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I can’t believe it’s 2021 which means we’re starting another year of conquering debt.

If you’re new here let me introduce myself and welcome you to the Canadian Budget Binder community.

Canadian Budget Binder (CBB) one of the top Personal Finance Blogs in Canada written exclusively by me, Mr. CBB.

My name is MO, but Mr. CBB has been my name since I started this blog in 2012.

I’ve been having lots of fun at CBB since my humble beginnings by understanding the importance of financial education for families all over the world.

I honestly never thought anyone wanted to follow our debt story, but here we are in 2021, and thousands of readers worldwide visit every day.

Day after day I read comments by CBB followers on the blog and social media. I take the good with the bad and respond to them as much as possible.

I learn so much from everyone and have been touched on so many levels by the gratitude of those who have succeeded in even the smallest ways.

We went from over $600,000 in debt to debt-free including our mortgage in just 5 years.

This may seem impressive but it came with lots of hard work, failures, and of course, success using strategies I will share on the blog.

Throughout CBB I will explain to you exactly how we conquered debt and offer you the same finance tools we use for FREE.

All you have to do is subscribe to Canadian Budget Binder and it’s all yours without having to spend a dollar.

I don’t want your money. That’s right, I don’t want your money just your attention so you too can become debt-free.

The first thing to do is Subscribe to Canadian Budget Binder because there are thousands of money-saving articles to get you on your way.

Trust me it will be worth the read and although not every blog post will resonate with your situation.

I hope that you will take something important from every blog post I publish and apply it to areas of your life that you feel may help.

The key to getting on track with your finances is to challenge yourself with a plan and monthly budget. 

Get rid of debt and you’ll see what we’re doing on the other side of this computer screen.

No lottery wins, no inheritance money just elbow grease and frugal living using a budget.

At CBB we’ve got you covered and best of all I have an open door policy. Feel free to contact me using the contact form on the blog.

What I can’t do is offer you financial advice which is why I suggest talking with your bank, financial advisor, or someone in the position to give you legal advice.

Who is Mr.CBB?

sexy man on phone

I’m Mr.CBB a Geeky British guy who shares his inspirations with the Canadian Budget Binder community.

I’m a real person who lives in the Greater Toronto Area who is also a husband and a dad to a spunky 6-year-old boy.

I work full-time but don’t disclose my employment due to the nature of my position.

Since I post our actual budget and Net Worth I choose to stay anonymous.

As mentioned above I’m from the UK and a permanent resident in Canada and love my life here in Ontario.

I bought my first house at the age of 21 then my second at the age of 24 and have continuously been interested in personal finance ever since.

I’ve always been fascinated with learning how to make money and watch it grow while combating any debts along the way.

In essence, I didn’t want to suffer in a pile of debt so I was always trying to be ahead of the game.

Yes, we have had debt, yes my wife had an OSAP and a car loan that put our savings on hold while paying them off.

There was also a point in my wife’s life where she received welfare up until she could find a job after graduation.

Now she understands the need for the government social assistance system that helps so many families in Canada.

Without welfare, she would have been on the streets but with that opportunity, she was able to secure not 1 but 3 jobs in a matter of months.

We also know what it’s like to start our lives as newlyweds whilst learning to live a new life in a new country.

Along the way, we had a son in which we had to tie into our hectic schedule but we love being parents.

Recently, we’ve been going through the process to see if he is on the Autism spectrum. It’s been a journey the past two years and I’m just starting to talk about it on the blog in 2021.

Life is NEVER boring when you have children but they are certainly a blessing.

Our Journey To Debt Freedom

We saved our money from a young age and went on to have part-time and full-time jobs leading into our College and University years.

However, we were fortunate to grow up in families who taught us the value of money and to save for what we wanted.

Our parents were far from rich and worked two jobs just to make ends meet.

Mrs. CBB’s family took financial risks which didn’t end well but in the end, amassed enough money for retirement.

My parents are pretty much retired and have enough money to allow them to spend their golden years travelling as they had imagined.

We bring to CBB values from both sides of the financial coin, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

It was important for us to learn from our experiences rather than to be bailed out but that didn’t stop me from needing a loan from my mum and dad when I was 29.

We both feel teaching children about money at a young age is critical to their future.

After we were married we continued to save so we would have enough money to pay for a decent down-payment on our Canadian home.

We didn’t want to be house-poor getting the giant mortgage that the bank said we could get.

Over time we continued looking for the right house to call our first home and one that didn’t break the budget. This allowed us to use just one income for all household expenses.

Luckily, we were able to put 32% of our mortgage as a down payment, pay off 2 newer vehicles, and our education by leading a frugal yet sensible lifestyle.

Back in 2018 I was able to buy a demo $90,000 Dodge Ram truck which I negotiated to $47,000 and paid cash for.

It was the best feeling ever to buy something newish for almost 50% off the retail price (MSRP).

Although we both went back to school in our 30’s it has taken us time to build our careers and increase our salary.

In the process, we continued to live our frugal lifestyle and likely will forever because that has been the star of our path.

There are things that you save on and things you splurge on but planning is the number one way to go.

Nothing was handed to us, we worked hard even if that meant starting over while our friends were already having kids and living in their dream homes with bolstering careers.

Our biggest kick-start to our debt pay-off journey was using a Budget!

With our budget success came the frugal living personal finance story of Canadian Budget Binder.

If you don’t think that a budget is right for you, you probably are reading the wrong type of blog.

I’ll also tell you just how much we spent and how much we earned every month in our monthly budget and net worth update post.

Without a doubt, I can truthfully say that it is possible to pay off debt, save and invest money to become debt-free in Canada.

Just remember that every situation is different.

Debt Free Before 40

As of June 2014, we became mortgage and debt-free under the age of 40 just five years after purchasing our home.

In the midst of this, we decided to have a baby and are now parents to a very busy boy who has kept us on our toes.

Although we had the money in 2013 to pay off the mortgage we were waiting for the exchange rate in the UK to work in our favour before moving our money over.

We caught that in the nick of time thankfully not losing too much money.

Since achieving debt freedom we’ve been investing aggressively in our retirement savings, renovating, and going on holidays so far to Spain, the UK, Iceland, and hopefully across Canada soon.

In my spare time, I enjoy

  • photography
  • reading Finance blogs, books, and news articles
  • road trips
  • politics
  • renovation projects
  • gardening
  • cooking (you can find all my recipes in the free recipe index)
  • nature
  • outdoors
  • hiking
  • soccer
  • running
  • hanging out with friends and family.

Life hasn’t been easy but it also hasn’t been as difficult as it could have been if we hadn’t been determined to live a frugal life to be comfortable on our path.

Balance is how we were able to get over the bumps in the road especially when friends were buying big houses, boats and enjoying the finer things in life.

Don’t get distracted by that.

I’m here to tell you how and what we did to get where we are in hopes of inspiring others to make a change and share their voice like I am today.

Get FREE Money Saving Tools

As mentioned above, since 2012 I’ve been creating our family budget binder and an array of other valuable resources that have helped us continue to save money and stay organized on our journey.

I’ve always offered my work free of charge to all Canadian Budget Binder subscribers and I hope you take advantage of it just as thousands of other readers have with great success.

What is Canadian Budget Binder About?

Canadian Budget Binder (CBB) is MORE than one of those boring finance blogs that talk money all the time.

CBB is a virtual binder filled with life topics surrounding personal finance and everything in between.

If it has to do with money, we talk about it at CBB which means we talk about food, relationships, parenting, investing, mortgages, real estate, and how to make and fix stuff too.

I believe that anyone can use a budget and should if they want to get on track with their personal finances.

Often that means being handy or continuing to educate yourself about the stuff that’s going to cost you money.

For example, just because we are debt-free doesn’t mean I stop learning about how to save more money.

Finance is an ongoing process that will end when we’re gone and buried but what we leave behind is a legacy.

A legacy that we hope will continue so our future family will not have to worry about money.

Easier said than done which is why it’s always best to look after yourself and your family first.

Budgeting from A to Z on CBB

Every category in a budget represents a part of our lives so we talk about each of these categories.

As CBB continues to grow we expand topics that Canadians want to learn about as well as things that have been introduced to our lives.

Since 2012, I have hosted the popular Canadian Grocery Game Challenge which has seen many fans lower their amazing grocery budget.

The challenge ended in 2019 but you can read over 300 Canadian grocery blog posts in my Ultimate Grocery Shopping Guide.

This is your chance to take control of your spending and we’re here to help by sharing our journey to wealth and wisdom.

Check out how one couple Jen and Ken changed their life by using my budget and so can you!

If you are motivated to get out of debt and get on track financially anything is possible.

If you still don’t think it’s possible to save money and pay down debt another fan went from spending $1100 a month on groceries to $600 a month in 6 months or Tony who paid off $100,000 of debt by spending less than he earned and paid off his families debt.

Don’t give up hope!

Working together to build a place that is safe to be you is what CBB is about.

That is what sets us apart from all the rest. We care, we listen and we want to share your voice.

We don’t criticize we try to LEARN from everyone’s life experiences.

That’s CBB and we’re glad that you decided to subscribe and hang out with us.

We’ve all made mistakes in our lives and continue to make them even though we try to make positive changes.

You can fail here, but we are here to help pick each other up so you can work towards reaching your goals.

Inside Canadian Budget Binder You Will Find…

This is a highlight of what you will find when you open Canadian Budget Binder and turn the pages;

My 10 Step Budgeting Series detailing how we designed our budget and how you too can use a budget.

Who is Canadian Budget Binder for?

Canadian Budget Binder is for fans of all ages from all over the world who WANT to learn about Personal Finance and living a frugal life.

Personal finance is such a broad topic so it’s nice to get the perspective of different age groups who have different life experiences.

So, please won’t you join me here and share your voice!

Let us learn from each other’s experiences so we can all make money work for us and not against us.

Introduce Yourself CBB Friends

Don’t be shy, I’ve introduced the CBB family so go ahead and introduce who you are.

Tell us  where you are visiting CBB from in the comments below and what brought you here. 



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