How To Make Quick Money From Used Goods

TURN USED GOODS INTO OPPORTUNITY EVEN AFTER YOU’VE USED IT.   When opportunity knocks there are people ready to jump on the financial bandwagon to make quick money even if it means picking up stuff for free. It may be bad etiquette to re-sell free stuff but it happens and it will continue to happen because money is opportunity for anyone who has a financial mindset or a need to survive. Your empty beer bottles, cans or anything that you would consider garbage or junk may be a gold mine to someone who is ready to turn dust into diamonds. Basically, if you’re not looking at everything you buy whether it be new or second-hand as a money-making opportunity someone else will. At least once a month or more if we can Mrs. CBB and I make a trip to the second-hand shops in town to see what new stuff is on the shelves. If you haven’t been it’s a money pot for anyone who is shopping for quick money purposes. The minute we walk through the doors of any second-hand shop we instantly have our money monitor turned on looking for the next opportunity. In a way it’s like […]

grocery game monthly challenge

When to use Negotiation Strategies at the Grocery Store: The Grocery Game Challenge #3 May 18-24, 2015

 INFLUENCE TO SAVE MONEY   Negotiation skills take time and practice so don’t be shy to haggle because you won’t become the master communicator you need to get the discounts you deserve.  It may sound deceiving when you use influence to get what you want but if you use the right negotiation skills it’s a win-win for both parties. Often when we go grocery shopping there is a product we find that we are able to get reduced in price. How? If you saw a box of cereal where the box was crushed you’d likely just leave it on the shelf and find one that is not damaged. Right? Not us! Throughout the day and night there is a stock person who goes around the store to stock and find products that are damaged or close to expiry and they typically reduce the price. They don’t always find every product so it’s up to you, the consumer to make sure you negotiate the price you want to buy that product. Besides, whenever you want to buy something you should inspect it for freshness, quality and expiry if the product is required to have one. This is the only way you […]

Discounted,Discontinued,Dented and End of Season Sales=Buying Power

I call them the 3 D’s+E discounted, discontinued, dented and end of season, all friends of mine. By the end of September summer will take off for another year and seasonal reduced items are already being spotted on the shelves. Yet as fast as the shelves empty they are filled with you guessed it, Halloween décor and candy for the scary munch-kins. Yesterday at Canadian Tire almost all of their summer products were begging to be scooped up by savvy deal shoppers. Now is a great time of year to purchase next year’s vegetable and flower seeds, gardening tools, hanging baskets, lawn care products and if you’re lucky plants that need some love and care. When we purchased our house we picked up so many plants on offer at the end of the year and many of our friends are amazed at the beauty of our back garden. If they only knew we picked most of them up at a fraction of the price. Just after Boxing Day last year we were able to pick up enough outdoor lights to finish off our house. The first year we were here we picked up 4 boxes of  Christmas lights for outside the house […]

Reader Question: Tips For Buying A New Vehicle In Canada

Every Monday I have a look in the mail bag to see what the readers want to learn about. In the past week we received many questions but this question is one of those questions that need to be answered. Vehicles can be a source of pleasure, security and optimal for all sorts of trips and destinations depending on what you get. It can also be a money pit and it’s important to know your stuff before you set out looking for a new vehicle. Here is the Reader Question: Dear Mr.CBB, We’re just starting to think about buying a new vehicle. Do you have any advice or tips in this department? First off, don’t be afraid of sales people as they are harmless. They have a job to do and are out to make money, it’s no secret. They know it, and you know it. The name of the game is who’s going to crack first or can we meet in the middle. You have to realize they need to make money that’s why they do what they do. You can’t walk away with all for nothing and shouldn’t expect that. Salespeople need to put food on the table […]

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