The Magical Moments Looking Back On CBB 2016: The Saturday Weekend Review #203

IF YOU’RE READING THIS RIGHT NOW, THANK-YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT THIS YEAR.   You might not think that frugal and finance belong next to each other but when you have control over your money situation with a plan things start to ease up. Money pressures don’t have to rule your life but to change that awful feeling you must endure some of the toughest decisions you may ever have to make. This past year I’ve been fortunate to chat with many fans of this blog about their financial situations, answered questions and offered  tips. I even went as far to spend hours creating budgets for those that did not understand even when I had no time to spare. I care. In 2016 I was honoured to be featured a few times over at The Globe and Mail, The Brighter Life and Rockstar Finance. My posts have been showcased all over the personal finance world by bloggers sharing and you the fans spreading the word. I thank you for that support. How to curb holiday debt hangover– The Brighter Life/Sun Life Canada – January 4, 2016 How to include Fresh Produce in your diet when prices are high– The Globe and […]

Would you take free money if you didn’t need it? : The Saturday Weekend Review #149

MY MONEY IS YOUR MONEY   I’m not giving away my money but a social experiment I watched this week made me question how society views the gift of free money and the message behind the obvious. Coby Persin who is well-known for his video pranks and social experiments took to the streets of Manhattan with a cardboard sign that read “Take What You Need” and a suit made of money. Instantly I thought that people may think he was joking and wouldn’t approach him or they would take advantage of the free money. On the other hand I thought if someone is in real need they would certainly stop him to take what they need. I was shocked at what I saw in the video and maybe you will be too.   Free money is tempting   Many people stop and read Coby’s sign where others keep on walking because they either don’t need it, are too shy, in a rush, believe it’s a joke or that someone is filming and they don’t want to get involved. If I was to see a guy standing on the street with a sign telling people to take free money I would […]

There’s a Cheaper Way to Save When Buying Used Stuff : The Saturday Weekend Review #139

USED STUFF SHOULDN’T BE SO EXPENSIVE   My wife and I have enjoyed saving money over the years by going to second-hand shops such as Value Village and Goodwill to buy new and used stuff. These aren’t the only two places to buy used stuff in Ontario but they are the most commonly known shops around. Lately though it seems that every time we go into these stores especially Value Village that the prices are outrageously high for used stuff that they were given FREE. I can understand vintage used stuff or used stuff that holds value but they keep that stuff under lock and key. Even then some of those prices are a bit out of touch with what one can find elsewhere for less. Keep in mind not all of this stuff is in mint condition or has all the parts or accessories either. We’ve questioned over and over if it’s even worth shopping there any longer when we can find used stuff cheaper other ways. There is always that tendency for us though to walk back in just to see if we can “Find anything“. I’m sure many of you have said and done just that. Even […]

Would you spend money at a restaurant without free Wi-Fi? : The Saturday Weekend Review #80

TURN OFF THE TV AND EAT YOUR DINNER   When I was growing up nobody I know had heard of Wi-Fi (I’m showing my age). When we sat down to eat family dinner we enjoyed our food with no distractions except friendly conversations with each other. Today it seems the complete opposite where families have dinner with the television on while surfing the net on their smartphones, tablets or other devices that hook up to the internet. Family values certainly have changed and maybe if we just put our devices away we’d learn more about each other rather than what’s happening on Facebook. Same goes with dating and devices. If you want to meet someone forget about your darn smartphone while you are out and look up. No one will ever approach a face that is looking down. This is the reality though in many establishments in Canada and around the world. Is free Wi-Fi really in demand? What is Wi-Fi? If you don’t know what Wi-Fi is then you must be living under a rock, right? Well, not everyone knows and I’m betting that my parents who don’t even own a computer let alone a cell-phone couldn’t tell you […]

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