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10 Best Foods To Bulk Buy When On Sale : The GGC 2018 #1 June 4-10

WHEN THE PRICE IS RIGHT A BULK BUY MIGHT BE RIGHT FOR YOU   Doing a bulk buy doesn’t necessarily mean you need to make a pit-stop to your local bulk food store. The term bulk buy is all about stocking up but not stockpiling everyday essentials that will help lower your overall grocery budget. I’m sure you’re wondering if there is a difference between stockpiling and a bulk buy and the answer is yes and no depending on how you interpret the two. Stockpiling in my opinion is buying in mass quantity for current and future use similar to grocery store shelves or an emergency shelter. When you bulk buy it may be just one or a few items that you buy in large amounts to feed more people or to stretch until the next sale. Example: You buy 3 pounds of butter instead of 1 because it was on sale. If you were to stockpile it you’d have 20lbs of butter instead of 1lb. What does stockpile mean? Stockpile- noun   a large amount of food or goods that are kept ready for future use They have a stockpile of food that will last several months. – Cambridge […]

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