7 Facts about Credit Card Loans That make them Overshadow Bank Loans

FROM TIME TO TIME YOU MAY BE FORCED TO MAKE FINANCIAL DECISIONS WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE AVAILABLE SAVINGS.   There are options with-in reach for those of you who are struggling to get ahead provided you find one that works with your budget. In this era of digital transactions, credit cards have a myriad of uses ranging from cashless transactions, reward points to special deals. In fact Mrs. CBB and I typically only use our credit cards to make purchases because of the perks. We pay our credit card in full at the end of the month and hardly ever have to step foot into our bank. Credit cards offer the convenience of shopping almost anywhere across the globe with a swipe, tap or insert payment option. If handled correctly credit cards can be a source of freebies and financial help in the event you are stuck without emergency savings as back-up. Even if you do have savings, sometimes they are just not enough depending on the circumstances. In addition, you can access a fast pre-approved loan within and sometimes over their credit limit. The company advances you the amount that you can pay at a later date with a […]

College Student Blows $90,000 Education Fund and Needs Advice: The Saturday Weekend Review #130

“LEARNING HOW TO ADULT”   Not all parents are able to put money aside every month for their kids education fund so the child may end up getting a bank or OSAP loan. Some kids are fortunate to have relatives such as grandparents who took the liberty of stashing cash away over the years for their grandchildren’s education fund. I wasn’t that kid. We are paying into our sons Registered Education Savings Plan but you can bet that we will make sure that he knows what he will be doing with the money. The most obvious would be, paying for his education in full. He will learn about budgeting from us BUT I do know that it doesn’t mean he will follow through as an adult with his money. We hope he will but essentially it’s up to him.   An education fund is free money   It may be free and the intention is clear, it’s for your education. What more to give back to a child then the ability to go to college or university without having any debt when the child graduates. Any kid would be thrilled to find out their grandparents had a hefty education fund […]

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