Canadian Grocery Savings Guide

This Ultimate Grocery Shopping Guide has taken me seven years to write for all of my awesome frugal readers, that’s you! 

It’s jam-packed with over 300 blog posts packed with tips and tricks to help keep your grocery budget balanced

The first thing you should do before you grocery shop is finding out how much you can afford by understanding how much your grocery budget should be.

Once you figure your grocery budget out or even if you haven’t quite yet followed the steps below and be on your way to savings like no other.

To begin your Savings Journey I’m offering you our Free Budget to help you find that answer.

And that’s NOT ALL…there’s even more FREE where that came from.


Our Free Money Saving Downloads are awesome lists that were created to get us on track to work towards reaching our budgeting goals and now we are sharing them with you.

Good Luck on your Budgeting Journey and if you have any questions you know where to find me.


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In my Budget Binder downloads list you will find…. budgets and printable lists that you can use.

Get organized with a FREE freezer inventory, meal plan, shopping list, price comparison list and much more all for FREE.

CLICK HERE to download all of the free lists and even our family budget spreadsheet for FREE. You can also download the Canadian Budget Binder Budget Spreadsheet in Excel. It’s FREE!

The ultimate grocery shopping guide


Below is everything you need to know about saving money at the grocery store, grocery shopping and more in Canada.

If you know a topic that should be discussed and hasn’t been please email me I’d love to hear about it.

  1. Let Your Coupons Expire And Save Money
  2. Welfare Food Challenge $26 Per Week In The Grocery Budget
  3. What A No-Shop Week Really Means
  4. Should You Buy It Now Or Buy It Later?
  5. Stock Up On Items When You Can
  6. The Cost Of Organic Food
  7. What is a Rain Check?
  8. What Foods You Should Not Eat and Organic Gardening
  9. Knowing Your Prices Is The Key To Saving Money In The Grocery Budget
  10. Scanning Code of Practice In Canada (SCOP)
  11. How To Start Saving Money On Groceries In Canada?
  12. How Much Should My Grocery Budget Be?
  13. Top Ten Ways To Cut Your Grocery Budget
  14. Meal Planning For The Budget
  15. The Grocery Game Challenge and Our Grocery Budget
  16. Grocery Budget Saving Tips
  17. Food Shopping On A Budget
  18. How To Grocery Shop
  19. Grocery Store Self-Scanners
  20. Food and Vegetable Preparation
  21. Best Time To Grocery Shop
  22. Organic Food Costs
  23. Why Shopping Hungry Is Not A Smart Idea
  24. Are We Eating Too Much Food?
  25. Discount Days and Rewards Programs
  26. Getting Back On Track With Food Budgeting
  27. Why You Should Ignore Your Grocery Flyers
  28. The Low-GI Diet and Your Budget
  29. How To Track Grocery Expenses
  30. Comparing Prices With a Price Comparison List
  31. Why Too Much Salt Is Not Good For Us
  32. Shopping More Than Once Per Week
  33. Food Samples When Shopping
  34. Food Waste In Canada
  35. Go on vacation and save on groceries
  36. Grocery Store Activities For Kids
  37. Buying When There Is A Limit
  38. How do you like your bread?
  39. Holiday Baking On A Budget
  40. International Grocery Store Shopping
  41. Back To Basics More For Less
  42. How often do you shop for groceries?
  43. How not to miss in-store or unadvertised sales
  44. Who does the grocery shopping in your house?
  45. Does a product name entice you to buy?
  46. Are you supermarket loyal?
  47. Supermarket abuse that costs money.
  48. Pet Peeves at the grocery store
  49. When you see someone stealing food at the grocery store
  50. Do expiration dates on food products matter to you?
  51. How a sale flyer can be confusing
  52. Do you stockpile food before a snow storm?
  53. Are you a helpful grocery shopper?
  54. Why you should always look at a new product display
  55. Is one cent a grocery price savings?
  56. What if the customer ahead of you was short cash?
  57. Do full-price items make it into your grocery cart?
  58. Do you blow your grocery budget if you rush?
  59. Why some people hate the grocery store
  60. Product pricing less than the manufactures price
  61. Would you go back if you forgot your groceries?
  62. Do you engage in random chat at the grocery store?
  63. How a cooking skillet caused a customer to argue
  64. Why some people hate the grocery store
  65. Do food prices tempt you to buy the product?
  66. Does your meal plan include a new recipe each week?
  67. Product strategy change may equal grocery savings.
  68. Should you can the canned goods?
  69. Should grocery stores bother having a garden centre?
  70. Do you buy magazines at the check-out?
  71. How to chop everyday food costs without coupons
  72. Do you only buy groceries on sale?
  73. Milk in a bag or jug which do you prefer
  74. Do summer foods cost you more money?
  75. Do you spend more or less when grocery shopping alone?
  76. Free product coupons and promo codes that expire before the product
  77. Why a root cellar is beneficial for stockpiling
  78. How going vegan affected our budget
  79. How quick meals can be a lifesaver for new parents
  80. Why do snacks tempt our budget while waiting in the grocery line
  81. Should your grocery budget increase with shrinking product
  82. Would you shop at a 24-hour grocery store?
  83. Tryvertising a new way to get free groceries
  84. Protect your wallet from the pickpocket at the grocery store
  85. How quick meals can be a lifesaver for new parents
  86. Should you really shop at a bulk food store?
  87. Why you should always get a product price check
  88. Budget-Friendly Easy Dinner Ideas
  89. The 5 most important shopping features in a store
  90. How we plan to spend $100 a month on groceries
  91. How we eat healthy on a tight budget
  92. Buying cheap food at the dollar store shouldn’t be your only option
  93. How to grocery shop like a professional personal shopper
  94. Types of food bank donations and ways to save
  95. How we eat healthy on a tight budget
  96. A beginners guide to a Grocery Price Book
  97. Do you track money back from points cards as part of your grocery budget?
  98. Now Accepting Applications for Scanners>>>Nielsen Homescan Canada: Shop, Save and Get Rewarded!
  99. Product reviews for coupons to save you money in your grocery budget
  100. Join The Grocery Game Challenge 2015
  101. Why having a Stockpile Budget will help you save money
  102. How to select fresh food at the supermarket
  103. How to control pantry pests in your kitchen
  104. A complete list of all the foods we freeze to save time and money
  105. How to keep an organized pantry
  106. How to create a healthy grocery list
  107. How to grocery shop for free
  108. How to grocery shop to create cheap recipes
  109. How the Food Network helps us save money
  110. How monthly grocery shopping can help you budget
  111. The Paleo Diet: Can you afford to eat like this?
  112. Family dinner ideas that won’t chop your budget
  113. How to find love at the grocery store?
  114. How to save money when buying meat
  115. How to save money on fresh produce: Fruits and Vegetables
  116. Ultimate Grocery List and Tips for the Single Shopper
  117. 25 Healthy Snacks to Stock in your Kitchen
  118. How to Grocery Shop 7 Days a Week and Save Money
  119. Top 5 Reasons Your Food Bill is Expensive
  120. When to use Negotiation Strategies at the Grocery Store
  121. How to Budget Groceries for visiting Out of Town Guests
  122. How to Live on a Raw Food Diet
  123. Is Price Just An Excuse For Buying Junk Food?
  124. Top 5 Reasons A Food Budget Is Financially Smart
  125. 5 Healthy Office Snacks You Should Stock For Cravings
  126. How to send your husband to the supermarket successfully
  127. 5 Ways to Check Out Faster at The Grocery Store
  128. 5 Ways Product Placement Entices You To Spend More At The Grocery Store
  129. How to take a Baby Grocery Shopping Successfully
  130. How to Avoid Paying Full Retail Price at the Grocery Store
  131. 11 Ways To Feed Your Family When You Have Little To No Money
  132. 10 Food Products worth Buying to Save Time and Money in the Kitchen
  133. 9 Ways to DIY Fast Food to Save Money on Everyday Conveniences
  134. Top 5 Grocery Shopping Methods Revealed
  135. When Your Food Budget is Out of Control You Should Do This!
  136. Is Being a Grocery Clerk a Bad Job?
  137. Click and Collect Online Grocery Shopping Is Here
  138. 4 Ways a New Diet May Impact Your Budget
  139. Top 5 Christmas Ingredients To Stock Up On Now
  140. 10 Family Breakfast ideas that are Budget-Friendly
  141. 3 Ways you can have a Food Shopping List with Variety and still Save Money
  142. 7 Expensive Grocery Shopping Habits You Should Stop
  143. If you’re running out of Grocery Money, Try This!
  144. How we Downsized our Food Costs by 41% to fit our Budget
  145. How to host a casual Budget-Friendly Dinner Party
  146. 15 Easy Lunch Sandwiches for under $2 each
  147. 5 Ways Price Matching Can Significantly Lower your Grocery Budget This Year! – Policies included.
  148. How to Survive Food Cost Increases
  149. How to Investigate whether a Sale Price is Worth Your Money
  150. How to Calculate your Monthly Grocery Costs
  151. Big City Savings Tips to Survive Grocery Shopping
  152. 5 Ways to Slash Binge Shopping From your Budget
  153. Should You Buy Into the Costco Membership Consumer Hype?
  154. 10 Smart Ways To Trim Daily Expenses on Travel Food
  155. 8 Gross Things That Turn People Off Your Food
  156. Inexpensive Meals- How To Stretch Your Food Budget
  157. How to Enjoy Gourmet Food On A Tight Budget
  158. The Best Canadian Grocery Stores To Shop At
  159. Must-Have Kitchen Tools For the Home Chef On A Budget
  160. A Smart Shopper Guide To Prepare For The Grocery Store
  161. The Most Annoying Situations When Buying Groceries
  162. How Customer Feedback Will Make You Richer
  163. Strange Things People Do At The Grocery Store To Save Money
  164. 7 Secrets Of The Grocery Shopping Deal Sniffer
  165. 10 Affordable Meatless Meals To Help Shrink Your Grocery Budget
  166. How We Deal With Rude People At The Grocery Store
  167. How to Chop Your Grocery Bills In Half
  168. How to Train Your Spouse To Be a Clever Clogs Food Shopper
  169. How Cooking Classes Can Save You Big Bucks
  170. How to Include Fresh Produce In Your Diet When Prices Are High
  171. Why You Must Say YES To Your Grocery Receipt
  172. Why Free Food Offers are Attractive Temptations
  173. Picnic Food Ideas For A Frugal Summer Of Good Eats
  174. Summer Party Drinks Your Budget Can Handle
  175. Costly Grocery Store Distractions You Should Avoid
  176. Supermarket Confrontation And How To Avoid It
  177. What Every Grocery Store Clerk Wants Customers To Know
  178. 30 Must-Have Student Pantry Staples
  179. 5 Ways To Spend Less Time Grocery Shopping And More Time Saving Money
  180. 10 Food Staples To Buy When You’re Broke
  181. Critical Pointers To Slash Your Costly Eating Habits
  182. How To Buy Groceries When You Live With A Roommate
  183. 5 Cheap Lunch Ideas To Get You Through The Week
  184. How To Hire The Right Caterer For Your Next Event
  185. 10 Champion Foods and Beverages To Consume When You Are Feeling Ill
  186. 12 Practical Ways To Afford Expensive Food For Less
  187. Celebrate Crocktoberfest With Cheap Crock-Pot Recipes
  188. 15 Valuable Grocery Store Services For Customer Retention
  189. 5 Supermarket Annoyances That Cost You More To Buy Groceries
  190. Overpriced Grocery Store Items You’re Wasting Money On
  191. 4 Costly Kitchen Distractions To Avoid When Cooking
  192. How I Grow My Edible Garden Right Inside My Kitchen
  193. The Ultimate Guide To Get Rid Of Kitchen Odours Quickly
  194. The Ultimate Guide To Finding Recipes for Free or Cheap
  195. Top 5 Christmas Cookies For The Budget Baker
  196. 4 Simple Shopping Improvements To Battle Price Increases
  197. Spot A Deal, Share A Deal, Get Rewards With Dealspotr
  198. How To Calculate And Track Only Your Food Expenses
  199. 15 Main Sources For Grocery Savings 2017 That You Should Know About
  200. How To Cost Control Your Food Budget In 2017
  201. How To Curb Fast Food Temptation After Grocery Shopping
  202. 15 Grocery Savings You Might Be Missing At The Pharmacy
  203. 25 Popular Hotel Food Ideas To Save You Money
  204. 7 Money Smart Shopping Trip Essentials You’ll Need
  205. 6 Grocery Budget Sacrifices Of A Frugal Shopper
  206. How to Spot Grocery Store Discounts
  207. 25 Foods We Stopped Buying To Strengthen Our Savings Power
  208. Our Weekly Menu Plan Based on $265
  209. Critical 6 Point Consumer Exit Groccery Store Check
  210. 4 Expensive Impulse Food Purchases You Should Dodge
  211. 10 Everyday Products You Should Sniff Before Buying
  212. 3 Grocery Games I Play With My Son While We Shopping
  213. Exclusive Easter Menu Ideas To Fit Your Budget
  214. How Much Should My Retirement Food Budget Be
  215. 12 Must-Try Spring Dinner Party Dishes On A Budget
  216. 5 Simple Grocery Saving Tips For The Busy Shopper
  217. How to Tell If Your Grocery Expenses Are Too High or Too Low
  218. Grocery Store Etiquette and How You Can Participate
  219. Luxury Food Products That Are Eating Into Your Food Budget
  220. The Ultimate Kitchen Renovation Meal Survival Guide
  221. The Ultimate Guide To Simple Kitchen Downsizing
  222. One Million Ways To Reduce Stress About Grocery Shopping
  223. How To Grow A Budget Garden From A Homestead Expert
  224. How To Dehydrate Vegetables To Cut Costs
  225. How I Turned Grocery Shopping Into A Daddy Day
  226. Pot-luck Etiquette for Hosts and Guests
  227. 6 Genius Grocery Sale Price Distractions
  228. How To Pick Food Storage Containers The Right Way
  229. The Ultimate Frugal Student Recipe Book
  230. 15 CopyCat Recipes You Can Make At Home
  231. 30 Keto Staples You Will Find In Our Kitchen
  232. The Ultimate Fall Pantry Essentials
  233. How Thieves Scam The Self-Checkout System
  234. How A Grocery Store Scammer Gets Away With It
  235. The Ultimate Guide For Buying Real Food
  236. 12 Delicious Inexpensive Childhood Recipes
  237. Easy Meal Prep Ideas We Use To Inspire Healthy Living
  238. Scan and Go New Grocery Store Convenience
  239. 20 Basic Baking Essentials To Power Up Your Kitchen
  240. Unhealthy Food Choices Are Silent Budget Killers
  241. 8 Frugal DIY Baking Christmas Gifts In A Jar
  242. How To Ask Your Cashier To Apply Scop
  243. The Ultimate Guide for Budget Christmas Desserts
  244. The Ultimate Guide for Economical Christmas Drinks
  245. Check-List To Bullet-Proof Your 2018 Grocery Budget
  246. 5 Must-Read Tips About Your Food Budget
  247. How To Create  A Master Food List To Slash Expenses
  248. Quick Tips For Buying Groceries Without A Vehicle
  249. 5 Low-Cost Tasty Recipes You Should Try At Home
  250. 4 Simple Ways To Cash In On Weekly Specials
  251. Why Do Grocery Stores Water Mist Their Fruits and Vegetables?
  252. 5 Dollar-Wise Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinners
  253. How To Create An Organized Monthly Grocery List
  254. 13 Food Items That Don’t Require Refrigeration
  255. First-Class Grocery Receipt Pricing Errors You May Be Missing
  256. Free Printable Checklist Of Spices For Your Kitchen
  257. The Most Expensive Canadian Grocery Stores
  258. Our Sunday Dinner Traditions with 6 Recipe Inspirations
  259. How To Handle Food Recalls In Canada
  260. How To Bring Affordable Organic Food To Your Kitchen Table
  261. The Best Ways To Monitor Grocery Spending With-in A Budget
  262. 6 Costly Baking Ingredients To Include In Your Flyer Watch List
  263. How To Successfully Return Food To The Grocery Store
  264. Valid Dissatisfied Customers Concerns At Canadian Grocery Stores
  265. 10 Best Foods To Buy In Bulk When On Sale
  266. The Ultimate Guide To Portion Sizes and Your Grocery Budget
  267. The Ultimate Guide To Making Vegetables More Appealing
  268. 12 Cold Supper Summer Recipes And Savings Tips
  269. Strawberry Picking Tips From The Entire Family
  270. 10 Foods and Drink to Pack For A Theme Park Visit
  271. Free Ways To Supplement Your Food Supply In Canada
  272. 6 Inexpensive Meals For Unexpected Dinner Guests
  273. Back To School Lunch Ideas (Nut-Free)
  274. Common Cooking Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid
  275. 24 Types Of Grocery Shoppers You Will Meet
  276. 20 Back To School Snacks For Every Budget
  277. 5 Costly Couples Grocery Shopping Mistakes To Avoid
  278. Ontario Fall Fruits And Vegetables For Your Budget Meal Plan
  279. Purchasing Weekly Groceries Offers The Best Customer Perks
  280. 5 Pointers To Find The Best Price On Food At The Grocery Store
  281. Freebies We Get From Our Favourite Canadian Grocery Store
  282. Top 15 Foods To Stock Up On In October and November
  283. The Dark Side of Grocery Store Shoplifting
  284. Low-Cost Ways To Eliminate Food Odours From Your House
  285. 5 Grocery Savings You Should Be Scooping Up
  286. Winter Months of Grocery Shopping Survival Guide
  287. The Best Way To Track Your Monthly Grocery Budget (Free Printable)
  288. Should You Include Toiletries In Your Grocery Budget?
  289. How We Earned 4 Million PC Optimum Points
  290. Top 10 Grocery Store Deals After The Christmas Holidays
  291. The Cheapest Canadian Grocery Stores to Shop At
  292. How To Create An Emergency Food Stockpile List (Free Printable included)

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