Top 6 Retirement Mistakes To Avoid [$1000 Give Away!] : The Saturday Weekend Review #214

STEER CLEAR OF THESE 6 RETIREMENT MISTAKES THAT CAN THROW OFF YOUR PLAN TO RETIRE COMFORTABLY.   We all hope that by carefully planning for retirement we will not have to worry about anything in the future. While making a plan does make you more comfortable and prepared, there are still ways that cause your retirement plan to derail.   Getting divorced   No one plans on getting a divorce, but life happens. Divorce is something that can have a lasting impact on your finances and subsequently on your quality of life. Even if divorce is amicable, legal fees can quickly spiral out of control in dividing the family assets. You probably saved money and made a retirement plan based on the assumption that there will be two people enjoying the family nest egg in the golden years. However, in divorce the savings will end up being divided among two households, which means less money for both of you. Marriage and Common-law partnerships needs to be looked after and time need to be spent nurturing the relationship and taking care of each other. Since at the end of the day it is both a romantic and a business relationship. This […]

Little Shortbread Lemon Tarts with Raspberry Drizzle

BUTTERY SHORTBREAD THAT WILL MELT IN YOUR MOUTH   I’m going to call this shortbread lemon tart recipe one of the best I’ve made to date. Although I’m biased when it comes to my own recipes I really do think I’m on to a winner here so I hope you will all test this recipe in your own kitchen. Since Mr CBB brought to the table the wonderful Dundurn Castle Shortbread which was a hit all over the internet two weeks ago I am going to share my fabulous shortbread lemon tarts with the most die for filling ever. I promise you that everyone will have seconds and beg you to make more as these shortbread lemon tarts really are that delicious. Sometimes I amaze myself at what I create in the kitchen because it’s always hit or miss when developing recipes. The reason I decided to make the lemon tarts was that my boy’s Football Club is holding a bake sale for their Raiders Days. All of the proceeds from the bake sale will go towards helping the team purchase new equipment. My husband suggested that I bake my famous cinnamon buns and mini apple pies. Those are two […]

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