How To Handle The First Blank Page Of Your 2017 Budget: The Saturday Weekend Review #205

MANAGING YOUR MONEY AND PAYING OFF DEBT STARTS NOW!   Tonight is the night where New Years is celebrated and the next day is when financially savvy people like us turn to the first blank page of our 2017 Budget. This isn’t one of those blog posts that tells you how your financial world is going to crumble if you don’t use a budget. Not at all, rather it’s more of a reminder about just how important your money is and why taking care of it is the best option. First things first, breathe and understand how important of a step you are taking for your present and future days ahead. You are not alone at Canadian Budget Binder with lots of reader support and myself here to help guide you. One of your New Years resolutions may be to Budget and to work on your finances in 2017 which you’ve never done before. Whatever the case may be it’s important to not think that a budget is going to tie you down or get stressed about using one. It should be the opposite feeling of empowerment. Yes, you need a budget but it’s entirely up to you how you […]

Are Low Gas Prices Seducing You Into Buying A New Vehicle? : The Saturday Weekend Review #105

A GOOD THING NEVER LASTS   If I was talking about relationships I’m pretty sure I’d have many fans telling me I was dead wrong. It’s true though, when it’s too good to be true, get it while you can, If you can. Remember when gas prices were eating into your budget? I do and it still does but not to the extent it once did. I recall chatting with my wife when we were house-hunting and why we should look in a neighbourhood that was close to our jobs. It took upwards of 30 minutes just to get across town more during busy hours which not only meant time constraints but more gas. Gas prices in Ontario have come out to play in recent weeks and tumbled to a very pretty low (er) rate for those who are tired of filling up and cringing at pump prices. I almost can’t stop checking my Gas Buddy app because I’m not sure if I believe the way the prices have come down. One of my wife’s friends posted on Facebook today how prices were jumping up close to 0.10 a litre where he lived but who cares because it’s still not […]

Is your Gas Tank Eating Into your Budget?

Didn’t you just fill the tank honey? What do you mean you are on empty already? If you’ve heard these lines before don’t despair, so have I. Everything around us is going up except the numbers in our bank account. In Canada every street corner adorns a petrol station with your choice of price. Take your pick, spin the bottle or take a chance that the station you chose will do the least damage to your budget. How depressing is that? Driving up the road after filling your tank realizing you could have saved $5.00 down the street. It was clear I needed to do my homework before I went a bit nutty. I managed to come across this website where you can check-in on the prices around town Ontario Gas Prices. Sounds great doesn’t it? Sure if you make it there on time but still a great reference. I remember 6 years ago when gas was 75 cents a litre and I thought it was great compared to my mates overseas. When I over-heard people complaining in Canada about how expensive gas was I remember thinking, you ain’t seen nothing yet. In the UK I drove a teeny weeny Ford KA 1.3 litre and it cost me […]

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