Inexpensive Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts : The Saturday Weekend Review #177

I’VE GOT YOU COVERED FOR JUST IN TIME DIY FATHER’S DAY GIFTS   This will be my second Father’s Day and I’ll admit it’s pretty amazing to mean so much to the little guy we created who adores me inside and out. We’ve started a DIY tradition with our son so he understands the joy of hand-making something as opposed to a quick occasion money grab. Related: Why I won’t be buying my wife a Mother’s Day Gift The best Father’s Day cards are always those that are homemade with love and special attention to detail even if it is a Crayola mess. It’s art to the artist. I’m pretty sure our little boy is going to be hard at work today crafting something special just to say how much he loves me. The feeling I get every time our little guy wants to learn and follow exactly what I do is probably the same my dad had when I was little and still to this day. Since I’m not at home as much as I should be when I do get in our son is glued to me. Every day is Father’s Day for our son and I’m happy […]

Forever Debt “Spend Money Like You Have It”: The Saturday Weekend Review #176

LIFE GIVES US OPTIONS AND WE MUST DEAL WITH THE CONSEQUENCES OF OUR CHOICES EVEN IF IT’S A COMMON SENSE LESSON   Since Father’s Day is around the corner I thought this email from a fan was fitting and likely one of the reasons she submitted it when she did. A timely lesson about wealth, money and debt. Liz learned her lesson the hard way and now she’s digging her way out of $50,000 worth of  potentialforever debt because she believed that if you spend money like you have it then everyone will think you’re successful. That’s the situation which 30 year-old Liz is battling now that she is done University, living on her own and has nothing or nobody to fall back on, not even her credit cards. The safety net which she called “plastic” has since been cut up and she was forced to put herself on a cash diet and a strict budget. Her story details the life of an entitled child who was handed choices but with consequences just like any other person. No one likes to succumb to a tight budget but you if you spend money like you have it then you must suffer […]

A First Father’s Day Gift A Dad Could Wish For: The Saturday Weekend Review #126

I DON’T HAVE TO WONDER ANY LONGER   This will be my first Father’s Day with our son and as a new dad I’m not sure what to expect. I’m not talking about “stuff” either. I’m not worried about whether I get Father’s Day Gifts from my boy. I really don’t need any more ties to add to my collection of about… two or maybe three. I know as our son gets older if he makes me a Father’s Day craft or card I will cherish it forever. I look forward to the moment he shares his hard work for me, with me. I’ve just never bought into the hype behind these occasions when it comes to spending money. Some of my friends get golf packages, hockey tickets, concert tickets, clothes etc. Not this guy, at least I don’t expect any thing of the sort. My life has been filled with miracles this last year and I’m honoured that one day soon I will hear my son say “Dad”. I wrote a post last year about Father’s Day gifts and whether they were just another marketing ploy to make us spend money in the budget. I’ve never bought anything for […]

Is Father’s Day another marketing ploy to eat into your budget? : PF Weekly grab a brew #76

STEPPING AWAY FROM THE NORM   Father’s Day is just around the corner and for many that means heading out to the shops to find a gift to give to dad. While reading the weekly flyers last night it’s becoming apparent that that Father’s Day is just another scheme to get more money from us.   Father’s Day   I’ve never bought my dad a gift for Father’s Day simply because we never grew up like that back home in the UK. So how come we have to buy gifts just to say I love you? Some of the best gifts for men aren’t bought at the shop rather they are shared through words and telling your dad just how much you love him. My father always had an important message to teach me and one which stood out in my mind, “You only get one shot” and he’s right. While my parents taught me to save money and to spend it on things that I needed and not wanted I’ve learned why as I’ve gotten older. I’ve also learned that you can make things using creativity and imagination to give to loved ones rather than spending money on them […]

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