What would you do if you were to find lost money?: PF weekly grab a brew #70

FINDING MONEY IS NOT MONEY OWED   We all need cash now but what if you were to find lost money that didn’t belong to you? Would you give it back or try to locate the owner of the missing money? How does that saying go “Finders, Keepers, Losers, Weepers”, well it may be true in some cases but not the one I came across this morning. Read on… You would think if something is abandoned that the owner has given up the right to what they have given up. If you are wondering where to find money my answer would be, all around you. It may not be large amounts but people throw money away, all the time. It’s funny how many of us would have to think twice if we were to find lost money or try to locate the rightful owner of the money. If you were the person whose money went missing trying to figure out how to find the money might be a lost cause, but never give up hope. There are honest people in this world who wouldn’t dream of keeping money that doesn’t belong to them. Sure, we’ve all found a quarter in […]

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