5 CHEAP And EASY Halloween Crafts Kids Can Make At Home : The Saturday Weekend Review #265

CREATE MEMORIES WITH EASY HALLOWEEN CRAFTS   Walking past our house you will notice our porch and walk-way are decorated with homemade easy Halloween crafts that we make as a family along with a few pre-made spooky signs that we pick up at second-hand shops or the Dollar store. We are huge into Halloween decorating as it’s fun for our son and we love to spruce up the front of the house for a bit of excitement, even if for a day. Typically we start decorating for Halloween after Thanksgiving Day because there’s something about the crisp breeze, rain and leaves falling that says, it’s time. Purchasing our Halloween decor was an all-year round adventure as is any other holiday as we tend to find the best deals off-season. Before our son came around we would decorate the house for Halloween but nothing like we do today and the kids love it. We don’t offer the scariest house on the street but certainly unique as it’s an art-fest from start to finish. This year we are making all of the crafts that I searched on Pinterest and shared with you below and will be hanging them all over the front […]

How To Break The Debt Cycle Once And For All

WOULDN’T IT BE NICE TO  WORRY LESS ABOUT MONEY?   Yesterday we make a trip to the Dollar Store to pick up some bits for an educational project I’m working on for our son. Outside on a bench sat a homeless man in his 30’s, scruffy looking but alert. He looked up at my wife as we walked by and asked if she had any spare change. She did and she smiled and without passing judgement or any hesitation handed him two Toonies. He smiled, thanked her and we went on our way. You obviously can’t do that for everyone but once in a while if you’ve got some spare change it may make a difference. Just behind us was another lady who he only looked up at when she was walking in. Her response, “No, get a job a$$hole and stop being lazy” and Mrs. CBB nearly hit the floor. She turned around and just stared into the woman’s eyes and walked away as you can’t fix stupid. The entire time we walked around the shop Mrs. CBB was thinking about him and decided to buy him a bag of chips and a bottle of pop. When we went […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Dark Side Of Grocery Store Shoplifting : The GGC 2018 #3 Oct 15-21

YOU CAN’T FIGHT IT BUT YOU CAN PREVENT IT   From self-check out shoplifting, retail shoplifting to grocery store shoplifting it’s a big business that costs Canadians big bucks because it’s coming out of your pockets. That’s right you pay the price as a consumer because when the store loses so does the paying customers. Today I want to specifically focus on grocery store shoplifting during operating hours because it happens far more than you think. You might ask yourself why on earth would anyone want to shoplift at the grocery store? Many reasons which I will discuss below but the main reason is money. Often it’s just not one person who is involved with grocery store shoplifting it can be an organized family event so there is much to be aware of but if you’re just there to shop you may never see a thing. You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, everyone has seen opened packages just laying around shelves, on the floor or tossed in a bunker and the product missing. Where do you think that product went? Out the door or into someone’s belly that’s where. You might have heard that the best place to be a […]

THE BEST Low-Carb Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars (Almond Flour Crust) Sugar-Free

NOT JUST ANY KETO PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE THE BEST PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE BARS AROUND   Pumpkin cheesecake bars anyone? You won’t even know that it’s low-carb, sugar-free, gluten-free and very easy to make at home. The best part about this recipe is that you can turn it into a pumpkin cheesecake pie or a round cheesecake as it’s versatile and because sometimes I feel like slice of pie instead of a bar. The secret ingredient in this recipe is LOVE, haha no it’s the full-fat sour-cream which adds that moisture and tangy flavour that you want in a pumpkin pie. You will also find the very thin almond flour crust has a slight almond extract flavour which we adore but is optional.   Bake Keto at Home   I’ve read so many comments on social media from low-carb, keto foodies that they would rather buy their foods then make them. Honestly, it’ s dead easy to do and you will save yourself LOADS of money. Anything that says gluten-free, low-carb, keto and sugar-free will add a chunk to your grocery budget so don’t fear the kitchen. Any food blogger who doesn’t post at least one or two pumpkin recipes in the Fall […]

Bank Error Cost Us BIG NSF Charges- Don’t make this mistake!

SOMETIMES YOU JUST HAVE TO ACCEPT YOUR SLIP-UP WITH A SMILE   A bank error and oversight can happen to anyone and if it hasn’t happened to you the consequences can be a devastating financial blow. Imagine the sun is shining, you’re enjoying your first cup of coffee for the day and all seems to be going well. Then you sign into your banking app only to see a negative number flash before your eyes when you know you have money in the bank. How could this be? What is going on? The questions start rolling through your head like thunder and a take-charge attitude ensues. You might be the best of the best when it comes to your finances but even the pros make mistakes and so do the banks as we recently learned from a simple bank error and oversight on our part. This mistake almost cost us near $200 in Non-sufficient fund fees which at the time was a huge blow to our perfect score of never paying a lick of interest to a credit card company let alone being hit with bouncing funds. Before I get into the story I want to let all of you […]

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