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Free Printable Checklist Of Common Spices For Your Kitchen : The Grocery Game Challenge 2018 #3 Mar 19-25

SUPPLY YOUR KITCHEN WITH THESE FAMILIAR SPICES AND ADD A SPLASH OF FLAVOUR TO ALL YOUR MEALS   Having common spices on hand that many recipes call for is one of the smartest and most inexpensive ways to flavour your dishes. It’s that time of year when we do a full spice cabinet wipe and clean along with an inventory of what we have on hand or need to replenish. Get your FREE Printable Common Spices Checklist below!!   Storing Herbs, Spices and Extracts   My father-in-law would make sure his organic herbs were properly dried in parchment paper and sat in a box that resembled a pop case. He’d dry the herbs in the basement on a long 8 foot table during the winter and eventually he would have boxes of herbs to use. There were always herbs hanging upside down from the ceiling as if there were bats in the house. “Be careful what you walk into”, he used to tell me if I would go down to grab something. Once dried always store your spices in a dry space such as a kitchen cabinet where moisture won’t have the opportunity to get inside. Having a good kitchen […]

Easy Chicken Curry In A Hurry

We have another great recipe from our resident British Chef at Heart Nicola who is spicing it up in the kitchen with Indian Curry one of my favourites. This curry recipe is just full of love and wonderful Indian spices that every kitchen should have if you love to cook homemade meals from scratch. Growing up in the UK I can remember having plenty of Indian friends some of whom I am still friends with today. I was exposed to Indian food at a young age from my friends but also from local restaurants. I was always on the hunt for quick chicken recipes and Indian curry was always my go-to meal when I needed something in a flash. I don’t tend to make many beef recipes but when I do making a beef curry is just as easy and tasty as using chicken. If you want a vegetarian curry simple omit the meat and use a variety of your favourite vegetables in the curry sauce. I find take-away Indian cuisine in the UK is as popular as Chinese Food take-away in Canada. My love for Indian cuisine brought me to India where I ate some of the finest Indian […]

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