10 Free Valentine’s Day Gifts: Show Your Love Without Breaking The Bank

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Learn to show love without breaking the bank with 10 Free Valentine’s Day Gifts!

Source items from around the house and create a memorable day with these budget-friendly ideas.

Close your wallets and put away your credit cards because I’ve got Free Valentine’s Day Gifts that only cost you effort.

Previously, money was spent with less caution as interest rates were low, which reassured Canadians they would be ok.

Catching and keeping up after the pandemic, more Canadians are giving up what they can’t afford to make ends meet.

valentine's day gift ideas
10 Free Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With No Money

What can you do for Valentine’s Day with no money?

Valentine’s Day gifts haven’t been a big deal at our house, but we’ve created a fun day without the extra expenses.

Today, I want to share ten free Valentine’s Day Gifts using items you have stashed at home.

Source Freebies To Make Free Valentine’s Day Gifts

I told you that no money was involved with the 10 Free Valentine’s Day Gifts I will share; however, I said nothing about sourcing.

Sourcing free stuff to boost what you need to make Valentine’s Day successful at your house is easy.

Most times, you won’t have to meet someone. You are getting free stuff, which means no face-to-face meetings.

Once you have a plan, perhaps you’re short an item or craft product you may find for free.

Ways To Find Free Valentine’s Day Gifts

You never know unless you ask and look to see what people are getting rid of.

  • Check Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji for Free Valentine’s Day Gifts.
  • Put an Ad on Facebook Marketplace or Freebie groups.
  • Dumpster Diving
  • Ask a neighbor, family, or friend if they have what you need, for example, red, pink and purple construction paper or heart-shaped cookie cutters.

Valentine’s Day Changes For Canadians

  • In 2023, Canadians will spend $62.2 on average for Valentine’s Day, down 2.8% in comparison with 2022 ($64)
  • The Canadians’ budget for Valentine’s Day has declined by 33.8% since 2019, when it reached $94
  • 63.3% of Canadian participants to Valentine’s Day say inflation will have an impact on their spending this year
  • This year, the number of Canadian participants in Valentine’s Day considering having dinner outside is up 111%
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1. Visit The Public Library

Many public libraries will host free Valentine’s Day events for the family that involve movies, crafts, or cartoon characters.

It’s also a fun day for kids to socialize with other children and make new friends.

Getting out of the house with your family doesn’t mean spending money if you access free public areas in your community.

2. Create A 365-Day Positive Affirmation Jar

Something we started doing a couple of years ago as a Valentine’s Day gift to each other was to create a positive affirmation jar.

We fill the jar with notes of love and positivity once a week; we pick a note from the jar.

Over a cup of coffee in the morning, we would read the note we picked for each other.

It’s a great way to start the week and remind each other how much our love matters.

Free Valentine’s Day Gifts Love Jar

Another fun idea is the 365-Day Love Jar, filled with daily notes for your loved one.

  • Red paper – Reasons Why I Love You
  • Green paper – Quotes About Love
  • Orange paper – Memories and Special Moments
  • Black paper – Song Lyrics that Remind Me of You
  • Yellow paper– Words of Encouragement
i love you jar
I love you, Jar, 365 days a year.

3. Design A Couple’s Coupon Booklet (Free Printable)

Valentine's Printable coupons
Free Valentine’s Day Gift Coupons- See pdf link below

I’m a fan of the couple’s coupon booklet because it’s fun to create, and you set the rules.

We cut two sheets of 8×10 white paper into equal strips and stapled them together to create a coupon booklet.

Once a month, until the coupons were gone, we’d pick one and follow through on the instructions.

Making a Valentine’s coupon booklet can also be a fun family craft that includes kids of all ages.

I’ve included a free printable for those who want to print our free Valentine’s Day gift coupon booklet.

4. Free Valentine’s Day Gifts – Coloring Printables

Our son loves to color, so I created a few Free Valentine’s Day Gifts for kids who enjoy arts and crafts.

There’s no shortage of crayons, markers, or colored pencils at our house, so this is a craft we complete as a family.

Once done, we hang them on the front door in our hallway for February as a reminder of our love.

Sometimes, life gets hectic, and it’s worth stopping at the front door for one second before we exit the home to smile.

Free Valentine's day colouring printbable
Be My Valentine Friend Free Coloring Printable for Kids

Free Coloring Printable For KidsBe My Valentine Friend

Free Valentine's day printable kids
Happy Hearts Free Valentine’s Day Coloring Page for kids

Happy Hearts Valentine’s Day Free Coloring Printable For Kids

5. Spend Quality Time Together

Whether alone or with the family, spending quality time together is essential.

Think back to the last time you did something that wasn’t planned but spur of the moment.

If you’re a planner, set up a movie night at home with your favorite homemade snacks.

Going for a walk and reminiscing about when you first met or married.

Bring up the good times so you never forget how they made you feel on the inside and as a couple.

Break out the family games and get the kids into a night of laughter.

Free Valentine’s Day Gifts Baking From Your Pantry

Bake a batch of Queen of Hearts Jam Tarts Valentine’s cookies and a cuppa hot chocolate.

The idea is to do what you all want without outside influence, family, or friends.

6. Free Valentine’s Day Gifts Online Event-Brite

Event Brite offers free online Valentine’s Day Gifts if leaving home is not on your agenda.

You’ll find about 59 Free online events for Valentine’s Day that you can watch alone or with a loved one.

All you do is sign up for the event, and EventBrite will email you the details.

7. Unconditional Love Is Free

It’s easy to get sucked into the commercialism of special holidays such as Valentine’s Day, which is often met with anxiety.

Unconditional love doesn’t need, want, or desire “stuff” to show how much someone cares.

It is love with no strings attached, where you offer love free from outside influence.

Often, a reminder of unconditional love is all that is needed without the bells, whistles, and debit cards.

8. Go For A Romantic Walk

We enjoy going for a romantic walk, holding hands, and discussing memories we’ve made together.

Although we talk about life, which can sometimes have highs and lows, we remember the good times.

I remember the day I landed in Canada as a permanent resident and saw my wife, knowing I didn’t have to leave anymore.

Mrs. CBB will tell you the same, apart from the fact that she couldn’t wait to see me walk through the airport gate.

The realization that our journey to be together had come true after countless hours of work putting together immigration documents had finally come.

9. Make A Playlist Of Songs

Create A Special Song list For Your Special Love
Create A Special Song list For Your Special Someone

Mrs. CBB and I love music, and you’ll often find either she or I have it playing at home.

I’ll be in the basement at my desk blasting tunes she can’t stand, and she’ll be upstairs blaring Harry Styles.

Creating a playlist of songs is a romantic gesture that we would be happy to receive.

Even though we don’t care for the music we listen to, it’s a way to say; I still love you even though your music selection sucks.

10. Window Shopping Without Kids

We hardly, if ever, get out of the house alone without our son.

A trip to the mall for an hour or two looking through stores, chatting, and perhaps a sit-down coffee is all we need.

Thankfully, I have a day off during the week when our son is in school, and we can do this.

Shopping allows us to learn more about what each other likes by showing instead of telling.

Sometimes, we might walk downtown to look in boutique shops to see what our city offers.

You don’t have to spend money to look around the city you live in.

Enjoy Each Other’s Company For Free

To summarize, couples often struggle to find time to be alone, which is essential for growth.

If not, on Valentine’s Day, work towards finding time when you can spend a few hours together.

Any of the above suggestions for Free Valentine’s Day Gifts can be ideal for a date night or a romantic pick-me-up.

Discussion: What free Valentine’s Day gifts have you given or received from a loved one?

Please share your comments below with other readers.

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Valentine’s Day.


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