5 Things You Need To Know Before Discussing Your Financial Situation : July 2018 Net Worth Update (+1.13%)

When your financial situation is in high spirits and you want to share your happiness with friends and family someone else’s world may be in financial crisis. One thing I learned early on before writing this finance blog is that money talk can be strange especially when you deal with different financial situations. If you’re debt free and the world is a blue sky and sunny days and you start talking about it to someone then you risk them telling you their financial situation is dark, hollow and lost. You either have to take the good with the bad or the bad with the good and accept it, run with it or not even talk about it from the beginning. It’s that simple but for this one reader she made the mistake of talking about her financial situation with a friend who was in dire need of some money and now she doesn’t know how to respond to her. Let’s read what she had to say…   MONEY TALK CAN SET THE STAGE FOR FUTURE FOOTINGS BASED ON WHAT INFORMATION YOU SHARE   Dear Mr.CBB, Thanks for taking questions and I hope this one makes your list for discussion on […]

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