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TOP 15 Foods To Stock Up On In October and November : The GGC 2018 #2 Oct 8-14

JUMP ON THESE GROCERY SAVINGS WHILE YOU CAN AND STOCK UP   Getting ahead of the holidays with your grocery budget means you have to stock up and plan so you’ve got all you need but at a fraction of the price. I’m not sure if you noticed (I’m sure you have) that any time a holiday or seasonal change is around the corner prices tend to jump sky-high or drop on certain products many of which you may need to cook or bake with. Have you ever said, I bought that (insert product here) for $2.99 last week and have 10 in stock now while the price jumps back up to $3.99 or even higher $5.99? We have and those are the moments we are happy that we took advantage of a sale so we can put that savings towards other foods that will help bulk out our savings for the season. Often what happens is for those of you who don’t plan it may mean having to do without or buying a similar product but not the one that you really wanted. Often products that aren’t on your radar may not taste the same which means you are […]

Four-Year-Old’s Perspective Of Giving Thanks For Thanksgiving : The Saturday Weekend Review #264

ALL IT TAKES IS THE WORDS OF A CHILD TO CHANGE EVERYTHING   Thanksgiving day is upon us and this year our little guy is starting to ask more questions than he ever has. “I’m thankful for my family”, was how our son responded when we asked him what he did in school today while we were walking home. As Mrs. CBB looked over at me we both knew that his JK teacher must have talked about Thanksgiving with the students and asked them each what they were thankful for. Thanksgiving words always enhance the way I feel but you know as well as I do that this should be an everyday thing, not just once a year. To say that we were both overwhelmed is an understatement from his response but what he said after really made us realize the impact we have on our son, “I love you everyday” and he grabbed our hands as we kicked leaves in the air and smiled. Then he ran off swinging his arms in the air and jumping around like all kids do. We asked him again later on that evening what he planned on giving thanks for this Thanksgiving and […]

How To Estimate and Plan Your Canadian Retirement Budget

ALL WE CAN CONTROL IN RETIREMENT ARE OUR SPENDING HABITS   We often over-estimate how much money we will need in our retirement years when we are healthy only because we have this bucket-list of things to do and want to make sure the money is available. The sad part is that not everyone will get to cross off places they want to visit or things they want to do because of the funds aren’t available, health decline or travel insurance is far too expensive. When my father-in-law passed away earlier this year my mother-in-law was left to pick up the pieces which in all honesty was a terrible mess. Shortly after she was deemed unable to care for many things on her own we had to step in and do her finances for her. This is how dementia starts to rob you of your independence, slowly even though we can look back and now see it has been happening for years. With no income coming in but a small Canada Pension Plan cheque which she managed to get early when she didn’t need it that’s really all the money she had coming in. Had she been in the right […]

grocery game monthly challenge

Freebies We Get From Our Favourite Canadian Grocery Store : The GGC 2018 #1 October 1-7

FREEBIES ARE A GREAT WAY TO ADD VALUE TO YOUR BUDGET, LOWER STRESS LEVELS AND INCREASE SMILES   We took the opportunity this week to explore what freebies we could find at Zehrs one of our favourite grocery stores so we could better understand what we may have been taking for granted or overlooking. Have you ever said, “Oh, I didn’t know you could get that for free?” and then smile. It happens to us all the time and most consumers who find value in freebies that relate to them feel the same way. Everyone has to eat which means making a trip to the grocery store so finding out you can get freebies where you shop is one of the best smiles of our day. Not everyone wants the frills that comes with a mid-priced grocery store because they have zero to no interest in freebies but for those of you who do the perks are out there. Some of the best grocery stores in Canada offer stellar prices but without anything more for the customer where others have higher prices, yet competitive with red carpet appeal. What this means is that you are less-likely to find all of […]

Keto Porridge Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake (Low-Carb, Grain-Free, Gluten-Free)

Yes, yes, yes you CAN have porridge on the low-carb ketogenic diet    Finally, a warm keto porridge that you can enjoy any which way you like it and today we’re serving it up Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake style. By that I mean it has everything you’d expect from a belly warming keto porridge topped with cream cheese and our homemade pumpkin spice consisting of nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and all-spice.   Warm Keto Breakfast Cereal   You may have heard about Noatmeal which is a grain-free, gluten-free, low-carb keto porridge that all low carb followers are thrilled about especially this time of year when the temperature drops in Canada. As the cold weather settles and eventually the snow is upon us there is nothing better than waking up to a hot bowl of keto porridge. What you might love about this keto porridge recipe is that you can store leftovers in the refrigerator for the next day or two and simply add a touch of water, heat and serve.  Unlike traditional oatmeal, porridge or other hot cereals you have to eat them when you make them as the grains are filled with gluten that tend to seize and thicken like […]

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