Quntis Review: 12-Star Christmas Curtain Lights

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Today, I’m reviewing the Quntis 12-Star Christmas Curtain Lights, giving my honest opinion, including the pros and cons of the product.

If you want to go ahead and find the curtain lights on Amazon Canada, you can do that now.

Review Quntis 12 Star Christmas Lights
Review Quntis 12 Star Christmas Lights

New Outdoor Lighting For The Holidays

Decorating the outside of a home is the same as the inside, as it’s a reflection of the owners.

We tend to go for one lighting color, either warm white or bright white lighting.

Neighbors always enjoy looking at our lights as they stroll down our street.

Recently, I purchased new Quintis outdoor lighting after having the opportunity to review the product last year.

Our old lights were removed since we have new eavestroughs, soffits, and fascia installed on our house this summer.

I looked at them, and they seemed battered by the elements as I kept them out year-round.

Yes, I’m lazy and don’t take them down as they are a pet peeve of mine, kind of like hangers.

Since I used the Quntis fairy lights around our extra-large wreath last year, I knew I wanted to use them for the house.

So, the outside of the house has all new lighting and the large wreath installed for 2023 Christmas.

Quntis 12-Star Curtain Lights

Then Quntis wanted me to review their new 12-star curtain lights, and I accepted.

When the lights arrived, I wasn’t sure where to hang them but decided on the front porch.

I only had one side of the porch to use, facing our neighbor’s house.

The LED lights were simple to hang and took me about 10 minutes, although it was daylight.

We had to wait a few hours until darkness to see what the lights looked like.

I tied the 12-star curtain lights into the timer for our ground lights so they come on simultaneously.

A magical moment they happened when the lights triggered, almost like a Griswold’s Christmas.

It’s not bad, but it was magical because the 12-Star hanging lights looked fabulous.

They turn, twinkle, light the porch’s side, and walk into the back garden.

Since our kitchen is at the front of the house, we have a large picture window to view them from while eating dinner.

We decided to purchase a set to hang in our bedroom overlooking the front of the house.

It’s a large square window with a half-moon over the garage, and the 12-star curtain light will finish the outdoor look.

What You Get

Quntis 138 LEDs 12 Star Curtain Lights, Connectable 6.6ft Christmas Curtain Lights with 8 Flashing Mode, Led Curtain Lights for Indoor Outdoor Bedroom Window Diwali Christmas Decorations, Warm White.

Go For LED Lighting

What does LED stand for?

LED stands for a light-emitting diode. LED lighting products produce light up to 90% more efficiently than incandescent light bulbs.

More Information About The Quntis 12-Star Curtain Lights

The connectable LED curtain Lights are 6.5ft curtain string lights long enough for a wedding, Christmas, or a party.

Do not worry; you can connect the strands in our series with our end-to-end connection.

Thus, a 13ft, 26ft, or 52ft LED string light chain is possible, making you decorate according to your needs.

Most importantly, the brightness of the fairy lights does not change even though you connect multiple strands.

Flashing Modes and Memory Function

Quntis curtain fairy light features eight flashing modes ( In waves, Sequential, Slo-Glo, Chasing/Flash, Slow fade, Twinkle/flash, and Steady on.)

The memory function can keep the previous light mode when the next turn is on.


Waterproof Lighting

Being waterproof is very important, especially if you plan to decorate the outside of the home as we did.

Ip44 star curtain lights are ideal for indoor or outdoor Christmas decorations, like bedrooms, walls, windows, trees, and weddings.

Besides, 30V low voltage is safe to touch, even for kids and pets.

We have two cats who meddle in everything, which is important to us.

If you have little children, these indoor string lights would be your preference. (NOTE: The plug of this bedroom indoor lights is not waterproof; you need to do some protection).

Overall Pros and Cons- Quntis Christmas Curtain Lights



  • 30V low voltage is safe to touch, even for kids and pets
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to hang indoors and outdoors
  • Affordable price
  • The curtain lights have various uses, not just for Christmas
  • Ability to connect lighting to other Quntis lights
  • Various modes to change the view of the curtain lights
  • Excellent customer service if there are any problems


  • It’s not a con, but be careful where you hang them if outdoors due to the wind. You may find the stars hitting the window, which can annoy most people.

Get yourself the Quntis 12-Star Chrismas Lights from Amazon Canada.


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