20 Garage Sale Tools You’ll Need To Attract Buyers

SELLING YOUR STUFF IS COMPARABLE TO RUNNING A BUSINESS- EITHER YOU WANT TO MAKE MONEY OR YOU DON’T.   Local garage sales for 2017 are slowly popping up as Spring has finally arrived but you’ll find the end of May into June, July and August the biggest garage sale months of the year. Typically garage sales kick-off on the Victoria Day long weekend at the end of May when most people poke their heads out from inside closed doors. It’s as if it’s safe to come outside. For those eager sale seekers there are people who host a garage sale as soon as the birds start chirping at the end of March. Spring cleaning is in full-swing with windows opened to let the fresh air circulate through the musty wintered house. This is also the time homeowners and renters realize they have far too much stuff. Mrs. CBB and I decided that this summer we were going to hold our first CBB garage sale and get rid of stuff once and for all. I’m a firm believer that any time I’m out to make/save money that I treat whatever I’m doing like it’s a business. A garage sale is a […]

How to Host a Community Garage Sale this Summer : The Saturday Weekend Review #175

  SELL YOUR STUFF WITH YOUR NEIGHBOURS TO DRIVE MORE TRAFFIC TO YOUR GARAGE SALE!   Last week we received an email from our neighbourhood group about organizing a massive community garage sale this summer once again. Hosting a garage sale is a great opportunity to shed some excess weight of stuff collecting dust around the house. My wife and I often joke about how our home has become filled with so much stuff especially since our son was born almost two years ago. Before then we moved into this house with the clothes, an air mattress and a dining room table and chairs. That’s it! Oh and our computers and a treadmill. There wasn’t much to our move from a basement room we rented to our now quiet haven since we couldn’t stash too much stuff. In no time with our passion for second-hand shopping, garage sales and people gifting free items to us we’ve got too much stuff. Our basement is just over 1000 square feet and it’s full…and I mean full. To be fair it’s not all junk and stuff it’s mainly renovation materials that we purchased before our son was born such as bathroom vanities, mirrors, […]

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