Crazy Notions About Being Young And Living Debt Free : The Saturday Weekend Review #221

IF YOU GET EXCITED ABOUT WHAT SOMEONE ELSE HAS DONE ASK THEM IF THEY WILL TEACH YOU TO DO THE SAME.   There was a time in my life where I would come down on myself hard because I was sick and tired of not being able to live the dream. Whatever that meant back then I can’t tell you but I know today that it means living debt free. If one of my mates had rich parents I would be jealous about it and wished I was that lucky. There was lots of wishing going on and not much doing. Once I had my first job earning money that’s all it took because I never looked back, only to say I’m sorry for judging you in my own little way. I wanted all the riches back when I was a boy but as I became older and lived through many financial experiences that super-charged my mindset. I’m finally at a happy place in my life where money doesn’t matter so much. It’s just nice to have and money stress is gone for the most part. I don’t go to work for the money, I go because I love it. […]

How To Be A Good Neighbour Without Monetary Expectations : The Saturday Weekend Review #135

JOIN THE GOOD NEIGBOURS CLUB   Being a good neighbour doesn’t mean you have to bake a bundt cake or invite them over for dinner just to be friendly. Generally a smile and hello will do. We are lucky to have fantastic neighbours who have saved us big bucks this summer because they went above and beyond for us. It’s more of a balanced neighbour relationship where we help each other. If you are one of those neighbours who value your time to the point where you will do nothing without monetary gain you probably won’t care to read any more of this post. Not everyone who moves to a new neighbourhood cares to get friendly with their neighbours but it may be a great opportunity to save some money and make new friends. In the past I’ve written about how you can have friends with benefits when it comes to paying for services you’d rather NOT pay for. That means if you are a mechanic and your neighbour is a plumber you could easily swap services for nothing to help each other save money. As you may have heard, the wife and I are enjoying almost 3 weeks of […]

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