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Frugal Luxury Living: Don’t Compromise Everything

Frugal Luxury living doesn’t mean you must compromise the small things you enjoy to save a few dollars.

Times have changed, and we find ourselves forgetting what is most important.

Living comfortably is equally important as saving for emergencies and retirement.

In Canada, the average cost of living for 2022 was:

  • The monthly cost for a single person, excluding rent, is $1,245.
  • The monthly cost, excluding rent, is $880 for a single student.
  • The monthly cost for a two-person family, excluding rent, is over $2,500.
  • The monthly cost for a family of four, excluding rent, is over $5,000.
  • For students, private housing can run approximately $625 a month, while dorm rooms on campus can run about $800.
Nationwide Visas/cost of living

Your monthly budget will also be affected, depending on which city you live in, as they vary from one place to another. 

Sometimes the minimum wage doesn’t cut it, and we live from hand to mouth.

We’re here to say that by doing so, we don’t have to look cheap or feel we must let go of the good life.

The last thing people want is not to enjoy life’s little things, such as ice cream with friends, shopping for their favourite outfits, or even logging in to bet on L7B Canada

If you hate carrying lunch from home while everyone else goes out at the office, stay with us as we give tips to help readers keep or get new luxuries without falling into debt. 

Frugal living compromise
Frugal Luxury Living: Don’t Compromise Your Favourites

10 Tips for Frugal Luxury Living

The biggest question is, what is frugal living?

Frugal living is all about making the best of what we have without creating unnecessary debt.

Just because some people have to live frugally doesn’t mean looking homeless.

These tips redefine frugal living as we help maintain and acquire new luxuries. 

  1. Go For Used Items

Thrift shopping can up your appearance game.

Thrifting can award designer clothes,  luxury vehicles, and many high-quality products at a reduced price.

Thrift shopping or second-hand buying has become increasingly popular as people look for ways to become greener and save money.

There are so many benefits associated with thrift shopping.

For example

  • It is finding some unique items, including one-of-a-kind pieces and vintage items, that can bring character to any wardrobe or home. 
  • Thrift items are cost-saving as they are significantly cheaper than new ones.
  • Buying used items means contributing towards a greener environment by helping to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. 
  • They support charitable causes, as philanthropic organizations own most thrift stores. 

Remember, pawn shops are significant sellers of brand-name electronics, jewellery, and furniture.

Monthly Subscriptions

  1. Eliminate Monthly Subscriptions

Before going shopping, always ensure funds are sufficient by creating a budget.

Eliminating monthly subscriptions can help create a bigger budget for all shopping needs.

Most subscriptions are on auto-pay, which means they’re deducted from accounts automatically.

Time and again, always review subscriptions to be sure not to pay for what is no longer needed.

Subscriptions can also come as streaming services such as Spotify, so be privy to this. 

DIY Frugal Luxury Living

  1. Be More Creative With DIYs

Who said spending millions is necessary to get a favourite pair of shoes?

The other day on YouTube, a girl turned a pair of ordinary sneakers into a high-end sparkly pair.

Researching for inspiration on several online platforms can help to discover how to upgrade ordinary things to look like expensive luxurious products.

Embrace those DIY skills! 

Quality Matters

  1. Go For High-Quality Products

In addition to thrift shopping, buy some expensive items.

Going for high-quality products could work out cheaper in the long run as you don’t have to replace them as often as more affordable products.

Keep yourself well informed on price cuts and special discounts to help with getting expensive brands at lower prices. 

The More, The Merrier

  1. Let Friends Join the Party

Considering the current high cost of living, there’s a very high chance others are looking to cut back financially and on spending.

Check with friends and consider cutting off some familiar traditions, as we’re pretty sure everybody loves to save. 

A friend could also be willing to barter some services for other things.

We always advise that bartering with a familiar somebody is the best bet for trust purposes.

Some online sites can create connections with reliable bartering partners worldwide.

To avoid being scammed, always check user reviews and activity. 

Frugal Luxury Living Travelling

  1. Go for Off-season Travels

As tempting as it is to travel during the holiday season, consider a getaway in the off-season and travel on a budget.

This won’t only help to save money but will also ensure that fewer people are crowding the holiday venue. 

Home Ownership Is Not A Necessity

  1. Just Rent, No Need to Own

Gone are the days when renting was only used to refer to property.

These days finding online rental companies for jewellery, handbags, and wigs is popular.

Fashionistas can rent designer items from websites for several days at a specific price. 

Save Using Rewards Points

  1. Sign Up for Loyalty Programs

If one is worried that couponing gives the image of a real cheapskate, consider signing up for in-store loyalty programs.

Most major shopping centres have given customers loyalty cards to scan and use coupons digitally. 

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Knowing Prices Allows For Frugal Luxury Living

  1. Buy at the Right Time 

Do some research and find out when the best time to buy the desired product.

For example, summer clothes are cheaper in winter and so is the opposite.

Fitness equipment and gear are also cheaper at the start of winter.

Be resourceful and spend wisely. 

Do More, Spend Less

  1. Go for Low-Cost Experiences

Create cheap and memorable experiences for oneself or loved ones without breaking the bank.

Going to the park for a picnic is as great as having a seafood dinner at a restaurant.

Consider visiting popular tourist attractions and museums as well.

These are sometimes free or very low cost. 

Be The Next Online Influencer And Cash In

  1. Social Media

Social media is free to use, and sometimes we can make money off reviewing the products we use daily.

Being an influencer is a new and popular way to make money off just being ourselves. 

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t need to give up all of our favourite stuff to lead a frugal life.

All we need to do is work around a budget and have a priority list.

Remember to avoid unnecessary debt, as it accumulates with interest charges.

Waiting a while before making a purchase could also change the perception of getting that item. 

Live Frugally!

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t need to give up all our favourite stuff to lead a frugal life.

All we need to do is work around a budget and have a priority list.

Remember to avoid unnecessary debt, as it accumulates with interest charges.

Waiting a while before making a purchase could also change the perception of getting that item. 

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