Frosty Christmas pudding

NO BAKING REQUIRED FOR THIS HOLIDAY TREAT   A no-bake holiday treat like my Frosty Christmas Pudding is easy to make and full of holiday flavours. Well I am at it again only this time without my oven because It broke down on me and I feel as though I have lost a limb. It’s just the wrong time of year for the cooker to go down but fortunately my neighbour has given me a loan of his counter oven which is awesome. So it’s my son’s birthday Sunday December 15th and he is having a small party with three friends at a local bowling alley. I picked up a great deal at our local Superstore with a 50% off pink sticker for a cupcake cake since I would have struggled to make anything. As his party is on the Saturday I said I would make him a cake for his actual birthday to celebrate with us.   Yes my oven is broken so how am I going to do this cake for him? Well this Frosty Christmas pudding cake needs no baking and can actually be used instead of a Christmas pudding/dumpling on Christmas day.   Christmas pudding   […]

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