saving money doesn’t have to be a huge hassle. It would be best to create fun challenges and games that motivate you to save money.

In this post, we share a few fun ways to save money. Once you go through them, you will get to your money-saving goals.

Fun Ways To Save Money

Compete With Your Friends

Competitions are an amusing way of saving money.

You can also start a competition with family members or friends who want to save money. The challenge includes saving cash over a specific course of time.

For example, we started a 52-week challenge at the beginning of this year, and we’re on track so far.

In the end, the person who holds the most money wins. 

To start this game, you need to set clear definitions and rules. Will you count only raw numbers? Or, will you measure a percentage of the after-tax amount?

However, the game doesn’t only have to include savings. You can compete on whoever spends the least amount of money as well. 

No matter your metrics choice, ensure not to include a high price for the winner.

This step would defeat the purpose of this game, so let the winner enjoy personal satisfaction.

Or, the person that loses should provide a service for the winner.

For example, you can deal with the loser who washes his car. 

Net Worth Competition

Another fun challenge stimulates the net worth growth.

You can challenge your friend to see who grows their net worth more within a few months.

This game highlights the importance of increasing your savings account and not reducing costs.

The goal of this game is to change your mindset.

You won’t have to focus on cutting down costs, a scarcity mentality. Instead, you can focus on growth and abundance.

For this game, you can set a goal.

For example, whoever reaches $100,000 in net worth wins the game. Or, you can set a deadline.

The person with more money in their savings account by the specific date wins. 

Flipping Furniture

Fix and Flip Furniture to earn extra money for a rainy day
Fix and Flip Furniture to earn extra money for a rainy day

This game will be a perfect choice if you are crafty and creative.

Don’t go to expensive stores whenever you need furniture to enhance your home. Instead, visit thrift stores and flea markets.

Find quality pieces and retouch them to restore their shine. You won’t only get to save money, but you will also have fun during the process.

Fun Ways Couponing Save Money

Couponing is a huge trend, becoming one of the fun ways to save money.

You can save lots of money if you know how to do it. You can start researching this topic and get into it as a fun activity.

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Clothing Swap

Fun ways to Save money is by swapping clothes with your friends.
Fun Ways to Save money is by swapping clothes with your friends.

Shopping for new clothes can put a strain on your budget. With this game, you will eliminate the need to ship new fashion items.

The goal is to swap clothes with friends or family members that wear the same size as you.

How cool is that!?

Instead of purchasing new clothes for a special event or a party, you can lend some from your friends or siblings.

Wear your sister’s prom dress to your friend’s wedding.

Or, wear your brother’s tuxedo at that particular event.

Anyway, you will wear that outfit once in your life, so there is no need to waste your money.

You can still rent an outfit if you don’t have someone to borrow from. 

Look For Free Events

Going out and having fun doesn’t have to mean that you should spend tons of money. Instead of going to the movies, you can find free activities in your area.

Your city might offer a wide range of free activities, especially during the summer.

Search through social media for fun ways to see local events free of charge.

You can often find accessible park cinemas or free courses.

Despite saving money, these activities will broaden your horizons and help you meet new people. 

Once, my inlaws went and sat in a park during a Bon Jovi concert and were able to enjoy the event for free.

Game Of Creativity

Involve the whole family into coming up with creative ways of saving money.

The one that has the most unexpected method wins. For example, your spouse can change the current light bulbs with energy-efficient ones.

Or, your kids can wash and reuse the old zip-lock bags. Your daughter can swap clothes with her friends.

Organize a weekly meeting and review the creative methods of saving money.

Fun Ways To Collect Rewards Points

PC Optimum Points
Save money by earning rewards points.

If you use your credit cards for purchases, don’t forget the reward points included.

Most card issuers will give you a percentage of the spent amount back to your account. You can use this for purchasing goods or even receive cashback.

However, this doesn’t have to mean that you should go on a shopping spree. Instead, use your credit card to purchase everyday things like groceries and gas.

To avoid paying the interest, pay off the credit card with cash as soon as possible.

You will still get the reward points without paying for the interest. 

Food Delivery Options

Food delivery service dropped off at your door after ordering online or from the telephone.
Don’t let money slip through your fingers. There are many fun ways to earn money with the swipe of a rewards card.

Food delivery is viral due to its convenience.

However, don’t forget that you will pay extra for this service. The extra includes tips for the delivery guy and a charge for the transportation.

You can choose a pick-up order whenever you want food. Make the trip to a local restaurant for a fun and relaxing experience with friends or family.

A night drive sounds like the perfect free activity on a Friday night, giving you an additional amount on food delivery. 

Savings Thermometer

For this game, you will need to draw a giant thermometer. Indicate the savings goal on the top and place it on a visible spot in your home.

The top should contain a prize that everyone in your family likes.

Colour the thermometer according to the money you saved each week, and watch the amusement as it reaches the top.

Don’t Let Extra Savings Slip Through Your Fingers

Overall, if you want to save money, there are many ways that you can add to your monthly income.

Don’t forget to sign up for free apps that offer cashback opportunities, such as Rakuten Canada.

Can you believe we have 6 million PC Optimum points? Well, we do, and that’s worth over $6000 worth of free products we can buy.

Discussion: What other ways can you think of to save money?

Please leave me your comments below.


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  1. Why don’t you redeem your PC points? Aren’t you worried in a few years the value could change? Or why not use the cash you redeem and invest it rather than letting it sit on a card? Having $6000 in loyalty points would make me so nervous, especially with cyber attacks.

    1. HI Erin,
      We do redeem our points but we aren’t sure what we want to use them for. Last year we thought we might see if we could grocery shop with them but you get better redemptions at Shoppers Drug Mart. I’m not worried about them going missing. You can’t redeem points for cash so that is no concern to us. I would totally take the cash thought. Haha. What would you spend 6 million Optimum Points on? Thanks for your comment Mr. CBB

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