grocery game monthly challenge

The Best Ways To Monitor Grocery Spending With-In A Budget : The Grocery Game Challenge 2018 #2 May 7-13

STOP TRYING TO COMPLICATE SOMETHING SIMPLE AS YOUR GROCERY BUDGET AND WATCH HOW FAST YOU MAKE IMPROVEMENTS.   If you’re concerned about your grocery spending habits and wondering if they fall with-in your budget than there are a few things you can do to simplify the process. Not everyone has wiggle room in their grocery budget however if you find that you are consistently jumping to the other side of the budget then perhaps an increase is in order. CBB reader Paul sent me in a question which I feel is something that many people struggle with especially if they are trying to understand where their money is going. We recently did this for my mother-in-law who is a free shopper which means she goes into the grocery store unarmed. She buys whatever she fancies. It wasn’t until I tallied up how much she had spent over the course of 18 days did my mind spin. Her mini trips to the grocery store every day just to keep busy are costing her hundreds in petrol and she spends just as much as a family of 4. It’s amazing how fast the small stuff adds up when you have NO plan […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Ultimate Guide For Preparing Easy Camping Meals : The Grocery Game Challenge 2018 #1 Apr 30-May 6

CAMPING FOOD MADE SIMPLE AND AFFORDABLE   The meaning ‘going to camp‘ differs for everyone as soon as the season opens up. Enjoying the great outdoors is a passion for many people with or without a tent, camper van or cabin and little to no cooking appliances. What constitutes the ultimate camping food? Well, I had a chance to speak to seasoned campers which included my sister, in-laws and many CBB readers who jumped at the chance to share their camping food stories with me. I was amazed at what recipes people were willing to make on a campfire and just how important the BBQ really is when one is cooking away from home. Although some of you campers might have a microwave stashed away for many there is no room in the camping space for such kitchen tools. Roughing it in the woods and enjoying nature is what camping is all about, so I’ve been told. The most important camping tools for the rugged campers are cast iron everything, tin-foil and knowing how to start a camp-fire to cook your food. If you have a Dutch oven to use when you are camping it’s important to make sure that […]

Creamy Avocado Taco Dip Surprise (Keto)

THE BEST PART OF THIS PARTY DIP IS THE SURPRISE AT THE END Creamy avocado taco dip surprise probably has you wondering what on earth I’m talking about but trust me when I say the you will be happy to find out. This avocado taco dip is so easy to make and you’ll have it ready in minutes. Taco Dip with Avocado anyone? Yes Please!! This is more than your average taco dip…it’s the best dip you will ever make. Who doesn’t like to dip? I’m a dipper and by that I mean (not skinny dipper) I like sauces and dips especially when there is a huge tray of vegetables, crackers, nachos, pita chips and anything else that warrants dip on it. Seasonal flavours, ingredients and spices are important when eating as is colour and texture. With spring dancing on our shoulders and summer just around the corner it’s time to think new party recipes including appetizers to keep guests going until the BBQ gets fired-up. We all know that once the nice weather is upon us invites to parties, picnics, birthday’s and so on ramp up. This means that having some fun, fast, inexpensive recipes that you can whip […]

7 Gifts To Tip Housekeeping Staff While Vacationing

IT’S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS WHEN YOU WANT TO SAY THANK-YOU   That pretty swan made from bath towels and delicious mints are always welcomed after returning from the beach or touring your destination hot-spot. Personally the only thing I can craft from a towel is a ball before I throw it to the laundry bin. I find towel art to be soothing to the eyes as does a cold drink dressed with umbrellas or little snacks or not having to lift a finger doing everyday things such as cleaning. Related: How to make towel art – Check this out! What about the person who helps you with your luggage or the bartender who makes your special drink requests? All of these staff members are a team and keep a resort running and should be included in tipping when appropriate. Without high-traffic tourism many of these resorts would fall apart so keeping the customers happy is without a doubt the highest of priority.   Budget your holiday   If you use a budget spreadsheet like we do and like to go on vacation whether it be by airplane or land transportation including weekend road trips you almost always have a […]

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