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Our Sunday Dinner Traditions With 6 Recipe Inspirations: The Grocery Game Challenge 2018 #2 Apr 9-15

SUNDAY DINNER DOESN’T HAVE TO BE A ROAST   How do you celebrate Sunday? A roast beef for Sunday dinner every week could get extremely costly for today’s grocery budget but don’t let that stop you from creating new traditions for your family. I’m sure almost everyone has heard of the Sunday dinner where your parents cook up a hearty full meal as if it were Christmas dinner. That’s what it was like in my house growing up in England and something I hope to continue with my family here in Canada. The idea around Sunday dinner is that it was a time where family would come together for at least one full meal at the table. Even today families still prepare Sunday dinner as one of the few days of the week where time permits a full meal especially since life is far busier than it has ever been. Thank goodness for the crock-pot and now the Instant Pot. What’s for Sunday Dinner Mum? Growing up family dinners were pretty standardized in our house as far as meals and times would go. My mum likes to cook but was never adventurous so my siblings and I would look forward […]

Traditional millionaire shortbread squares

Homemade Squares The Family Will Love Father’s Day My dad is one in a million! Today I’m sharing with you the perfect dessert, some gooey millionaires shortbread squares for a simple yet elegant Father’s day dessert. Layered with homemade caramel on top of buttery shortbread and slathered with a chocolate topping then cooled and cut into squares. You know it’s got to be delicious. As you may or may not know all my family and my husband’s family still live in the same village in Scotland. This is a very popular British dessert back home which I’m sharing with you today. I hope you all enjoy it as much as we do. It’s on special occasions like today, Father’s Day that bring back all the memories of ¬†living back at home. I miss my dad so much (as I do all my family) but my dad is very special to me as this is where I get all my experimental cooking and recipe ideas from. He was a chef in his younger days in the Merchant Navy. Although I enjoyed baking with mom I loved watching my dad in the kitchen when I was younger. He would make food come […]

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