PF Weekly Grab a brew #44: When should you put the Christmas decorations up?

HOLD BACK THE URGE TO DECORATE If you are wondering when you should put the Christmas lights up there really is no specified date to put up Christmas decorations. We often get asked when is the best time for putting up the Christmas tree and to be honest, it’s up to you. But, should you wait? Wait for what? Now that Halloween has come and gone many people are packing away the scary decor  and looking for bells and garland. I know that we store all of our Christmas decor including our fake Christmas tree in the basement. If there is no snow on the ground we just don’t get that festive push though.   Remembrance Day   Not everyone is rushing out this morning to see if they can be frugal and find half price Halloween candy that they can stash away for the year. Some people are dusting off the Christmas decor and talking about what they want to do and where the decorations should go for the upcoming holiday season. I was scrolling through my Facebook page this morning and already I noticed a photo saying not to put your Christmas decorations up until after November 11, […]

Turkey and Pumpkin Lasagna

LASAGNA MADE FROM HOLIDAY LEFTOVERS   Don’t throw out the leftovers from your holiday feast. Instead get creative in the kitchen and start pouring your food into new recipe creations that your loved ones will enjoy year after year. Well I am still experimenting in my kitchen with Thanksgiving leftovers since we always tend to make too much food when the holidays come around. Like Christmas we tend to have more food leftover than anticipated and are always trying to drum up new ways to incorporate the food into new recipe creations. Well today is no exception as I am fully stocked on turkey and pumpkin and needed to find something magnificent to create in my kitchen for my family and for all of you. I wanted to make a quick and easy recipe because most people simply just don’t have the time to spend in the kitchen. I also wanted to see if I could create something that was all homemade so you could keep it all in-house without breaking out the box. I am going to let you into a big secret into using up your pumpkin and left over Turkey.  If you are making lasagna and you […]

PF Weekly Grab a brew #43: Make a deal or pay full price

MAKE THE DEAL TO SAVE SOME CASH   Everyone I know likes to save a few dollars especially when they can pick up a great deal on a product they need whether small or large. Saving money is not easy but it’s also not that difficult especially if you have a budget or at the least track your numbers. The hard part for many is stepping up and asking to make a deal or to haggle with a company to get the best price. Haggling a deal   What does haggle mean? I think before anyone can be a leader of their financial life they need to understand how critical communication skills are in all aspects of life. Haggling is simply a word used to describe the ability to get out there and use negotiating skills in order to achieve a common ground with another party. Most often haggling or making a deal happens when you make a purchase whether large or small although many people tend to try to score a deal with larger items that might cost them a pretty penny.   The right way to make a deal   How to make a deal?  I know many […]

Chocolate Cheesecake Torte

A Sweet Treat To Eat   Now if you are anything like me you adore chocolate, wait no you love the stuff! Earlier this week I decided to create some new recipes to take to our friends Thanksgiving meal. My goal was to make them my guinea pigs for my food including this decadent Chocolate Cheesecake Torte just to get their reactions to my food.- Nicola Hey Fans, it’s Mr.CBB here and do you know what? I love chocolate and if you haven’t noticed by now you will soon learn how important this sweet treat is to me. I am a huge fan of the fudgy brownie and my Pinterest page is littered with brownies and it’s my most popular board. Chocolate is a feel good food for most people and that’s why we crave it and want it when we are feeling up and down emotionally. Chocolate is a way to say I love you for special occasions and is also perfect when eaten all by yourself in a corner indulging in one of the worlds most beautiful sweet. Although Nicola chose to use a Tenderflake pie crust in this recipe because it was a quick pie crust to […]

Roasted Pumpkin and Red Lentil Soup

Create Pumpkin Recipes As Easy as 1 2 3 …..   I hope you are ready for my Roasted pumpkin and Red Lentil Soup because I can guarantee you that if you make this budget-friendly recipe you will want to make it every year. Although I’m biased it’s one of the best pumpkin soup recipes that I’ve ever tried before.   Easy soup recipe   You carve your pumpkin for Halloween or have a few sitting on your front porch for decoration and then what do you do with it? Most people throw their pumpkin away and waste all the beautiful flesh inside when you can easily turn that pumpkin into some amazing pumpkin recipes keeping your pumpkin in the kitchen and out of the compost heap. I know many people that buy soup in a can or a box but making soup is a fairly painless process especially a fresh pumpkin soup that will be bursting with flavour. Take a look all over the internet and you will find an easy soup recipe just like this one that you can test in your kitchen. Once you get used to making soup you will see how creative you start to […]

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