Four-Year-Old’s Perspective Of Giving Thanks For Thanksgiving : The Saturday Weekend Review #264

ALL IT TAKES IS THE WORDS OF A CHILD TO CHANGE EVERYTHING   Thanksgiving day is upon us and this year our little guy is starting to ask more questions than he ever has. “I’m thankful for my family”, was how our son responded when we asked him what he did in school today while we were walking home. As Mrs. CBB looked over at me we both knew that his JK teacher must have talked about Thanksgiving with the students and asked them each what they were thankful for. Thanksgiving words always enhance the way I feel but you know as well as I do that this should be an everyday thing, not just once a year. To say that we were both overwhelmed is an understatement from his response but what he said after really made us realize the impact we have on our son, “I love you everyday” and he grabbed our hands as we kicked leaves in the air and smiled. Then he ran off swinging his arms in the air and jumping around like all kids do. We asked him again later on that evening what he planned on giving thanks for this Thanksgiving and […]

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