Is Father’s Day another marketing ploy to eat into your budget? : PF Weekly grab a brew #76

STEPPING AWAY FROM THE NORM   Father’s Day is just around the corner and for many that means heading out to the shops to find a gift to give to dad. While reading the weekly flyers last night it’s becoming apparent that that Father’s Day is just another scheme to get more money from us.   Father’s Day   I’ve never bought my dad a gift for Father’s Day simply because we never grew up like that back home in the UK. So how come we have to buy gifts just to say I love you? Some of the best gifts for men aren’t bought at the shop rather they are shared through words and telling your dad just how much you love him. My father always had an important message to teach me and one which stood out in my mind, “You only get one shot” and he’s right. While my parents taught me to save money and to spend it on things that I needed and not wanted I’ve learned why as I’ve gotten older. I’ve also learned that you can make things using creativity and imagination to give to loved ones rather than spending money on them […]

Traditional millionaire shortbread squares

Homemade Squares The Family Will Love Father’s Day My dad is one in a million! Today I’m sharing with you the perfect dessert, some gooey millionaires shortbread squares for a simple yet elegant Father’s day dessert. Layered with homemade caramel on top of buttery shortbread and slathered with a chocolate topping then cooled and cut into squares. You know it’s got to be delicious. As you may or may not know all my family and my husband’s family still live in the same village in Scotland. This is a very popular British dessert back home which I’m sharing with you today. I hope you all enjoy it as much as we do. It’s on special occasions like today, Father’s Day that bring back all the memories of ¬†living back at home. I miss my dad so much (as I do all my family) but my dad is very special to me as this is where I get all my experimental cooking and recipe ideas from. He was a chef in his younger days in the Merchant Navy. Although I enjoyed baking with mom I loved watching my dad in the kitchen when I was younger. He would make food come […]

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