A Savings Strategy For Sticker Shock: Free Grocery Savings Budget Binder

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Save money on groceries with my Free Grocery Savings Budget Binder! Learn more about Canada’s Food Price Report 2024 to relieve sticker shock.

Whether you are a single shopper or a family, my Grocery Savings Budget Binder is for the frugal-minded consumer.

Food prices for an average family of four are expected to be over $16,000 in 2024, with an increase of just over $700 from last year.

According to an article from Dalhousie University about the Canada Food Prices Report 2024, this information states we will finally see lower prices.

Will that be enough for Canadians to buy enough food for a balanced diet?

With reports of food increases of 2.5% to 4.5% in 2024, grocery prices are one of the top concerns for Canadians.

The most significant increases range from 5% to 7% in the categories of bakery, meat and vegetables.

Canada Food Prices Report 2024

Read Canada’s Food Price Report 2024 downloadable pdf. for more data and information.

Food banks and community centres have seen an overflow of visitors and continue to struggle to keep up with demand.

Find out how to battle food price increases and track your way to grocery savings for the year.

Comparison Of Average Retail Price – Grocery Food Items

There’s not much we can do regarding shrinkflation on our favorite products apart from changing brands.

As you can see from the chart below, the average price of everyday foods in Canada, apart from chicken, has increased throughout 2023.

We found apples in season very expensive and even dearer when we visited the orchard.

Everyone knows that butter is made of gold these days, and seeing price tags upwards of $9.99lb is not unusual.

Monthly Average Retail Prices For Selected Food Products according to Stats Canada.

Consumer Price Index 2023 Food In Canada
Consumer Price Index 2023 Food In Canada

Stay Informed As A Canadian Consumer

Find out how we save money buying meat in Canada to help ease your grocery budget.

Although there are many methods for saving money on groceries, once you learn how to stack the coupons, deals, discounts, and rewards, you’ll save more.

The more free programs, apps, and coupon pages you sign up for, the better your chances are of getting the most savings.

We even save money buying dairy products in Canada as they dramatically increase prices.

Everything from milk, yogurt, butter, eggs, cottage cheese, sour cream, and many others are often available for less.

I can’t stress how important it is to stay informed and learn everything you can about grocery shopping in Canada.


  • Average prices should not be used to calculate the price change, as they are not comparable over time. Product rotation, quality and quantity changes, and shifting consumer preferences can affect price differences between months. Users should also use caution when comparing average prices across different provinces because of variations in brands, quality, and size among geographic areas.
  • Average retail prices are available by province in table 18-10-0245-01.
  • The Methodological Supplement for the Monthly Average Retail Prices Table provides more information on collecting and interpreting these data.

Source: Table 18-10-0245-01

Free Printable Grocery Savings Budget Binder

Grocery Savings Budget Binder
Grocery Savings Budget Binder Printables

Download the cover photo for your Grocery Savings Budget Binder.

Grocery Savings Budget Binder Cover Page Printable

I would love a photo of your finished grocery budget binder, so please email me.

Take Advantage Of Canadian Grocery Savings Programs

Although I update coupon websites often I don’t always find them all so if you know of any that should be on this list, please email me.

Nielsen HomeScan Canada- Scan Your Groceries

The NielsenIQ Homescan grocery shopping program is open in both French and English.

The Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel comprises thousands of households nationwide that have chosen to have their say and make a difference while earning great rewards.

By scanning the barcodes on purchases and completing opinion surveys, Homescan® panelists make their opinions count in the Canadian marketplace by influencing product manufacturers and retailers.

Being a member of Nielsen Homescan brings many rewards, and you must scan your shopping with a handheld device for free.

You can read my full review of Nielsen Homescan Canada.


Download Caddle to start saving money with cashback rebates on everyday grocery essentials, dining out at your favorite restaurants, shopping online and in-store, and more!

Plus, make money by answering paid surveys, watching ads, writing reviews & engaging with brands.

Caddle is a FREE and SECURE data insights platform that helps you earn rewards (and real cashback) by answering surveys, watching ads, writing reviews, and engaging with brands you know and love!

But that’s not all – you can earn valuable rebates from your favorite brands simply by uploading your receipts after your purchase.

FlashFood App Canada

Flashfood app Canada – Save 50% off food products close to expiry from participating Loblaws Stores such as RCSS, Zehrs, Dominion, and Loblaws.

Please use my referral code, MOCD28ZN4, for a $3 credit.

We use another fantastic app to get cheap groceries worth signing up for.

You see what your local stores have reduced and purchase it from the app, pay, and pick it up.

It’s super easy to do, and the savings are worth it.

We’ve picked up steaks, chicken, ham, cheese, luncheon meats, milk, and vegetable boxes for only FIVE dollars.

Read my full Flashfood Review here.

Receipt Hog

Load your grocery receipts and earn cash back with Receipt Hog!

Cash Back from Receipt Hog is an excellent way to supplement your income.

You can read my full Receipt Hog review here

First, sign up for Receipt Hog. As a bonus, use my code truh799 (Code), and I get 250 coins, and you get 5 Hog Slot Spins with the first receipt you submit.

Flipp App

Flipp App – Free! Compare prices at grocery stores with the Flipp app and more.

The Flipp app is a digital platform that puts local flyers and coupons in one place to access discounts and deals.

Grocery Coupons and Savings In Canada

Where to Find the Best Coupons in Canada is one of my most popular blog posts for grocery savings.

It’s Not Easy, But Saving Is Better Than Going Hungry

Anyone in a position where money was non-existent or low, relying on food banks or community services, will tell you they’d do anything to save so they could fill their bellies.

The savings may seem small, but they add up in the end, and then you can put that money to work elsewhere.

These programs and coupons are not for everyone because many Canadians shun them and feel their time is not worth the savings.

We’ve never been ashamed to save money because I’m no frugal fool.

Best of luck on your grocery budget binder journey!!

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