Are Low Gas Prices Seducing You Into Buying A New Vehicle? : The Saturday Weekend Review #105

A GOOD THING NEVER LASTS   If I was talking about relationships I’m pretty sure I’d have many fans telling me I was dead wrong. It’s true though, when it’s too good to be true, get it while you can, If you can. Remember when gas prices were eating into your budget? I do and it still does but not to the extent it once did. I recall chatting with my wife when we were house-hunting and why we should look in a neighbourhood that was close to our jobs. It took upwards of 30 minutes just to get across town more during busy hours which not only meant time constraints but more gas. Gas prices in Ontario have come out to play in recent weeks and tumbled to a very pretty low (er) rate for those who are tired of filling up and cringing at pump prices. I almost can’t stop checking my Gas Buddy app because I’m not sure if I believe the way the prices have come down. One of my wife’s friends posted on Facebook today how prices were jumping up close to 0.10 a litre where he lived but who cares because it’s still not […]

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