Super Easy Garlicky Avocado Mayonnaise (Low-Carb, Keto)

TURN YOUR RIPE AVOCADO INTO A COLOURFUL MAYO SPREAD IN MINUTES   This garlicky avocado mayonnaise is homemade, tangy, delicious, bursting with green colour and will light up any sandwich or meal that you use it in or on. Personally I like to call it avocado mayo sauce but my wife says it’s a garlicky avocado mayonnaise so we’ll go with that name for this recipe we created with some leftover avocados that were perfectly ripened. Honestly, don’t throw your avocado out just because it is too soft or you see some brown when you cut it open. It’s still edible and delicious just very ripe. You can easily turn ripe avocado into a sweet treat such as a low-carb avocado chocolate pudding or this, garlicky avocado mayonnaise.   Benefits of mayonnaise   Is mayo good for you? Of course it is but like with everything we enjoy it in moderation as it has all the healthy fats that our bodies need. It’s amazing how difficult it is to get good fats into our diets when we don’t cook or prepare foods in advance with a meal plan. Having a healthy avocado mayo substitute instead of plain mayo is a […]

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