Mr.CBB’s Easy Beef Vegetable Stir Fry with Rice

Mr. CBB’s Easy Beef Vegetable Stir Fry with Rice We love to make easy stir fry’s in the Canadian Budget Binder Kitchen and this frugal recipe is no exception. It’s one of those meals that is light and tasty but you can still walk when you’re done eating it. I grilled the steak for this one on the bbq as I find it has a better flavour that way. You can simply stir fry it if that’s what you prefer to do. In order to make the pretty mounds of rice I used a small white bowl (you will see the picture of the garlic below, that’s the bowl I used) filled it, packed it then ran a knife around it and it easily popped out right on the plate. The rice mound just gives the dish that “restaurant allure” like you put lots of effort into this stir fry. The splash of lime or lemon at the end is more of a palate cleanser. I find that after the taste of the broth and the sesame oil the acid cleans my palate and is then refreshed at the end of each bite. All around the flavours and crunchy texture […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Grocery Game Challenge August 13-19 2012 End Of Season

The Grocery Game Challenge this week truly was a tough week for us as we wanted to see if we could make it to the end of the month spending $190 for 4 people. I’m still optimistic when I say that if we didn’t buy in bulk this would not be an issue. You can read my overall remarks at the end of this weeks challenge. I’m trying to set up the challenge so it is standardized each week. That makes it easy for me and for you to read. We started this weeks shop off with last weeks shop total of $85.24. We should have only spent $42.76 but that didn’t happen. Read on to see what did happen. As you can see from the picture our crab apples are screaming to get picked. You can guess what we will be doing this evening. We picked up a couple more cases of mason jars at Canadian Tire today on sale so we can get a move on in the kitchen. Last year we made well over 100 jars of the jam and gave it away to friends and family. We have some left but for the most part it […]

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