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We paid off our mortgage in 5 years and bought a 2017 Demo Truck with cash. 

It was a financial challenge that we took on just to get rid of the debt.

All of our money is earned and nothing has ever been given to us. 

Our home isn’t massive but we would like one with a bit more property. 

Life being debt-free is awesome and I want you to experience this or at least reduce and limit our debt.

You’ll love our Keto and Non-Keto recipes at the Free Recipe Depot

You’ll love our frugal family-oriented approach to smart finance and debt reduction.

I go by Mr.CBB since I post our actual monthly budget and Net Worth Updates so I choose to stay anonymous.

Since becoming debt-free in 2014 our lives have changed and we want all of you to know how we did it.

Canadian Budget Binder is 9 years old this January 2021. 

So much has changed in our lives and perhaps yours.

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Killing Debt As Parents

We are a small family of three that live in the Greater Toronto Area.

While reducing our debt, we had a baby which put a wrench in our plans, but not for long.

As parents to a busy 6-year-old boy we educate him about money so he grows up understanding the importance of personal finance.

Becoming debt-free and mortgage-free has changed our lives and it can change yours too.

On CBB I share every step of the way how we conquered our debt including the bad times.

I hope CBB motivates you to start your journey from DEBT to DEBT FREEDOM.

CBB presents readers with straight to the point simple budgeting and finance tips including personal experiences from our home to yours.

Enjoy your stay and if you need me, get in touch.

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