What or who do you rely on to earn an income?

YOU ARE YOUR INCOME SOURCE   We all need to earn an income to survive in this crazy world. Many people jump in their vehicle or rely on other community services in the morning to go to work. Typical day… maybe. What would happen if there was no more bus service or our vehicle stopped running? I never gave much thought about who or what I rely on to earn an income until this past week. I think plenty of people worry more about whether they will keep their job over how they will get to their job and other so-called slight factors that would cause an impeding problem to their income. To call them slight would be a huge mistake. Many of us live life similar to everyone else who gets up in the morning, eats breakfast, showers, sorts the family out and is off to work. Of course depending on your work schedule that might not be the way it rolls in your household but you know what I mean. I remember posting that when my wife and I bought a house we bought it on one income so we had almost a free income to work with […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Grocery Game Challenge June 10-16,2013 #2: Grocery Store Self Checkouts

Grocery store self checkouts are popping up in many food store chains around Canada in hopes of saving the company money and getting the consumer in and out of the store as efficiently as possible. Another one of those grocery store ideas gone mad and now many others are thinking it’s a smart way to save time and money. I can see it now, the new grocery store name of the future, “Self Scan and Save“, but are we really that far ahead of the rest? It’s not only grocery stores needing “fewer employees” to run cash registers it’s also big box stores such as Home Depot and Wal-mart to name a couple. Pretty soon you might not be asking, “what grocery stores have self checkouts” as they might all have them down the road as their popularity increases. Survey Says Although a couple of years old, a survey conducted in 2011 by Empathica Inc. who specializes in customer experience management solutions across Canada and the USA. The survey of 16000 consumers asking about expectations being met at the grocery store turned up that many shoppers love self checkouts. The information below was shared at the progressive grocer website where you can […]

Canadian Law: Jury Duty In Canada Can Take Its Toll On Your Budget

THE LETTER THAT MOST PEOPLE DREAD   Jury Duty.. Not me… No way. Think again! While we were out for a walk back a couple of days ago we stopped by the post box to get the mail. Mrs. CBB started to read out loud, “A letter from the Ministry of the Attorney General, I wonder what that could be”. Honestly she was a bit spooked and thought something was wrong. She says you just don’t get a letter from the Attorney General for nothing, while ripping it open. A Letter for Jury Duty? She seemed confused and I wasn’t much help as I know nothing about jury duty selection and Criminal Law in Canada. Laws in Canada   Canadian Law and the Canadian Legal System is something I’m working on understanding although I’m not a Canadian Citizen yet just a permanent resident who’s been more focused on building credit in Canada rather than educating myself about laws in Canada. Although not on my top 5 things I love about Canada jury duty is still something important everyone who lives in Canada should learn about. I have not long landed in Canada from the UK but the amount I have to learn […]

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