This Simple Living Concept Allows Us To Save Thousands

MOTIVATE YOUR FINANCIAL VENTURES BY MOVING FORWARD   Simple living doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy all the frosting that life has to offer in order to live a better today for an amazing tomorrow. You can! Just about everything we do today will in part affect the outcome of our financial future and some people worry about whether they have done enough to get them to the finish line. I’ve blogged for a few years now and ever since the beginning there has been one simple living concept that I have encompassed our entire financial path around because it works, a budget. The concept of budgeting for us revolves around this saying which I created years ago which is also pasted on our refrigerator door. It’s not about how much money you make it’s how you save it – Mr.CBB I received an email from a reader who is looking for some insight about investing and her financial future and motivation about not finding this blog earlier. Dear Mr. CBB, About 9 yrs ago I moved from Europe to Canada. It was always a big dream for me to live abroad and when I turned 30 I realized my […]

Why you don’t have to be Budget Poor to Live a Frugal Life

YOU DON’T KNOW THEIR STORY   Living a frugal life doesn’t mean that you have to be budget poor because many people are frugal shoppers no matter how much they earn. If we spent all of our energy worrying about what other people should or shouldn’t do we wouldn’t progress as well as we should in our own lives. Why? Because time wasted on things we can’t control makes no sense. Oddly enough this is what people do sometimes when they don’t have motivation to do better, are jealous of other people or simply like to complain. Jealousy typically boils down to money or time and if you are someone who has too much or not enough you are going to hear about it from someone at some point throughout your life. You either have too much money to do what you do or too much time to look as good as you do. I’ve overheard people talk about someone who spends money buying nice things but the fact is, maybe they CAN afford to do so. Why are you judging them? Is it because they earn a good income and you don’t?  That’s never fair. The same goes for […]

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