How To Get Discounted Internet In Canada

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Recently, I stumbled upon a Facebook conversation about discounted internet for low-income seniors and families.

Through investigation, I found out there are, in fact, programs available through Rogers Connected for Success and the Connecting Families program.

Everyone deserves to be digitally connected in a world where internet services are paramount.

Today, I want to review important details about each program and who qualifies for them.

How To Get Discounted Internet For Low-Income, Seniors and Families
How To Get Discounted Internet For Low-Income, Seniors and Families

Discounted Internet

We have always been Roger’s customers for our digital needs since purchasing our first home in 2009.

As a permanent resident of Canada, I often made it my duty to learn everything about saving money.

Even though we’re settled in Canada and no longer qualify for discounted internet, you might be.

Programs such as Rogers Connected for Success or the government initiative Connecting Families program get lost in the shuffle.

The good news is that programs are available to Canadians who need to be digitally connected.

Digital connection means staying in touch with family, employers, friends, schools and higher education.

There’s not much you can’t find on a computer these days, and often assume everyone has Wi-Fi.

High-speed internet at a low cost is impressive and helps people balance their budget.

Below I will explain the basics of each program and where you can get more information.

I also want to discuss cheap mobile phone plans from Rogers Wireless and Freedom Mobile.

Rogers Connected For Success Discounted Internet

What is Rogers Connected For Success?

Rogers claims to be the first in Canada with high-speed, low-cost internet service for low-income families and seniors.

Screenshot of Connected For Success Rogers Application for discounted internet.
Screenshot of Connected For Success Rogers Application

To qualify, you must be receiving any of the following:

  • Recipients of Ontario Works
  • Ontario Disability Benefits Program
  • Recipients of the Resettlement Assitant Program (RAP)
  • Seniors receiving the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)

Connected for success is only available anywhere Rogers internet is available in Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland.

Does Rogers Have A Discount For Seniors?

If you receive the Guaranteed Income Supplement, you qualify for the Connected for Success program.

You read more about Rogers Connected For Success partner organizations online.

Rogers Connecting Families Participation

Rogers has also partnered with the government Connecting Families Program to help low-income families and seniors access discounted internet.

Participating internet providers, including Rogers, Bell, Cogeco, SaskTel, Shaw, TELUS and Videotron, will voluntarily offer discounted home Internet service to randomly selected families who currently receive the maximum Canada Child Benefit and the maximum Guaranteed Income Supplement.

Connecting Families Program

Call 1-866-689-0758 between 9 AM ET and 6 PM ET Monday through Friday or 9 AM ET and 5 PM ET Saturday and Sunday, and a Rogers Connected for Success representative will assist you.

Connecting Families Program Government Of Canada

What is the Connecting Families Program?

The Connecting Families Program began in 2018 and bridges the digital gap to allow Canadians internet access for those who need it.

The initiative is voluntary by participating internet providers and not subsidized by the government of Canada.

The idea is to make available discounted internet to Canadians who need the service, but it’s not affordable for them.

Program Version One and Version Two

Offer Version One: Those who qualify will get $10/month home Internet packages with at least 10 Mbps download speed and 100 GB of data usage.

In 2021, the Canadian government announced version two of the program, which included faster high-speed internet with 200GB of data for $20 a month.

Those qualified for the $10 program can stay with that initiative or change.

Also, there will be no charges for equipment or internet installation for those who qualify.

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians are eligible for this program, including families who receive the maximum Canada Child Benefit and seniors who receive the max Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS).

Qualifications For The Government Initiative

You are eligible if you receive a letter from the government of Canada with an access code.

I received a letter stating that I’m eligible for Connecting Families; what do I do now?

To sign up for the initiative, please visit and enter the code provided within the letter.

It seems to be the luck of the draw, as not everyone eligible will be invited to use the program initiative.

There is no other way to participate in this program without receiving a letter and code.

You can read more about the Connecting Families Program online.

How To Get Free Wi-Fi In Canada

Other options exist if paying a small fee to connect digitally at home isn’t in your budget.

For those looking for Free Wi-Fi in Canada, you can still get connected at any of the following locations.

  • Public libraries across Ontario
  • Free Wi-Fi Businesses with Public Wi-Fi
  • Service Canada Centres
  • Local City Hall Free Outdoor Public Wi-Fi Hotspot

Connecting with family, friends, employers, or other services that require a computer means these services are vital for Canadians.

I’m sure there are many other options for Free Wi-Fi based on the community you live in.

Call city hall or community outreach groups in your area to inquire about Free Wi-Fi services.

A phone call to a community library to ask if they offer Free Wi-Fi is likely the easiest route.

Affordable Mobile Phone Plans

Freedom mobile Canada offers affordable mobile data plans.
How to get affordable mobile data plans

It has been over a year since I signed up with Freedom Mobile, and I can’t be happier.

You don’t have to spend $100 a month on a mobile plan, especially with the availability of free Wi-Fi.

With over 15 years under my belt as a new immigrant to Canada, there was no way I would get a mobile phone.

I couldn’t justify the pricing in Ontario compared to the United Kingdom, which was unbeatable at the time.

Last year, I jumped on the bandwagon using Mrs. CBB’s Samsung 10 mobile phone and signed with Freedom Mobile.

For only $21 a month, including tax, I get 2GB of Data and the essential perks of a mobile phone.

  • Unlimited text and talk in Canada
  • Voicemail

You can read my full review about Freedom Mobile and why I’m not interested in moving to another provider.

Cheap Rogers Mobile Phone

Cheap Rogers Mobile Phone Data plan 2022
New Rogers Affordable Mobile Phone Plan 2022

Before I came onto the scene, Mrs. CBB had been with Rogers Wireless since 1999.

Those days, tiny flip phones performed the basic needs of using a telephone to communicate.

As mobile phones evolved, she kept up with her flip phone and then moved on to a few Apple mobile phones.

In 2015, she bought her first Samsung 10 Plus for $500, the phone I currently use.

At the time, her mobile bill was often hovering under $40 a month until 2020.

Around that time, she negotiated with Rogers for a promotional price for our home phone, high-speed internet, and cable.

Doing so allowed her to get a monthly discount on her mobile phone at $21 plus monthly taxes.

Included was a basic mobile plan without data since she is a stay-at-home mom and accesses free Wi-Fi when needed when out.

Unfortunately, more businesses are password-protecting their free wifi, allowing only customers to use it.

I understood the reasoning behind that, so her Rogers mobile plan changed last week.

She could negotiate the same mobile plan with 5GB of data for $35 monthly plus taxes.

We agreed with that price since Rogers is widely used across Ontario, whereas Freedom is localized to Greater Toronto.

That means my phone may not get a signal when we go out of town, but hers will.

We feel our choices for our mobile phone packages fit our monthly budget.

Also, since cutting our Rogers home phone, we still don’t miss the extra $30 charge each month.

Also, we no longer have Rogers cable, and don’t miss that either.

However, we have Amazon Prime, which offers free Amazon movies and music.

Affordable Internet and Mobile Phone Plans

Whether participating in the Rogers Connected For Success program or the government Connecting Families Program, you’ll save money.

Always ask what options are available for seniors, low-income, or discounts for champion customers.

Had we known this, my mother-in-law could have saved a fortune for her home internet with Cogeco.

Ah, well, the things we learn are often what we hear through the grapevine.

Discussion: Tell me about your experience with Rogers Connected For Success or Connecting Families programs. How much do you currently pay for your high-speed internet at home? Are you just finding out about these affordable internet programs?

Please share your comments below.

Thanks for stopping by and reading today’s blog post.


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