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Valid Dissatisfied Customer Concerns At Canadian Grocery Stores : GGC 2018 #5 May 28-June 3

Speak up, Move on or Take it! The choice is yours when it comes to being a dissatisfied customer.   Ultimately the responsibility of a well-run grocery store starts at the top of the chain and trickles down but if policies and procedures aren’t met the customers will let them know. The problem is, not all customers voice their opinions to the right people or at all. Grocery store employees deal with a variety of difficult customers but then dealing with angry customers over important issues that must be dealt with right away. I find there is a difference between difficult and angry because being difficult means you want something to happen and angry is because something has happened and you want it fixed.   The Dissatisfied Customer   In any case customers often have valid concerns about the places they grocery shop at and I wanted to know from my readers what bothered them the most about our Canadian Grocery Stores. This isn’t a post to bash any particular grocery store rather it is a way to hear what the customers have to say. Most often customers won’t say a darn thing but they sure as hell think it. […]

grocery game monthly challenge

8 Gross Things That Turn People Off Your Food : The Grocery Game Challenge 2016 #4 Feb 22-28

  YUCKY KITCHEN MISTAKES EVERYONE WILL NOTICE   You may not even realize that you are doing some of these gross things in the kitchen while you are cooking but your friends and family will, so stop it before no one wants to eat your food. When you go to a party or enjoy the fun of a pot-luck you don’t get to see how the food was prepared which is probably just as well because I’m sure many of you might not want to eat the party food. The same goes with working in a restaurant but at least there are health and safety standards that must be followed or at least put in place for the staff to follow. Not so much with the home chef.   Some things need to be kept private   For the love of all things food please don’t tell me all of the places you had sex in the kitchen. If you used anything that you will be preparing my meal with during your kitchen adventure at least tell me you tossed it in the bin. I’m not joking, a friend told me this happened to him once and I didn’t know […]

How much is child safety worth to you? : The Saturday Weekend Review #110

COSTS INVOLVED ARE MINIMAL   Child safety is one of the most important things you can do for your child as a parent. YES some of these things WILL cost you money BUT that is what you need to do to protect your child. Most of what you will do is educate and that my friends only takes one thing…TIME. Unfortunately not all children understand right from wrong and at a young age it’s even more important that parents watch over their children at all times. Most accidents occur when our backs are turned or when we least expect it. Accidents in the home can cause serious injury including death. It’s not only in your home either but wherever the child goes. Yesterday 3 year-old baby Elijah Marsh in Toronto lost his life when he wandered out of his grandparents apartment. I think most of Canada came to a stand-still with the news because we were praying that he would be found alive. Baby Elijah had no hope once he walked out the complex door and disappeared into the night unless someone was watching over him from above or someone spotted him. The cold streets that night were around -15C […]

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