grocery game monthly challenge

25 Popular Hotel Food Ideas To Save You Money : The Grocery Game Challenge #4 Jan 23-29

NOT EVERYONE WHO STAYS AT A HOTEL IS ON VACATION.   Why would you want to grocery shop when you stay in a hotel? Many reasons actually so I thought it would be a great idea to come up with a list of foods you could bring to a hotel to help cut costs. One thing you will learn quickly is that food and drink cost mega bucks when staying at a hotel. On the other hand the hotel you stay at might have no amenities to offer you apart from a complimentary cup of coffee. Whether you stay in a 5-Star hotel or a budget hotel they both come with pros and cons one being the quality and price. You might think that making meals in your hotel room is a waste of time especially if you are on holidays but what if you’re not? Some people have temporary stays for weeks and months at a time in a hotel for various reasons. Maybe you have one week left of University and your room rental expired. Instead of driving back and forth every day as it would take hours you decide to rent a hotel room for the week. […]

grocery game monthly challenge

10 Smart Ways To Trim Daily Expenses on Travel Food : The Grocery Game Challenge 2016 #3 Feb 15-21

TRAVELLING IS NOT AS CHEAP AS EVERYONE THINKS…BUT IT CAN BE!   One of the toughest parts about creating a travel budget is planning a food budget for your travelling experience. Whether you stay in a hotel, resort, or you hop in your vehicle for a road trip daily expenses of food must be accounted for or even estimated to keep a tight budget from exploding. Here are ways we’ve learned to save money on food while travelling that we want to share with you so you don’t make the same mistakes we made along the way. Not everyone uses a travel budget when going on vacation which means the grocery budget or entertainment category may be the next two logical places to carve a bit of money from. The reasoning behind using the grocery budget is because if you’re not home to buy groceries you spend that money on travel food. Makes sense to me if it’s a simple road trip but a destination holiday may prove a bit more costlier. Related: How much should my grocery budget be? Most travellers are so focused on planning the trip that they put food on the back-burner because it doesn’t seem […]

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