Why Earning More Money Won’t Solve Your Financial Problem : August 2018 Net Worth Update (+$6986.97)

THE ONLY DOLLAR SIGN YOU WANT TO SEE IS A POSITIVE ONE WITH A CLEAR PATH   So you’re earning more money and happy about it but what you do with that money is the REAL celebration because a dollar sign is nothing more than a number that can be worth more or worth less. Most often when people search for answers they look for the dollar sign because they believe that money will solve their financial problem but this always isn’t the case. Instead of celebrating the windfall celebrate the win which is knowing where all your money has gone, where it is going and what you have to look forward to. That’s the impressive part of finance.   Help me solve my financial problem   When I’ve spoken to people about debt which can be a tough topic to bring up the conversation of earning more money comes up. Someone always has ways to kick in some cash under the table, a second job prospect or a business opportunity all to ease financial burdens. When minimum wage went up in Ontario to $14/hr at the beginning of 2018 there were celebrations because that meant more earning power. Sadly, […]

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