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The Best Ways To Monitor Grocery Spending With-In A Budget : The Grocery Game Challenge 2018 #2 May 7-13

STOP TRYING TO COMPLICATE SOMETHING SIMPLE AS YOUR GROCERY BUDGET AND WATCH HOW FAST YOU MAKE IMPROVEMENTS.   If you’re concerned about your grocery spending habits and wondering if they fall with-in your budget than there are a few things you can do to simplify the process. Not everyone has wiggle room in their grocery budget however if you find that you are consistently jumping to the other side of the budget then perhaps an increase is in order. CBB reader Paul sent me in a question which I feel is something that many people struggle with especially if they are trying to understand where their money is going. We recently did this for my mother-in-law who is a free shopper which means she goes into the grocery store unarmed. She buys whatever she fancies. It wasn’t until I tallied up how much she had spent over the course of 18 days did my mind spin. Her mini trips to the grocery store every day just to keep busy are costing her hundreds in petrol and she spends just as much as a family of 4. It’s amazing how fast the small stuff adds up when you have NO plan […]

Why you should think about your 2015 budget plan now: November 2014 Budget Update

DON’T JUST PARK YOUR VEHICLE…   The end of 2014 is staring us in the face and now is the time to start thinking about putting together your 2015 budget plan. The worst thing you can do is leave budgeting until the last-minute if your plan is to track your expenses over the entire year. Sure the ideal time to put a budget plan into action is the beginning of the year but starting a budget any time is better than no budget at all. Why is planning important? The first thing you need to ask yourself is why you are planning? Do you have a mission in mind? If yes then you need a plan. If using a budget is your mission then you need a plan. Planning is part of a strategic planning cycle that starts with a mission then goals, desired outcome, strategies, measures/target and finally results. That’s how we measure success and in our home the budget is critical to managing our financial success even more so now that we have a son. As we were going over the November budget we talked about how not having a mortgage has affected our budget. It really does […]

Keeping busy helped us spend less: August 2014 Budget Update

NO TIME FOR SHOPPING   It’s true that if you keep busy you may spend less in your budget because you have no time for shopping. Of course that is only true as long as keeping busy doesn’t entail going to the shopping mall. I know some of you were thinking that.   Spend less and save money   It’s not that we spend lots of money in the first place but when we are just browsing it does open the mind to ideas of spending money. We’ve been caught on many occasions buying things that we didn’t need at the time which is still waiting to get installed. This is what our budget is trying to avoid doing but it takes more than having a budget to spend less money. To spend less it takes persistence and a desire to want to stick to that budget. I can’t tell you how many times my wife has wanted me to run out in the middle of the night to buy her food to kill her baby cravings. I’ve said no and many of you might think that’s mean but she has thanked me the next day for not listening to […]

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