Simple Organic Garlic Scapes Pesto

Saving money buying food is top priority for Canadians which means finding ways to use all edible parts of what we grow instead of composting them is important.   Patience is important when growing organic garlic but the secret is you don’t have to wait as long as you thought. For years farmers and gardeners would compost Garlic Scapes until someone said, hey these are delicious. I guess all it takes is for one person to try something and if it works it may just change the way we appreciate nature.   WHAT IN THE WORLD DO YOU DO WITH GARLIC SCAPES? EAT THEM OF COURSE.     If you’re growing garlic for the first time and come across these green, long, curly looking stalks with a small flower don’t let them waste, throw them away or leave them on your garlic plant. These garlic curls are the next best thing to fresh organic garlic bulbs. The reason you want to remove the garlic scapes from your garlic plant is because it will suck the life out of your precious garlic bulbs below the ground. You want all the nutrients in the last month of the growing season to be […]

Mr.CBB’s Tomato Salad With Potato,Green Beans and Chick Peas

Tomato Salad with Potatoes, Green Beans and Chick Peas is perhaps one of our favourite salads in the summer time. We always bring this as a healthy side yet frugal dish to any backyard bbq’s we may go to and it’s a hit. This tomato potato salad is a heart healthy dish and we like to serve it along side a protein such as lamb which we marinate and grill on the bbq. If you don’t already know from my many garden posts we grow an abundance of varieties of tomatoes such as ….. Roma Tomatoes Beefsteak Tomatoes Cherry Tomatoes Plum Tomatoes Grape Tomatoes Originating in South America the tomato often called a “vegetable” is actually a fruit although most consider it a vegetable. There is nothing better than organic tomatoes ripened on the plant for easy summer salads. Tomatoes are also popular in a myriad of other dishes and condiments such as ….. Tomato Soup Sun-Dried Tomatoes Tomato Juice Pasta Sauce Ketchup Salsa Pizza Tomato paste Beverages such as the Bloody Mary Some people even enjoy slicing tomatoes, breading them and frying them in vegetable oil until crispy on the outside. You can top these little treats with fresh […]

Mr.CBB’s Easy Beef Vegetable Stir Fry with Rice

Mr. CBB’s Easy Beef Vegetable Stir Fry with Rice We love to make easy stir fry’s in the Canadian Budget Binder Kitchen and this frugal recipe is no exception. It’s one of those meals that is light and tasty but you can still walk when you’re done eating it. I grilled the steak for this one on the bbq as I find it has a better flavour that way. You can simply stir fry it if that’s what you prefer to do. In order to make the pretty mounds of rice I used a small white bowl (you will see the picture of the garlic below, that’s the bowl I used) filled it, packed it then ran a knife around it and it easily popped out right on the plate. The rice mound just gives the dish that “restaurant allure” like you put lots of effort into this stir fry. The splash of lime or lemon at the end is more of a palate cleanser. I find that after the taste of the broth and the sesame oil the acid cleans my palate and is then refreshed at the end of each bite. All around the flavours and crunchy texture […]

Mr.CBB’s Summer Fresh Tomato Salad with Basil, Fennel and Chick Peas

SUMMER FRESH SALADS ARE ALL YOU NEED AT YOUR NEXT DINNER PARTY   This easy to make summer fresh tomato salad is a flavour-packed salad that you can eat any day of the week all year-long. The best time of year though is during the summer when organic tomatoes are in season. The wow factor is dipping chunks of fresh crusty Italian Bread into the juices to soak up all the yummy flavour.   Growing Tomatoes   We start our garden from seed every year with tomatoes and peppers being at the top of our priority list. Growing tomatoes is relatively easy as long as you start the seeds early or buy them at your local garden centre. Taking care of your tomatoes means stringing them up as they grow so you protect your investment by having them laying all over the ground. If you don’t have a garden, no fear you can easily grow tomatoes in a small space and having juicy tomatoes at your disposal. This quick recipe is something we have perfected over the past 3 years, especially since salads are part of our daily diet. If you don’t like the full size tomatoes and you would […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Grocery Game Challenge July 2-July 8 What’s for Dinner?

What’s for dinner is a nightly theme on our Facebook page as we like to encourage fans to post What they made for dinner? How much it cost them to prepare it? How many people it’s feeding? This has become so popular that when I forget to post my fans let me know. The great part about it is that we learn from each other. I’ve picked up many new recipes that I try and enjoy. One of my most popular recipes is Mr.CBB’s Sloppy Joe’s no more packets required! So, next time you pop over to the Canadian Budget Binder Facebook page make sure you are armed with your meal and your money figures because we all want to know. If you want to step it up, post a picture of what you made. Our garden is coming along nicely, the basil is growing like mad and I’ve already made some basil,garlic, olive oil cubes for the winter. I’ll be making sure I use every leaf up so I’m well stocked on flavour. Fresh Garlic Green Tops in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and salt I was also able to get about 30 fresh organic garlic bulbs from my father […]

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